British TV presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield struggled to keep their shock locked-up as they were tasked with interviewing a woman who identifies as black – despite being born white.

The woman, Martina Big, appeared on ITV’s This Morning today (Wednesday).

Ms Big told Holly and Phil how she has had three rounds of tanning injections which has left her skin permanently dyed.

She appeared via video link from the US and revealed Phil how she feels closer to black people than white people.

The 29-year-old was asked why she had decided to “step into the world of controversy”.

(Image: ITV)
(Image: ITV)

The answer promoted stunned silence from the two presenters as Phil put his hand over his face in dismay, the Mirror reports.

Martina said: “My feelings changed. A little later after my last interview with you I was in a swimming pool with white people but when I saw them, it’s strange – they’re all so pale.

“When I go outside, I mostly get faster in contact with black people.

“If you compare the food and the music stuff, it’s changed.”

Phil said: “After having three tanning injections, you’re saying you like eating different foods and listening to different music?”

Martina quickly defended: “Well not really, I don’t like hip-hop. I don’t want to fight the black people. It’s for myself, not for the media attention.

“I’m really proud that this medicine works so well for me, but I can feel myself turning into a black woman and I’m going to Africa to learn more about the cultures.

She also proudly added she has “no side effects” and is happy with her new colour.

Phillip ended the interview by stating: “Race and colour is much more than skin deep.


Original story from Birmingham Mail

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