Did Exposure of Adulterous Relationship By Lover Who Swindled Her Out Of N10M Cause Suicide Woman To Jump Into Lagoon?

Unconfirmed allegations reaching BaronessJ say the woman who committed suicide  by jumping into the Lagos lagoon on Sunday was the same woman involved with an Otunba with whom she was having adulterous relations.
The allegations claim Otunba had revealed his affair with the Texas based woman and posted nude pictures of them together on social media after she tried to end the relationship.
Allegedly, this public exposure led her husband, a Mr Tunde working in a Lagos bank to carry out DNA tests on the couple’s 3 grown up kids but none of the kids were found to be his.
It is assumed that this compounded shame is what led to her jumping into the lagoon.
Reports obtained by us also allege that the Otunba in a show of vindictiveness, had smeared pictures of the couple in compromising positions all over social media in retaliation of her demanding the repayment of  a N10m loan.


An earlier whatsapp video had shown the woman known simply as Toyin, ordering the arrest of the Otunba from a hospital bed
A purported whatsapp exchange between the 2 also hints at a joint killing of an 11 year kid for money rituals.
None of these allegations nor the characters involved this story have yet been confirmed but we shall keep our readers updated


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