Toddler Crushed To Death By Man Falling From Building In Suicide Jump

A toddler was crushed to death after a man jumped off a building to commit suicide – and landed on him.

The boy, who was just 21-months-old, had been walking near the apartment block entrance with his dad when the 39-year-old jumped.

The young child died a few minutes after being hit, despite desperate efforts by paramedics to revive him. As well as the boy, the suicidal man, a construction worker identified only by his surname, Yevgeny, was also killed in the incident in Zaporizhia, Ukraine.

Neighbours said the boy’s mum, Anna Polishchuk, had been saying goodbye to her parents following a New Year family celebration when the tragedy happened. They live on the floor above where the man – a neighbour – had jumped. ‘The toddler crumpled from the strength of the hit. We tried to reanimate his heart and lungs.’

By the time she came back outside, an ambulance had arrived and paramedics were frantically trying to save the child. Neighbor Sergey Borisov said: ‘I heard a loud thump.

suicide boy
21 months old boy (pictured with his father) died after a man attempted suicide and landed right on him

‘The boy’s mother rushed out. She ran to the ambulance where paramedics were seeking to save the child, and understood everything instantly. ‘I had to shut my windows because there was so much agonising pain in her screams. ‘I just couldn’t bear hearing them.’ Another neighbour said: ‘A paramedic came out of the ambulance, and saw us all waiting for news.

‘She told us: “Pray for the boy. We are trying to save him”. ‘You know… this was the first time in my life when I heard so many people praying out loud.’ Senior paramedic Vitaly Reznikov confirmed: ‘The man who committed suicide fell right onto the boy. ‘The toddler crumpled from the strength of the hit.

‘The boy died inside the ambulance.’


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