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Actor And Comedian Eddie Murphy Poses For A Holiday Photo With All 10 Of His Children.

EDDIE Murphy has posed with all TEN of his kids for the first time ever – including Mel B’s daughter Angel.

The Doctor Dolittle actor, 57, proudly stood surrounded by his sons and daughters, mum Lillian, fiancé Paige and her fashion designer mother.

Eddie holds his daughter Izzy, next to fiance Paige who is carrying newborn Max, and is surrounded by his daughters Bria, left, and Zola, right. On the bottom row is son Christian, mum Lillian, Angel, and Paige’s mum, while the top row is Miles, Shayne, Eric and Bella.

The never-before-seen family snap shows the range of ages of his children, from 30 to three-weeks-old.

It’s also the first time he’s been pictured with daughter Angel who he initially denied being a father to when Mel B announced she was pregnant.

Others featured in the family photo include Eddie and Paige’s youngest children Izzy, two, and three-week-old Max.

The actor shares five children with ex-wife Nicole Mitchell Murphy, including daughters Bria, 29, Shayne Audra, 23, Zola Ivy, 19, Bella Zahra, 16, and son Miles Mitchell, 26.

His eldest child Eric, 30, was with then girlfriend Paulette McNeely, followed by his 29-year-old son Christian whose mum is Tamara Hood.

The actor – thought to be worth £60million – met model Paige in 2012.

They got engaged in September just before the birth of their second child Max together.

This Christmas Eddie has been spending time with the daughter he shares with Spice Girl Mel.

They’ve been bonding while Mel has been promoting her memoir, Brutally Honest, which tells how she was left with just £800 after her ‘abusive’ ex Stephen Belafonte seized control of her £80m fortune.

Mel says daughter Angel now spends weekends with Eddie and is getting to know him.

Pass With Olu: Accredited Driving Instructors

Who Are Music’s 5 Highest Paid Females?

Back in 2015, when Katy Perry appeared on the cover of Forbes after earning $135 million in a single year, she knew she’d secured her place in the pop star firmament—and wouldn’t ever have to worry about fading into oblivion. “I don’t feel like my career is a ticking time bomb,” she said. “I don’t feel like I’ll always have to be feeding the meter of show business. I got my spot, yo.”

Three years later, Perry has proved herself right: She’s the highest-paid woman in music, pulling in $83 million pretax during our scoring period. One of the hardest-working names on the list, Perry played 80 dates of her Witness: The Tour in Forbes‘ June-to-June timeframe, grossing over $1 million per night. She also managed to find time to serve as a judge on ABC’s American Idol reboot, reportedly earning north of $20 million for her troubles.

Taylor Swift ranks second with $80 million. The superstar songstress briefly disappeared from social media last year before roaring back with the launch of new album Reputation, which sold two million copies worldwide in its opening week. The only reason she didn’t claim the top spot on this list? Most of her Reputation Stadium Tour dates fell just outside this year’s scoring period.

Gallery: Highest-Paid Women In Music 2018

Beyoncé rounds out the top three, pulling in $60 million. After she and husband Jay-Z welcomed twins Rumi and Sir to the family in June 2017, Queen Bey had a quiet year, by her standards, until delivering a groundbreaking performance at Coachella this spring and dropping a joint album with Jay-Z in June. Much of this summer’s On The Run II, their second stadium tour together, will be reflected in our next scoring period—boosted by an inevitable deluge of new moneymaking opportunities.

“I’m never satisfied,” she once told Forbes. “I’ve never met anyone that works harder than me in my industry.”

Of course, making music isn’t the only way these musicians are making bank. Lady Gaga (No. 5, $50 million) added “movie star” to her résumé this year, thanks to a critically acclaimed turn in A Star Is Born alongside Bradley Cooper. Rihanna (No. 7, $37.5 million) is cashing in on Fenty Beauty and Savage Lingerie, and although she hasn’t been on tour since 2016, Rihanna stays in the public eye with starring roles in films like Ocean’s 8.

There were plenty of female musicians who had lucrative years but didn’t quite make the list. Among them: Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey, Selena Gomez, Madonna, Halsey and Janet Jackson, all of whom tallied double-digit millions. They’ll look to crack the top 10 next year.

