You’ve Just Got To Admire Theresa May

For 2 years, we’ve seen MPs bully, abuse, insult, humiliate & push around the PM like a lap dog while she’s unbelievably kept her cool and maintained her composed dignity.

But there’s only so far you can push and goad someone before the turn around and say “STOP”. “ENOUGH IS “ENOUGH!”

Vote upon vote, attempt after attempt, Theresa May has been humiliated by fellow MPs who have enjoyed doing so and not held back from boasting about their actions.

MPs on both sude of the House have behaved like spoilt brats and worked against every single move Mrs May has proposed in their brazen attempt to deny the people their vote and sabotage the BREXIT!

I could not help but feel sorry for her each time I saw grown men & women in a so called “civilised” democracy bay and yell at her like beasts in the jungle each time she opened her mouth and I think “How does she do it”?
I wonder if she cries behing closed doors. Because in my case, I would have thrown everything out of the window and quit! And then have a good cry in my bedroom out of anger and frustration. I get fed up and frustrated easily…especially when dealing with unreasonable childish twats!

The people who call Theresa May a “control freak” have got her all wrong. Such a person would have stamped her feet, spat out her dummy and flung her toys out of her pram long before now – simply because she was not getting her way..

But not TM.

I am not a big TM fan and I am not a member of the Conservative party. Hell, NO! I would rather pluck out one of my myopic eyes and stick needles in it!

But I have grown to admire the woman with her steely resillience, her classy composure and herculean ability to remain calm in the face of brat like provocation!

Jeeesus! Those MPs are worse than teenagers! And that is an insult to teenagers!!

Before you ask – I did not vote in the referendum.

I did not see the point.

But BREXIT is not even TMs idea!
The person we should be throwing stones and rotten tomatoes at is somewhere in Spain, enjoying his Panama Millions while the rest of us are losing sleep, fretting, wondering:
Are we leaving or not?
How? Softly or Hardly?
Are we going to run out of tomatoes and banana?
Are they going to be any more nurses or builders? Is my bank going to close? Will we still be able to visit Disneyland?

And our dishonourable MPs should be ashamed of themselves!

TM finally decided to fight back and they’ve been all over the telly crying and moaning about how horrible she’s been😭😭😭


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