Nigerian Travellers Be Aware Of British Airways And Virgin’s New Fares Structure

I received several calls and messages following my post on Facebook last night about luggage allowances on flights to Nigeria from the UK.

It would seem that indeed VIRGIN now has 3 different tiers of economy flight fares to Nigeria

*Economy light*
*Premium Economy*
*Upper class economy*

*Economy light is for folks who only have the 10kg carry-on hand luggage.

*For premium you are entitled to 1; 10kg carry-on and 2; 23kg checked-in luggage. You pay an additional charge for extra luggage.

*Upper class entitles you to 1 carry-on and two checked-in luggage.

BA now has what it calls a hand luggage only booking with flights for passengers with checked in luggage attracting additional costs

More information can be found on their website

You would think that BA & VIRGIN would make these changes public rather than have people end up and be faced with the shocking news only when they arrive at the airport.

These changes also apply to other routes as well and not just Nigerian flights.

Travellers are advised to please check on the carrier’s website before you book your flight. Many agents don’t seem to yet be aware of the changes either.

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