“That’s the best thing about being a musician,” said Halsey. “You get to constantly show the world how you’ve changed and how you’ve grown. And you get to say, ‘Hey, look at me, look at how much better I am now than I used to be.'”


Figures are for pretax earnings from June 1, 2017, through June 1, 2018, before deducting fees for agents, managers, lawyers and estate executors. Sources include Nielsen SoundScan, NPD BookScan, insider interviews and Forbes estimates. Additional reporting by Natalie Robehmed and Rebecca Lerner.

Full List

1. Katy Perry ($83 million)

2. Taylor Swift ($80 million)

3. Beyoncé ($60 million)

4. Pink ($52 million)

5. Lady Gaga ($50 million)

6. Jennifer Lopez ($47 million)

7. Rihanna ($37.5 million)

8. Helene Fischer ($32 million)

9. Celine Dion ($31 million)

10. Britney Spears ($30 million)

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Rapper DMX Jailed For $2M Tax Fraud

American rapper DMX has been imprisoned for a year in a tax fraud case.

A judge heard a DMX rap song before adding his own lyrics to a court proceeding on Wednesday, before ordering him to serve a year in prison and pay back over $2 million in restitution.

Federal Judge Jed Rakoff took requests Wednesday, accommodating DMX’s desire to hear his hit “Slippin'” before DMX faced the music over his admission of guilt. The judge called DMX’s fraud a “brazen and blatant” crime that could not go unpunished.

The 47-year-old rapper, known to law enforcement and the courts as Earl Simmons, has been incarcerated since his bail was revoked in January. He sobbed during the proceeding as his lawyer, Murray Richman, recalled his nightmarish childhood.


Richman said DMX has been a model prisoner. Still, prosecutors sought five years in prison for him, citing a lengthy rap sheet and drugs.

He had previously pled guilty to one count of tax evasion.

Richman wanted him free to support his 15 children and pay back more than $2 million in taxes.

As “Slippin'” played in the packed courtroom, DMX nodded his head slightly to the beat while some of his supporters nodded more enthusiastically.

Given a chance to speak, he said he knows taxes need to be paid and what he did was wrong.

“I wasn’t following the rules,” he said. “I was in a cloud.”

The judge said that in the court’s view DMX “is a good man.”

“In many ways,” the judge said, “he’s his own worst enemy.”


Jay-Z To Open Fast Food Chain

Ever the businessman, Jay-Z is apparently set to open his own fast food joint dubbed Hovino.

The rapper already operates exclusive The 40/40 Club, now he wants to take on the big giants and open his own take away chain. Move aside, McDonalds; Sayonara Burger King – Hovino is in the house.


S. Carter Enterprises – remember, Jay’s real name is Shawn Carter –  has applied to trademark the name ‘Hovino’ – asking for an International trademark – and covers ‘Restaurant and café services; carry-out restaurant services; self-service restaurants; catering; serving food and drinks; take-out restaurant services; bar services, pubs; cocktail lounges; wine bars.’

The man also know as Hov opened up the bar 40/40 Club in Manhattan in 2003 and has since expanded the chain to Atlanta, Las Vegas and Brooklyn, so he knows a thing or two about operating a successful franchise.



Kanye And Kim Pick Name Chicago West For New Baby Daughter

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West announced the birth of their new daughter on Friday night. She was born via a surrogate mother.

People had been trying to guess what the superstar parents would go for this time around. Popular guesses were Donda, Angel and Ava.

Other people thought they’ve follow classic Kardashian tradition, and go for a name that starts with a K.

But instead they chose Chicago – the name of dad Kanye’s home city!


Kim is keen to make sure people are pronouncing the name correctly.

She retweeted a post that read: “To everyone who thinks it’s literally pronounced as CHI. No. It’s ‘Shy’.”

She added: “We are incredibly grateful to our surrogate who made our dreams come true with the greatest gift one could give and to our wonderful doctors and nurses for their special care.

“North and Saint are especially thrilled to welcome their baby sister.”

