A benefits cheat mum-of-five who made £1.5 million from her escort agency has been given a prison sentence for the second time after a retrial.

Janine Adeleke, 45, ran high class agency Carlton’s Of London which has a TOWIE star on its books while failing to disclose her income in a ‘quite breathtaking fraud’ for nearly eight years before she was caught.


She spent more than £103,000 on beauty treatments, leisure and holidays, and over £88,000 in high street stores, according to  The Mirror

Adeleke, from Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, was found guilty two years ago and jailed for three years.

But a retrial, which has also found her guilty, heard how her family enjoyed private medical insurance, expensive holidays, and David Lloyd gym memberships.

Janine Adeleke has been jailed again following a retrial (Image: SWNS)

She sent one of her children to the exclusive Roedean boarding school for girls, which costs £30,000 a year.

Judge Heather Norton told Canterbury Crown Court she had a “degree of understanding and compassion” for Adeleke spending the money on her children.

But she added: “This was quite simply breathtaking dishonesty on an extraordinarily wide scale and lengthy period.

“Your evidence, which was given over days, was evasive, difficult to follow and contradictory and when you were asked a question which you were not expecting, you had difficulty in providing a sensible answer and became flustered.”

Web grab of the Carltons Of London website
Adeleke ran Carlton’s Of London (Image: SWNS)

Adeleke denied seven counts of cheating the taxman and money-laundering, but was convicted a second time on all charges after a jury retired for more than 10 and a half hours before returning guilty verdicts by 10-2.

Although she has been given another three year jail term, she will only be inside for a few weeks as she has already served nearly a half the original sentence.

Prosecutor Allistair Walker said that for eight years, between November 2006 and October 2014, Adeleke failed to disclose her significant income – much of it coming from the ‘exclusive female escort’ agency.


Investigators found that Adeleke had stolen £212,000 in unpaid Income Tax, National Insurance Contributions and tax credits payments by declaring that she had no income.

She also fraudulently claimed over £37,000 in Income Support and other state benefits, and laundered £157,000 of illicit cash.

They discovered that more than £1.2 million had passed through her bank accounts, enabling Adeleke to splash out at least £120,000 on private schools.

GV of the home of Janine Adeleke, Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex
The home of Janine Adeleke, Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex (Image: SWNS)

Mr Walker told the jury how Adeleke had been married but separated from her husband in 2006.

He added: “There followed a traumatic and bitter separation and there can be little doubt that as a consequence the defendant was left much less comfortably off.

“While claiming benefits she came to run a successful and expensive escort agency which boasted: ‘VIP Models of poise, sophistication and stunning good looks for elite gentlemen’.

“The profits she made from this she never declared The Mirror reports.

The agency took a cut of 35 per cent from its workers, who were charging between £200 and £2,000 an hour.

Tim Clarke, Assistant Director of HMRC’s Fraud Investigation Service, said: “Adeleke broke the law to fund a lavish lifestyle and privately educate her children.

Janine Adeleke
Cheat: Adeleke was jailed for three years in 2015 and has now been jailed again after a retrial (Image: SWNS)

“She defrauded vital public services and stole benefits designed to help struggling families.

“She pleaded poverty, but this was far from the truth.

“She didn’t declare her income because she didn’t want to pay any tax.

“As a further deception to hide her income, when Adeleke discovered she was being investigated, she laundered £157,000 through her elderly mother’s bank account.”
Adeleke was led away still protesting, and now faces demands to repay the money under the Proceeds of Crime Act.
Culled from Mirror.co.uk


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