Jail For Woman Who Stabbed Husband To Death Following Alcohol Fueled Row

A London woman who stabbed her husband to death following an alcohol fueled row in their family home has been jailed for a minimum of 15 years.

43 years old Natasha Honey Welsh of Greyhound Hill, Hendon, was convicted of the murder of 47-year-old Martin Welsh at the Old Bailey on Monday, 8 April.

She was sentenced at the same court today, Thursday, 14 April.

The court heard how the defendant and Martin Welsh were heavy and regular drinkers and appeared to have a volatile relationship

On 26 October 2018 the couple were at their home in Greyhound Hill, Hendon.

Forensic tests showed that both of them had been drinking heavily and were likely to be drunk as a result.

Also at the house on the night of the stabbing was their adult son. He was upstairs in his room playing a computer game and sending messages to a friend via his game console.

At 23:13hrs their son sent a message stating: “It’s kicking off how I ignore it even with my music playing.” It would appear that this was a reference to an argument between his parents.

Minutes later he heard his father say: “She’s just stabbed me”. At first he thought this was a joke, but he then went downstairs to see what was happening.

When he went into the kitchen area he saw his father lying on his back gasping for air and unable to breathe. There was a wound to his father’s right shoulder area and he noticed a knife on the floor near his father’s leg.

He recognised this as coming as from a knife block kept in the kitchen, this knife was later found to have Martin’s blood on it.

Officers and the London Ambulance Service were called at 23:39hrs to reports of a male having been stabbed.

The couple’s adult daughter had also been alerted and had gone to the scene. She found her mother sitting on the floor cross-legged beside her father.

She told police she shouted at her mother, asking her what had happened, but she remained silent.

On arrival, officers found the defendant next to Mr Welsh and recorded her saying, “That was me. Sorry. If it was in the arm, that was me. Sorry.”

Despite the efforts of officers and paramedics, Mr Welsh was pronounced dead at the scene.

A post-mortem examination at the Northwick Park Hospital Mortuary on 28 October 2018 found that Martin had died of a single stab wound to the right upper chest. The wound was 12cm deep and went through chest wall muscle and pierced his lung and aorta.

Natasha Welsh was arrested and charged with murder on 28 October 2018.

Detective Chief Inspector Mark Cranwell, of the Met’s Homicide and Major Crime Command, said: “The defendant claimed to have no recollection of the events, but a jury has found that she was still responsible for her husband’s death. Being drunk does not excuse violent and criminal behaviour.”

“This couple had a volatile relationship that was exacerbated by alcohol use. I would urge any couple who are caught in such a downward spiral to seek help. I would also urge anyone who recognises their family or friends experiencing similar problems to contact police, or one of the many charities who can offer help and support.”

Declutter Your Network, Filter Out The Chaff From Your Life

Not everyone you know is meant to be in your life.
At any point in time, many people will flow into your life but many of them will leave just as quickly as they came.
Some you will block out. Others will leave on their own accord.

But those who are meant to be there, will never go away.

No one CAME into this world with anyone. But some are heaven sent & appointed to be in your support network.

Ordinary folks who will be the only ones who will have that particular thing you need at any particular time. Could be provision of encouragement, words of comfort, custodian & keeper of your secrets, rescue from a sticky situation including but not limited to financial crises, connections with or introduction to other cause helpers…
The list is endless.

No man is an island. No one is meant to stand alone. We are all created to inter-connect with others and be each others helper.

But people are specially appointed for specific roles…and sent into the lives of specific person(s).
And each of us have our own specific Personal angels, Destiny helpers, God sents.

Learn to recognise yours…. and
be grateful for them.

But you must also filter out the wheat from the chaff in your life. Those who really have nothing to offer you or anything positive to add to your life.

Such people are only around for what they can get from you: good/fun times, juicy gossip about other people and pieces of valuable information that they can use against you in future. Remember, these set of people can wine, dine and even pray with you. But when your chios are down, they will be the first in line and in the front row to scream “crucify him/her”!!!

These are simply “fair weather friends”

Get rid of them now. You don’t need them and you can never rely on them. Your secrets are like common commodities in their hands. Up for sale to any bidder.

