Controversy Trails News Of Ooni’s New Marriage

Pictures of the wedding of the Ooni Olonisa of Ile Ife, Nigerian made an unexpected and unforseen appearance on social media last Thursday and immediately the news of the wedding quickly became a trending topic

The Ooni’s new wife is 25 year old prophetess and evangelist Oluwaseyi Naomi.

Olori red

But alongside the feelings of felicitations that has welcomed the news of the Ooni’s nuptials following the humiliating demise of his much highlighted marriage to Olori Wuraola just 2 years ago, the most talked about issue of the marriage is the Queens conflict between her vocation as a preacher of the Gospel of Christ and her new role as a wife within the palace of a high level Yoruba monarch where occultic and ritualistic practices form main apart of the tradition.

The new Queen is a preacher with a ministry based in Akure, Ondo State Nigeria

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It is however believed in some quarters that the Ooni himself is a born again Christian and he has been seen attending several church services but his marriage to a practicing evangelist has divided opinions right across the board.


Many question if indeed it is possible for the Ooni, the office of the seat of Oodua, the “father” of the Yorubas, a race originally and traditionally known for practices which stand at contrast to Christian beliefs, to be able to do away completely with these practices and ignore the cultural practices and beliefs of his forefathers especially in such part of Yorubaland still rigorously steeped on tradition.

And while it would be unrealistic to expect the Ooni to be able to avoid or completely abolish such traditional practices of the royal establishment, the question on many lips is whether the new Olori will be able to freely engage in her ministry of prophetess and evangelist without crossing the line.

Olori Naomi is the Ooni’s 3rd wife after Olori Wuraola. Before then, he was married to his first wife Adebukonla whom he divorced just before he was crowned as Ooni in 2016.

Ooni married Olori Wuraola in March 2016
Olori Bukola and the Ooni got married in 2007




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