We may not realise it, but when we use certain words on our kids either out of frustration,  in moments of anger or simply to show displeasure, what we are doing is cursing them and speaking negativity into their lives.

Although we are ALL guilty if it, this practice is particularly common among us Yorubas when we use words like:

Omo-eran – animal offspring
Eranko – beast
Oku-igbe – carcass in the forest
Omo aja – baby dog
Omo-oshi – child of misfortune
Obo – monkey
Oloriburuku – the cursed one
Atiniloju – bringer of shame
Akotileta omo – squanderer
Abanilorukoje – destroyer of reputation
Foolish child – never do well, object of ridicule
Stupid child – backward, dullard, donce

When you use these and other such words on your kids, you are speaking into their lives and foretelling their future….

Jabez (child of sorrow) in the Bible never made a headway in life until he changed the cruel name his mother gave him…

Remember- the words we speak can either make or break someone.
The power of life or death lies in the tongue. Which one do you want for your child?

And even if they’ve made a mistake, our duty is to correct them by showing them the error of their ways and pointing them in the right direction….

And some of the words are also describing yourself!!!! Afterall, the child of an animal was born by an animal!!!

Also DO NOT let anyone get away with using such words on your child. Go to their school and make a big fuss if your child comes hone and tells you a teacher called him stupid!!!!

Affirm your kids. Pray for them. Correct them with/in love
Speak positiveness into their lives.

Our kids are the future. Take care if it NOW!!!


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