Prolific Kent Burglar Jailed For 3 Years

A 26-year-old “prolific” burglar has been jailed for over three years after a crime spree.

Atkinjoe Izuebe, 26, of Plains Avenue, Maidstone, had targeted homes in Orpington, Maidstone and Chatham.

Hewas eventually caught on January 29 this year – when reports emerged of a suspicious man running near the scene of a burglary in Park Way, Maidstone.

He was stopped and found to be carrying a face mask, stolen jewellery and £420 in cash.

An investigation then found a pillow case stuffed with stolen items, including a tablet and laptop, under a vehicle on Heather Drive.

Izuebe was charged with 11 counts of burglary and one count of attempted burglary and pleaded guilty at Woolwich Crown Court on Friday (March 23).

Detective Constable Raj Dusanjh said: “Izuebe deliberately chose properties he thought would be empty, often targeting addresses during school runs. Many of his victims arrived home to find possessions and contents of drawers strewn all over the floor and their homes sometimes left in a terrible mess.

“I’m pleased we have now been able to bring Izuebe to justice and thankfully we have also been able to return a significant number of stolen items to their rightful owners.”

Izuebe was sentenced to three years and four months in prison.



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