Reviewing Genevieve Nnaji’s Movie Lionheart

I just finished watching the movie “Lionheart” on Netflix…..
I liked the cinematography and it was good to see KOK (Kanayo O Kanayo) acting in a movie again… Hopefully, this means he’s done with the filth that is Nigerian politics

But the movie did not live up to its expectation, I’m sorry. The storyline could have been better developed and frankly it seemed more of a showcase of Miss Nnaji than anything else. Sure the lady can act but I would have loved to see her character in different other situations rather than just lady boss in fine tight dresses.

Also I believe that KOK was desperately underused. He and Miss Onyeka were reduced to mere extras with lines and even Pete Edochie’s appearances were fleeting. It difficult to say if the title Lionheart was about the company, Pete Edochie’s character or Genevieve’s character.

Nkem Owoh was simply typecasted – as usual.


I also believed that the chemistry between Genevieve’s character and Hamza should have been given a chance to develop into a romance which we all love. Now that, would have been a perfect ending.

I however, couldn’t help but smile at the scene between Chief Obiaro and Alhaji.

In all, it was a gallant effort and something to fill the time on a Sunday evening.


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