The Police Command in Enugu State on Friday said it had mobilized 800 officers and men for a compulsory monthly fitness exercise.

The command’s Spokesman, SP Ebere Amaraizu, who disclosed this in a statement, said the personnel were drawn from various Police Divisions in the state.

Amaraizu said that the exercise, which was slated for Saturday, was part of the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Danmallam Mohammed’s strategy for combat readiness.

“The Enugu State Police Command will on Saturday conduct its monthly Jogging /walking exercise for the month of August 2017.

“The Theme of the exercise is Jog/walk for life and agility.


Event postponed to Saturday 19 August 2017. Same venue at 6pm

“The sporting exercise is geared toward enhancing healthiness of mind and body and oneness of officers and men of the Force,’’ he said.

Amaraizu said other relevant stakeholders in the business of security and personnel from sister security agencies were invited to join the exercise.

“The exercise is expected to commence by 6.30 a.m. from the state Police Headquarters, Enugu, through the designated routes of major roads and streets in the state after warming up formalities.

“Members of the public, particularly drivers as well as other road users are enjoined to be guided by this information,’’ he said.


Officers need to trim down in order to enhance their agility and pace

He said the commissioner made it compulsory for officers and men to trim down in order to enhance their agility and pace in the performance of their duties.

The police spokesman said that the command was serious about the involvement of its personnel in the exercise.

According to him, only those on essential services, guard duties, special duties and excuse permit on health grounds are exempted from the exercise.






The Ogun state government has unveiled its plan for corps members willing to use their service year to farm and venture into other areas of agriculture development.
The Governor of the state, Senator Ibikunle Amosun made this known during the passing out programme of another set of corps members who have just concluded their three weeks orientation course at the NYSC camp in Sagamu.

Amosun who was represented by the Commissioner for Youth and Sports, Moruf Afuape said the state understands the value of Agriculture and food production in the economic development of a nation and will continue to encourage young Nigerians to venture into it.

Gov Amosun – engaging the youth in farming

He added that part of what the state has highlighted to attract the youth into agriculture include, allocation and clearing of lands, supply of seedlings and financial support for interested corps members.

While advising the corps members to make good use of the opportunity they have, the state coordinator of NYSC, Gladys Mbachi said the scheme will continue to develop quality future leaders with high sense of patriotism.


An Ilorin Magistrates’ Court on Thursday ordered the remand of an Islamic cleric, Babatunde Suleiman of Oloje area, Ilorin for allegedly being in possession of human parts.

The prosecutor, Inspector Isaac Yakubu, told the court that the defendant exhumed the corpse of his friend and severed the head, two legs and two hands for ritual purposes.

He said that the human head, two legs and two hands were recovered from the ceiling of the defendant’s room.

The body parts were discovered after neighbours reported the strong offensive odour from the defendant’s house.

Alufa Suleiman was docked on a two-count charge of criminal conspiracy and unlawful possession of human parts, offences that contravened Sections 97 and 219 of Penal Code.

He denied committing the offences, while the prosecutor objected to the bail application, adding that investigation was still ongoing.

Magistrate Bio Saliu ordered that the defendant be remanded at Oke-kura Prison, Ilorin and adjourned the case until August 31 for further mention.


The billionaire drug dealer at the centre of the church shooting in Ozobulu Abambra State Nigeria yesterday visited surviving victims of the shooting who are still receiving treatment at the hospital.



Aloysius Ikegwonu who built the church where the vicious attack carried out by rival gang members intending to murder the Nnewi high chief himself  took place, reportedly gave a sum of N5M to each survivor and N15M to the families of the victims who were killed.

Meanwhile, the Anambra state Police Command has said that it has arrested suspects involved in the Church shooting


The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, has dismissed reports about the alleged crash of his marriage as mere rumours.

There have been stories circulating in the media that the 17 months old marriage of the Ooni and his wife, Olori Wuraola has crashed.

However, in an an exclusive chat with, the Ooni debunked the rumours saying that he and his wife have a happy marriage.

ooni &  wuraola.jpg

According to the Oba’s media aide, the palace was not aware of the rumour until contacted the palace for an interview.

The media aide further stated that the palace would issue a statement on the matter as soon as possible.

“There is no truth to the news, it is unimaginable. We would issue a statement on the matter soon.”


Opinion: Hollywood actor Richard Gere and former wife supermodel Cindy Crawford took out an expensive full page ad to release a similar statement dispelling rumours of troubles in their marriage in 1991. A month later they were separated and filling for divorce. While it is not a thing of joy neither does anyone wish the downfall of the Ooni’s marriage, rumours like this usually do not just emerge out of nowhere. There is no smoke without fire.



For over 24 hours, the news that started as a trickle via social media and blogsites, has now gathered momentum and evolved into a full blown news item with no statement as yet being released to debunk the story.

From all indication, it sadly looks like the marriage of Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II to Queen Wuraola-Zynab Ogunwusi has crashed. reports that Olori Wuraola was accused of many “unpublishable” things and lack of commitment to her marital vows.

The marriage had not yet produced any heirs for the Ooni although many believed the Olori was with child for the better part of the year.