And any help they render you, you will pay back – with great interest.

Other fair-weather friends will simply lay in wait, quietly out of sight. But at the first whim of your troubles – they suddenly come to life!

They are the Judas Iscariots, the Peters (before his repentance) the Tobiahs and Sanballats. Frenemies.

No-one needs them. But we all have them. Weed them out today.

Declutter your network and eliminate the dormant presences…so they don’t occupy the valuable space meant for valuable people.

Or quietly ferment in your life and eventually poison it with their toxicity.


Wife Caught Cheating With Hubby’s Best Friend On Camera He Accidentally Left Charging

A man in China allegedly caught his wife cheating with his best friend after accidentally leaving on a camera he was charging.

The husband, only known Mr Yang, said the incident unfolded in 2016 when he took his dash camera home and left it charging without knowing it had turned on.

Shocking footage captured the moment his friend Mr Liu, said to be a local mayor, turned up at his home to be greeted by his wife, Cui Hua, who he knew through work.

The footage, captured in August 2016 but only recently shared, shows the pair kissing as they greet.

They then have a brief conversation before Mr Liu appears to start undressing her.

Mr Yang explained he had been hiding the incident as his son was preparing for university entrance exam and only decided to divorce in January 2018.

Mr Yang said he had complained to the local government but had yet received any reply

Respinding to the accusation of cheating, Cui Hua replied to ShangYao News that she was a colleague of Mr Liu.

She admitted that the government had received her ex husband’s complaint and said: “If this is true, they [the officials] would have given me a warning.”

Cui Hua also denied that the footage was taken from a dashcam as she believed it was filmed on a hidden camera.

The Problem With Nigeria: We Are Addicted To Mediocrity

By the late Prof Pius Adesanmi.

Start at councillor?

That is why a man like former presidential candidate Omoyele Sowore could have an undergraduate degree from the University of Lagos, a masters degree from a US Ivy League, Columbia University, teach as a contract lecturer and contract instructor in the same Ivy League University for more than 10 years, while building a global media brand, one of Africa’s first online media brands that CNN and Al Jazeera reference for Nigerian news, run a parallel career as a global social movement leader who is solicited annually by social movement organizations in South Africa, Canada, Europe, Senegal, etc, and be dismissed so casually by the youth as inexperienced and deserving only of starting as a Councillor.

If the youth think that all there is to Sowore is student unionism and Sahara Reporters (and what by the way is wrong with that?), it is of course Sowore’s fault and the fault of those who rolled out his candidacy. It is your responsibility to market your multifaceted self and cosmopolitan skills and experiences to the electorate.

I told a youth yesterday that Omoyele Sowore has been a contract lecturer at Columbia University for the past ten years and his jaw dropped. He had no idea Sowore combined an academic career with running Sahara Reporters.

So, somebody who does not have what it takes to stand before pupils at Okokomaiko Community Development Primary School will run to social media and dismiss a Columbia University lecturer as inexperienced.

What I am getting at is the mental block which has prevented the youth from even examining Sowore’s and other youth candidacies beyond knee-jerk and default setting rejection.

You are not experienced!
You are not ready!
Start as a local government councillor!

They are saying the same of Fela Durotoye and even Kingsley Moghalu who was born in 1963!

That is the rote, the cliche that Obasanjo and Babangida taught them to repeat like the colonial chant, apes obey, when the two generals were in the youth demonizing phase of their careers.

Nobody will help you, Nigerian youth, overcome this mental block. You have to overcome it yourself by thinking of other ways in which it affects you.

Consider this scenario:

If you hear that one of you, children of ordinary peeps, has an appointment somewhere in Nigeria’s technocracy or bureaucracy, you are up in arms screaming he is too young or inexperienced.

Then the elite will do the kind of corrupt hiring they have been doing recently in places like the Central Bank, etc. They will parachute in their 20 something year-old children who have only just graduated from Britain or America. In fact, you saw your Governor or Senator or Minister beaming at the graduation ceremony in London or Washington only yesterday because their aides posted the photos on Facebook and Twitter. You even congratulated your “amiable Governor” or “amiable Senator” and abused those asking if he traveled to his child’s graduation ceremony at public expense.

