Project Islamisation of Nigeria: IOC’s 25 Year Plan To Turn Nigeria Into An Islamic Caliphate (Video contains highly graphic images)

As a blogger, I come across all kinds of information both graphic and written as well as recorded audio.

But years of experience have taught me to take many things with a pinch of salt as many of such information sources are not to be relied upon and the info itself in most cases cannot be trusted to not be fake.

But when I came across this video, something resonated within me.

I have no idea who the speaker in the video is – which us just as well as this could have given me a biased opinion.

I am also glad I watched the video till the end albeit with my eyes averted from the highly graphic images of mutilated and blown apart bodies.

Usually, I would have questioned the need for Tha inclusion of such but listening to the message of the speaker, the images are relevant to the topic and needful to draw the message home.

The issue of the alleged Islamisation of Nigeria is often talked about but no proof or justification for the allegation has ever been so succintly presented as in this speech.

Every Nigerian and every serious Christian in Nigeria must watch this video and think seriously about it’s implication.

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