Dopped Up Waco, Texas Man Beheads Wife In Front Of Their Babies

Drugged up dad-of-two  chopped off his wife’s head in front of his young children before storing it in the family freezer.

David Dauzat, 24, savagely slaughtered his wife Natasha Dauzet, 21, by stabbing her dozens of times before decapitating her while under the heavy influence of drugs

The gruesome murder took place in front of his two children, ages one and two, who lived in the mobile home in Bellmead, a town just northwest of Waco in Texas.

Dauzat then called his brother and told him he had murdered his wife, whom he had just celebrated his second anniversary with.


When police turned up and knocked on his door, he appeared to have blood all over his body and clothes before slamming the door shut.

Residents from the nearby area had to be evacuated while cops surrounded his trailer.

Eventually, Dauzat surrendered after talking to a hostage negotiator.

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Dauzat with his 2 children

Cops found the children, who were not injured, near the decapitated body.

When cops investigated he told them he had been smoking pot, reports the Waco Tribune-Herald.

After the hearing, Dauzat’s defence attorney, Joseph Marcee, of Georgetown, told the paper: “It is certainly a tragedy for everybody involved in the situation and I think it highlights the dangers that drugs play in our society.

“I certainly think that factored into everything and I think it is a tragedy.

“My client took responsibility for his actions today and that is something he wanted to do.”

On her Facebook page, Natasha recently stated:  “I’m the happiest girl ever with an amazing Husband and kids and I love them.”

Dauzat was jailed for 52 years.

He will be eligible for parole in 26 years.


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