THIS is the shocking moment a mourner catches two people having sex in a cemetery.

The randy pair are filmed romping in broad daylight — just yards from headstones at Greenford Park graveyard in West London.

A shocked witness, who was visiting his relative’s resting place, can be heard telling the couple off for their brazen half-naked display yesterday afternoon.

He shouts: “This is a cemetery. This is a place of respect”.

But he is met with a sweary rant from both bonkers — who insist they are nowhere near the graves.

Speaking to The Sun Online, the shocked spectator said: “I just stopped by and went to visit my uncle’s grave at about 4:30pm yesterday.

“I was in the car as I was driving through the graveyard and I looked out the window and got an eyeful.”

He said he saw the x-rated tryst being played out on the wet grass in view of dozens of resting places.

The onlooker added: “I thought I’d tell them it’s a bit disrespectful.

“I noticed they had drink and drugs around them and I thought they probably didn’t realise where they were.

“They were very abusive; they were swearing, they called me a nonce – which didn’t make any sense.

“I was filming to embarrass them, but they thought I was interested in them.

“I was disgusted by them — they aren’t much to look at, I wouldn’t want to look at them doing that!”


But while he scolded them for their public romp, the mourner was able to see a funny side.

“To be honest it was really amusing, and I’m not really surprised because you see a lot of odd characters around here.

“I feel like there are more important things that the police could be doing  so I didn’t bother ringing them.

“I showed some friends the footage and they had the same reaction — a mix of laughter and shock.

“I guess if I see them again then there might be a part two to this video”.

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