Then that same boy or girl who graduated yesterday is parachuted in and offered a senior position at CBN or any of the Federal parastatals like they have been doing with breathtaking intensity under Buhari.

You scream about nepotism.

You scream about favoritism.

I have never heard you scream that those appointed children are too young or inexperienced.


You have been conditioned to apply that cliche only to yourselves and fellow children of the poor.

Examine and scrutinize these youth candidacies.

Stop apes obey, default setting dismissal.

*Pius Adesanmi was a Nigerian-Canadian who died alongside 156 other passengers in the ill fated Ethiopian Airlines crash in March 2019. The article was written by him in 2018 before Nigeria’s recently held general elections

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Read This Before You Respond To Any Automaker’s Recall. You Might Be Pressured Into Selling Back Your Car For Less

A Rothesay, N.B., woman whose Honda CR-V has been recalled says she’s caught in a battle with the automaker after it refused to repair her vehicle and instead “pressured” her to sell it back for less than she believes it’s worth.

The story published in cbc.ca reports that Renee Landry recently took her 2007 all-wheel-drive CR-V to a Saint John dealership to fix the windshield wipers. It’s then that she learned the model is under recall in provinces that use a lot of road salt over concerns the rear frame could rust.

But it remains in the lot at FundyHonda. That’s because Landry says she was told the problem was “not fixable” on her vehicle, and her only options were to take a $6,291 buyout offer or sign a form releasing Honda Canada from any liability if she chose to drive the SUV away.

“It just doesn’t sit right with me that they can tell me that my vehicle is not roadworthy and then they also get to decide how much they’re going to give me for it,” Landry said in an interview.

The recall was issued Jan. 17 and affects almost 84,000 CR-Vs sold between 2007 and 2011. Transport Canada said it applies to vehicles originally sold or currently registered in areas of heavy road salt usage, including Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, P.E.I. and Newfoundland and Labrador.

There are no laws specifying how automakers should calculate the value of recalled vehicles or what period of time they have to offer consumers to consider buybacks.

We were being rushed’

Landry said Honda Canada gave her a loaner vehicle for one week, telling her she would have to make a decision on her CR-V within that time period or the dealership would start charging her for storing the vehicle. The dealership subsequently told Landry it would not charge her.

She had hoped her CR-V, which has 240,000 kilometres on it but is in good condition and is paid off, would last another few years.

Landry looks over notes she’s kept about her dealings with Honda Canada over the recall on her CR-V.

(Graham Thompson/CBC)

“I felt we were being rushed and we were also really pressured into buying a car from Honda,” Landrysaid, adding there is nothing on the dealership lot she can buy for the buyback amount offered.

George Iny, director of the Automobile Protection Association, said while some owners are happy with their buyback offers, his organization is hearing from people who are not.

“The buyout offers are all over the map,” he said in an interview, calling the calculation process “opaque.”

Some offers seem very generous, he said, while in other cases “it would be impossible to find a used CR-V on the market in the condition of the consumer’s vehicle for the money they’re being offered.”

Landry was never told how Honda arrived at her buyback offer.

Honda Canada declined an interview request, but spokesperson Laura Heasman described the offer as “reasonable.”

She did not provide a breakdown of how it determined the value of Landry’s car.

Heasman said in an email the company “consults a variety of leading third-party vehicle valuators to obtain an estimated vehicle value based on key vehicle attributes such as model year, trim and mileage, as well as the overall condition of the vehicle.”

cars in lot
Landry’s Honda CR-V sits at the local dealership. After dropping it off for windshield wiper repairs, she was told it was under recall and could not be fixed. (Graham Thompson/CBC)

She said the automaker then adds a bonus amount to the estimated vehicle value as goodwill and to help cover sales taxes customers may need to pay on a subsequent vehicle purchase.

Landry thinks the process is unfair.

“The vehicle should not be assessed for value by the only people who are willing to buy it out,” she said.

‘Bully’ perception

Iny said there’s a perception that dealers and Honda are “going to bully you to try and get you out of your vehicle.” One way they do that, he said, is by giving owners like Landry very little time to make up their minds.

