Anyone travelling to NIGERIA is being warned and advised to be vigilant and extra  careful at the airport.

Peiple are advised to make solid pick up arrangements before leaving London or anywhere you are travelling from and make sure you are kept informed of every detail of the plan or if any part of the plan is to change.

A lady who recently travelled from London to Lagos with her daughter came close to being abducted from the Murtala Mohammad Airport by a stranger who was waiting for them holding up a card bearing her name and all.

The guy practicality forced the lady to go with him insisting that her sister (whom she knew was on her way to pick her up and with whom she had just spoken with before disembarking from the plane) had sent him.

It took the intervention of strangers and the timely arrival of the sister, that unravelled and prevented a sinister kidnapping plot.

And do not rely on the intervention of the airport security personnel. When the incident was reported to them and even when the photograph of the would be abductor was shown to them, their attitude was “So what do you want us to do? Afterall, he didn’t succeed, did he?”
And they even told the woman off for taking the man’s picture!

Kidnapping is a major problem that are blighting the lives of many in the country and is proving a major headache for the authorities as some members of the police are sometimes found to be working with the kidnappers.


Huge ransom demands of millions of naira are often made of family members who usually find themselves having to borrow or sell off properties in order to meet the ransom demands. In cases where the family is unable to meet the demands, the victims are simply kept indefinitely in captivity or in worst case scenarios, killed off. In other unfortunate circumstances, victims fall sick while in captivity which are usually in filthy, unhealthy and inhumane conditions and simply succumb to complications brought on by untreated illnesses.

Last week, a British optometrist and charity worker, Ian Squire died while being held in captivity.  Two other aid workers who were abducted with him were thankfully freed alive by authorities.

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