Surrogacy is the name given to a pregnancy where a woman carries and gives birth to another person’s baby.

It’s often an option for people unable to have children themselves.

Germany Offers Asylum Seekers Money Towards Rent And New Kitchen To Return Back Home

Asylum seekers in Germany are being offered money towards new kitchens, bathrooms and rent if they go back to their home countries.

Angela Merkel’s government has launched the new incentive initiative in a bid to increase the number of refugees returning to their country of origin.

The “Your country. Your future. Now!” scheme was launched by the Federal Ministry of the Interior in the wake of uncertain elections – which were dominated by the issue of immigration.

 But refugee support organisations have hit out at the scheme and said it amounts to bribery and is underhand.
Image result for asylum seekers in germany

Under existing schemes, each refugee was given €1,200 to leave the country. This will now be topped up by €3,000 per family and €1,000 for each individual.

According to the Bild am Sonntag newspaper the money can be used for home renovations or rental fees.

“When you voluntarily decide to return by the end of February, in addition to start-up help you can provisionally receive housing cost help for the first 12 months in your homeland,” Thomas de Maizière, the German interior minister, told the newspaper.

Günter Burkhardt, the head of Pro Asyl, told the Times: “He’s trying to entice people to give up their rights in the basest manner.”


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A woman who set up a GoFundMe campaign to repay a homeless man who had used his last $20 dollar note to get her fuel when she ran out on a motorway, has amassed an eyewatering $280,000

Kate McClure said Johnny Bobbitt helped her and asked for nothing in return. She made it a mission to repay his selfless favor.

McClure was driving on I-95 in Philadelphia last month when she ran out of gas and had to pull over on the side of the highway. Nervous, she began to walk in search of the nearest gas station.

That’s when Johnny, who stands on the side of the highway with a sign asking for help, approached her. He instructed McClure to get back in her car and lock the doors.

Johnny, who is homeless, eventually returned with a red can of gas he bought with the little money he had.

McClure couldn’t give him anything in return at the moment, but felt the need to repay Johnny, and began stopping by his usual spot on I-95 with clothes, food and money. Each time, Johnny was incredibly grateful; at one point, she brought him cereal bars, and he asked if she wanted one.

But it still didn’t feel like enough.

“I wish that I could do more for this selfless man, who went out of his way just to help me that day,” McClure wrote on a GoFundMe campaign page. “He is such a great guy, and talking to him each time I see him makes me want to help him more and more.”

So she started an online fundraiser with an ambitious goal of $10,000. By the afternoon, the campaign has raised more than $12,000.

“It just blew up,” McClure told a reporter.

In a recent video from McClure, Johnny can be seen reacting to the fundraiser taking off and raising more than $1,700 in just a few days.

“That changes my life right there,” Johnny says in the video.

Johnny, 34, said he had been in the Marine Corps and was once a licensed paramedic. He moved to Philly a year ago with a job lined up and money to buy a truck, but that all fell through and he ended up on the streets.

McClure, 27, and her boyfriend, Mark D’Amico, hope to help Johnny not just with the money, but also by helping him find housing and vouching for his character to potential landlords, reported.

johhny b
Johnny Bobbitt – three years ago

Johnny plans on trying to get a job at the Amazon warehouse in Robbinsville, New Jersey, and eventually wants to be re-certified as a paramedic in either Pennsylvania or New Jersey.

Thanks to a chance encounter and his own selfless generosity, that dream may very well become a reality.

“I don’t have an explanation for it. I think it was the perfect storm,” D’Amico told CNN Thursday.
More than 9,600 people have pledged donations.
“We wanted to make sure he was safe, and go from there,” McClure told CNN Thursday. “I remember when we got our first donation, we were like, ‘holy crap.'”
The couple asked Bobbitt what he wanted to do with all the money. Bobbitt was hesitant to say, but he plans to make a video and explain it all, D’Amico said.
“The whole game changed in the last 24 to 48 hours. His expectations changed, and what he wanted to do changed,” D’Amico said.
“He has a couple of places in Philadelphia that got him through and got him by. He wants to pay it forward.”
“His dreams aren’t champagne and caviar,” D’Amico said.