Med-View Airline Passengers Stranded At Gatwick Airport For Five Days

Hundreds of passengers trying to get home to Nigeria for Christmas have been stranded at Gatwick Airport for up to five days.

Up to 800 passengers travelling with Nigerian airline Med-View have not been able to leave the UK since December 22.

Many told how they felt “abandoned” by the airline over the festive period and that some had missed Christmas with their families.

Med-View was forced to ground flights due to “ongoing technical problems”, Gatwick confirmed on Thursday. The airport has apologised on behalf of the airline.

Flights are not expected to run as scheduled on Friday.

Ola Domi, 26, from Coventry, told the Sun he had missed his family’s Christmas in Lagos. He said: “I feel abandoned and disrespected.

“I’ve been told there will be no flights until next year.”

Another passenger, Abbey Kukoyi, from Surrey, said he paid more than £1,000 for a ticket and was due to fly on December 23.


He told the newspaper: “This airline should be shut down.

“They are selling tickets still despite hundreds of people waiting around here for days on end.”

In a statement on Thursday, Gatwick said “ongoing technical problems” continued to affect flight departures.

The airport wrote: “Passengers due to travel to Lagos with Med-View Airline are advised that due to ongoing technical problems there are no scheduled Med-View flights on Thursday December 28 or Friday December 29.

“At this stage Gatwick is not able to provide any further information on future Med-View flights planned between now and the end of the year.”

Passengers were urged to leave the airport and make alternative travel plans or to try to rebook their flights with Med-View.

Meanwhile, passengers shared videos of the “chaos” at the airport. One woman, known as @ChyLady, said she was stranded at the airport after her flight suffered a “technical fault” on December 22.

While others voiced their frustration and confusion as they were left in the UK for days.

One woman wrote: “#worstairline #poorcustomerservice , they have kept passengers in UK for 3 days without explanation or compensation, All their phone lines ring and #noone picks, #careless #unproffesional #airline.”

A Gatwick spokeswoman said: “Due to a lack of available aircraft, a significant number of Med-View passengers have not flown out, from Gatwick, as expected since Friday December 22.  The vast majority of these passengers have left the airport to make alternative travel plans, with the number of Med-View passengers currently at the airport in single figures.


“Gatwick staff are assisting these passengers where possible and will continue to work with the airline and other authorities to ensure that Med-View honours its commitments to their passengers. We would like to apologise to all affected passengers on behalf of the airline.

“We sympathise with affected passengers and share their disappointment with the delays experienced by Med-View during the last few days. Passengers have been provided, by Gatwick, with vouchers for food and water during their time at the airport and hotel accommodation on Wednesday December 27.”

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