“There’s no legal imperative to ask you to decide to give up your vehicle in a few days. They could give you more time,” Iny said.

He also said some customers are not being told the recall provides for a second, more detailed inspection that could result in a more involved and costly repair. Honda, he said, “would prefer to buy your vehicle back instead of paying for repairs and keeping it on the road.”

He notes structural repairs are expensive and time consuming, with the potential to overwhelm the dealers that have in-house body shops. Every vehicle can be repaired, he said. The issue is at what cost.

2nd inspection

The recall details on Transport Canada’s website says if the vehicle passes inspection, dealers will apply corrosion protection. “For a vehicle that does not pass inspection, Honda will repurchase the vehicle. In the event the repurchase is declined by an owner, a secondary inspection and body shop repair may be possible.”

Fundy Honda general manager Dave Valiquete said they did complete a second inspection. But when asked by CBC News whether that meant lowering the gas tank, which is part of the Level 2 inspection, he replied, “Yes, we had it up on the hoist.”

When it was pointed out that putting it on the hoist is not the same as lowering the gas tank, Valiquete said CBC News would have to speak to Honda Canada.

Heasman, the Honda Canada spokesperson, said the company has been in contact with Landry and “intends to continue to work with her to come to a mutually beneficial arrangement regarding her vehicle in furtherance of this safety initiative.”

Landry said there’s nothing mutually agreeable about her conversations with the company, and said the most disappointing part of the experience has been Honda Canada’s customer service

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Nigerian Government Declares State Of Emergency On Newborn And Child Dealth

The National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) has declared a state of public health emmergency on newborn and child deaths occurring at primary health centres across the country.

Similar declaration is expected on state levels in the next few days to track maternal and child mortality.

Nigeria has one of the worst records in maternal and child mortality in the world. It is recorded that in Nigeria approximately 145 women under the age of 15-45 die annually from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth while 2300 children under five years old die mainly from preventable causes.

Consequently, the agency said it will establish a national coordination centre within the agency to provide oversight on the outlined activities.

The centre, according to the Executive Director of the agency, Dr. Fasal Shuaib shall be called the National Emergency Maternal and Child Health Intervention Centre. (NEMCHIC).

Already, the country has received support worth $1.3l million which is to be matched by the government’s $1.97 million for the next ten years. This fund is to support the country’s immunization programme as part of the effort to reduce maternal and child mortality in Nigeria.

The states also assured of their buy-in to ensure that the initiative achieves its purpose.

New shocking figures show there have been over 40 stabbings a day in London alone over the past 2 years

The shocking extent of London’s knife crime problem was revealed today as figures showed that 40 knife offences a day were reported to police over a two-year period.

A person was knifed to death on average every four days in London in 2017 and 2018, figures revealed, following a Freedom of Information request by the Standard.

The figures reveal the total number of knife offences including those involving stabbings and deaths caused by a blade for the calendar years of 2017 and 2018. Met Police dealt with 29,232 knife offences in a two years.

On average this is about 40 offences a day in London.

The total number of homicides and stabbings fell across the two-year period however. In 2018, the number of knife attacks fell by over 500. In 2017, there was 4,784 stabbings and in 2018 there was 4,246. The number of homicides also fell by 12.

Police at the scene of a stabbing in London

Official statistics for 2019 have not been made available just yet buy Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said the decrease is encouraging.

Although the number is still “too high”, Mr Khan praised London communities and the Met for their work in reducing crime.

A spokesman from the Ben Kinsella Trust, which tackles knife crime through education and campaigning, said the small reduction is not a victory yet.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said officers are working “day and night” to identify and pursue knife criminals.

The majority of the crimes detailed in the figures were committed in Southwark with 1,594 offences occuring in that London borough

The borough also had the highest number of knife-related homicides with 17 people being stabbed to death in two years.

17 people being stabbed to death in two years in Southwark alone.
Bexley was the only borough of 33 to not have any deaths resulting from a knife in the two years.

Mr Khan said: “Thanks to London’s communities and the hard work of the Met Police, who have been targeting offenders and removing dangerous weapons from our streets, we are seeing some knife crime offences starting to fall, but it still remains too high.

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