Sowore Takes Presidential Bid Roadwork To Emir Of Kano

The surprise presidential aspirant Omoyele Sowore is putting in the foot and road work towards his 2019 bid. In less than a week, the Sahara Reporters publisher has visited Ibadan, Abuja and now Kano.

Addressing the Emir of Kano at his palace on Monday, the presidential aspirant descried the Emir as a “disruptor” who disrupted Nigeria’s banking system and put away many “thieve” and looters” while he was chairman of the Central bank. Sowore however remarked that sadly many of those are now back as chairmen of their own banks. He told the Emir that as a young Nigerian, he is not willing to wait for four years before taking his place in destiny. Adding that the time for the youths in Nigeria to is in may 2019

Likening himself to the Emir, Sowore said he was taking up the mantle to disrupt the status quo in order to make Nigeria the greatest nation in Africa.

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