In light and in the aftermath of the earth shattering stories and revelations of sexual harassment of actresses and models at the hands of top Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and of course of others that are being daily revealed, it is certain that attitudes must change and the “workplace” must be made a safer place for women, and women can expect to turn up at work or at work meetings and not expect to be groped, manhandled, have their breast – regardless of the size, played with or fondled or be forced, bullied or blackmailed into taking part in a sexual act against their will or better judgement simply because the one “wielding the stick” has the power to make or break their career.

However, attitudes do need to change on all sides.

Top executives need to stop seeing actresses and models as pieces of meat there for the taking….

But actresses, starlets, models, artistes and even sportswoman also need to stop putting themselves out there as slutty sex objects.

Why do actresses and models have to do photoshoots in their underwear posing seductively and sexually wearing “I’m available, come and get me, big boy” looks?
Why do FEMALE singers or artists need to appear on stage in next to nothing and wiggle, writhe and dance suggestive sexual dances just to sing – while their male counterparts appear FULLY DRESSED?
As for our female athletes, their clothing many times are mostly distracting showing more of their asset than their prowess.

In movies, it is always the actress that will show the breasts and naked body even in sex scenes that usually involve two people but except in very rare occasions, you will hardly see a penis in a movie.

Many can argue that a woman owns her own body and can do whatever she wants with it or clothe it however she wants. But we do not live in an ideal world where everyone behaves in an ideal manner.

When you suggestively put sex “on the table” there are many who are going to assume there are being invited to came and eat!
Our world is full of decent, well behaved men. But it also has indecent, sick perverts in the same measure and it is naive for anyone to expect decent behaviour from every man whether they dress in filthy rags or expensive suits.

Attitudes need to change everywhere and Hollywood and the Global Entertainment industry needs to clear up their acts across the board. Expectations for female artistes to appear nude, naked or slutty in pictures, on film or on stage has to be reviewed and possibly eradicated or at least toned down several notches. There is too much sexiness assaulting our sensibilities nowadays and is it a wonder that many men are walking around with permanent hard-ons?

Most men see women as no more than sex objects and this is demonstrated by the way that many men treat their women or women around them.  But should women help in encouraging and perpetuating this notion?

There are reprobate minded men who will take a look at a nun in a habit or a woman in a full niqab and still fantasize about what lies beneath all that covering and develop an erection in the process.

And for many of these reprobates, there is no shame, no restraint and no discrimination. Anything and anyone is game as far as they are concerned. And they can corner their target victims anywhere and anytime they please. Including their own office.

In the UK, the “Page 3” girls have disappeared from the Sun newspaper, but there are even more semi-naked girls in our music videos, at concerts, in some adverts and even in top TV shows like the BBC’s “Strictly Come Dancing”. Some of the costumes expected to be worn by the female dancers where many of the dance routines themselves, are already at best described as arousing,  are really quite over the top sexy.

How much more when a woman is walking towards you or standing in front of you, scantily dressed in a very tight top with the erect nipples of her large boobs straining through the flimsy material of her tight tiny top, and her buttock cheeks topping her long sensual legs almost visible under her handkerchief sized flirty skirt …….
You see, that last paragraph was deliberate. Many men reading that bit would have had their mind wandering and imagining the vision – even just for a few seconds before adjusting themselves. So what do you think will happen if this woman was standing right in front of her boss who is also a sex mad brute?

Why would a woman turn up at a work related meeting in a seriously short skirt, very high heels and see through blouse, or what is nothing more than a “tiny tight dress” and expected to be taken seriously especially when a male colleague will turn  up at the same meeting in a suit and tie with everything except his face and hands, covered up?

You won’t see a man walking the street or turning up at work in a sleeveless shirt or jacket and speedos with no trousers …why do women feel they are more attractive with less clothes with more flesh on display?

One of my favorite adages says “As you present yourself, so will you be accepted”

If you present yourself to your work colleagues, bosses or audience as a sexy play thing – whatever industry you belong in – surely you should expect to be taken as such?

Every woman wants to appear attractive and perhaps sexy in public….but near nakedness is not the only way to be attractive and sexy. And experiences and accounts have shown that women are attacked mostly because of they way they are dressed or at least how they are perceived based on their dressing.

Female A Class artists, models and actresses have a lot to answer for, for the deeper and lower fall in standards especially in the area of dressing particularly as they are globally viewed as role models for many young girls. Costumes, dance routines, and photo shoots are more of tools to highlight sexiness rather than showcase acting or singing talents.

Girls are taught from young ages to sit with their legs shut and crossed but take a look at Beyonce, Rihanna, Janet jackson, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears and even Nigeria’s Tiwa Savage – all of whom have thrown this out of the window by making most of their dance routines about lewd crotch exposure and titillation, than about singing.

This is not the dark ages, as some liberal minded feminists would claim and possibly attack me on account of this article. But more importantly is for these feminists to look at some of the disadvantages of feminism. Women embracing the right, freedom or expectation to freely expose and display their sexuality and sensuality is doing no one any harm but women themselves. And even if a woman who has embraced that freedom has not been a victim of sexual harassment or abuse, how about the perception they leave in the mind of others about them.

We women should move on from relying on our bodies and feminine wiles to attain high positions and followerships and let our talents and abilities speak for us. Many women if they would be honest with themselves, know exactly what they are doing when they approach a powerful or connected man in a club or at an event, all dressed up – or down  to the heels in scanty, figure squeezing mini dresses and the highest of heels. No red blooded male will claim to be unaware of the subtle yet strong message of enticement or seduction being passed and more than a few will take the bait and bite. Unfortunately, most women only do this to get attention without banking on the man haven had his attention caught, wanting to explore and see what else is available. This is the point that some women back off and cry harassment.

Brit actor Martin Clunes recently in an interview accused actresses of “flirting with movie producers in a manner he likened to “prostitution”.

“Some of these actresses, there are some draped over him in a club. “If I did that to them I’d be … I don’t know. “It’s not news that these predators allowed some people to … I don’t know. “Of course it’s absolutely ghastly. It’s a form of prostitution — the oldest game in the book.”

The bottom line and the final analysis is that both sides of the coin need to re-address themselves and re-evaluate their positions.

Women must not be seen as sexual objects in the workplace or indeed anywhere else. Women have the right to go any where and feel safe, without the fear that they will be pawed or harassed or forced to do what they have not  expresses a desire to be a part of. Bosses and managers must ensure that their clients and employees are able to work in a safe and secure environment and any threats to that, dealt with and if necessary removed

But women must also realise that they have the responsibility of presenting themselves in the exact way they want to be addressed or accepted. Dressing like a wolf but expecting to be treated as a sheep should no longer be a prerogative of any woman.

As I said earlier in this article, there are many sick minded perverted men out there and I will in no way defend or condone sexual abuse or harassment perpetrated by these men.

But people also should not put themselves in vulnerable positions that will make them targets or victims of these sickos.





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