Inside sources described the marriage as a sham, plagued by suspicion, hatred and devoid of love; they accused Olori of many unpublishable things and lack of commitment to her marital vows. Even as you read she is not on talking terms with her in-laws. The allegations are as wide as they are wild.

Ooni of Ife and wife

Olori Wuraola held sway within the palace and she had the world at her feet. Insiders claim she got her wishes at the snap of a finger and she literally ruled the royal household. Wherever the Ooni went, she was constantly by his side and she basked in the stratospheric adulation that came with being the apple of the Ooni’s eyes.
Unfortunately, things have changed and many within the palace now snigger and sneer at her for losing her position as the queen to one of the most powerful Monarchs in Africa.

Allegedly, many top personalities including former President Obasanjo, are rumoured to have advised the Ooni against marrying the Olori because of her colourful past but he chose to listen to the voice of the “oracle” who is said to have made the choice and picked Wuraola to be the wife of the Ooni.

Curiously, however, on arrival from a trip recently, Olori Wuraola scurried to the home of  Obasanjo to intervene and probably urge her husband against his decision to end the marriage.

According to another source, Olori Wuraola and the Ooni didn’t court for long and didn’t really know themselves that well before getting married. And she went into the marriage with high expectations from the new Ooni but when those expectations were not met, she allegedly started to act up. “They have been having issues for many months now. But the Ooni finally knew his marriage to Wuraola was.

“They have been having issues for many months now. But the Ooni finally knew his marriage to Wuraola was nearing its end after they returned from London in March. While there, he suspected the Olori was not 100% loyal to him after he saw some text messages on her phone. I wish I could go into details of what he saw. Before then, she had done so many things, including traveling abroad to be by herself, and many other things that the Ooni was bitter about” the source continued.

According to what we gathered, after the Olori staged the walk against domestic violence in Lagos in July, the Ooni told a few friends that his marriage to the Olori was over but it wasn’t until about two weeks ago that he informed her family that he no longer wanted the marraige and asked the Olori to leave.

Asked how the royal couple could have been having marital issues as far back as March 2017 when the Ooni sent out a loving birthday shout out to the Olori in April? The source laughed and said “Everyone who knows the Ooni knows he would never write that kind of message publicly. We know him. He himself was surprised to see the message online on her birthday but didn’t react not to embarrass her. The Olori wrote the message herself and posted it on his IG page. I can assure you that message was not from the Ooni”

The message read “Happy birthday to my beautiful wife, my queen. I pray on this day you continue to increase in strength, grace and wisdom. I love you very much”

When the source was asked if they thought the marriage could be saved, he said no! “It’s final. He’s done with the marriage but don’t be surprised if there’s a media storm between them, especially from the Olori. She sent him a long scathing text message threatening fire and brimstone and called him unprintable names but the Ooni is not fazed. We expect him to get a new wife soon”

Meanwhile, it has also been reported that a  new Queen has been picked for The Ooni of Ife, and she will be unveiled in a few weeks.

The unconfirmed news also alleged that the Palace is being renovated as the Ooni’s private bedroom has had new  Jacuzzi and Bathtub installed with the dining area now spotting a new look

According to a source close to the palace, the new queen is of Yoruba origin.  Olori Wuraola is Bini, from Edo state.

The new queen will be unveiled by the end of the month or sometime in September. The king of the Yoruba can not be a bachelor because it is a taboo according to Yoruba culture, the Reliable source confirmed.






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No doubt many Nigerians would have heard of the Paris Club but onky a few will lnow exactly what this organisation is and its relevance to Nigeria.

The Paris Club is a group of officials from major creditor countries whose role is to find coordinated and sustainable solutions to the payment difficulties experienced by debtor countries. As debtor countries undertake reforms to stabilize and restore their macroeconomic and financial situation, Paris Club creditors provide an appropriate debt treatment. Paris Club creditors provide debt treatments to debtor countries in the form of rescheduling, which is debt relief by postponement or, in the case of concessional rescheduling, reduction in debt service obligations during a defined period (flow treatment) or as of a set date (stock treatment).

The great difficulties of some developing countries to break the cycle of debt led creditor countries of the Paris Club to adopt more ambitious policies such as debt reduction, debts rescheduling, debt repayments postponement or debt cancellation – depending on the class a debtor nation is classified in.

In December 1994, creditors decided to implement a new treatment called “Naples terms”, which can be implemented on a case by case basis. Thus, for the poorest and most indebted countries, the level of cancellation of eligible credit is increased to 50% or even 67% (as of September 1999, all treatments carry a 67% debt reduction). In addition, stock of treatments can be applied in each case for countries that have complied satisfactorily previous commitments. Up to 2008, 35 of 39 countries have reached the completion point of the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries HIPCs.

Though, a member of the Paris Club’s debtor nations, Nigeria, however, is not on the HIPC list and in 2014, Nigeria has paid off its multi- billion dollar Paris Club debt, becoming the first African nation to settle with its official lenders. But by the time Nigeria negotiated and effected the repayment of the Paris Club loan, the 36 states of the federation and the FCT had already had deductions towards the loan’s servicing fcharged by the federal goernment.

These deductions have since been paid back to the country by the Paris Club and the arrangement was to have the funds from the repayments released to state governments as part of the wider efforts to stimulate the economy and were specifically designed to support states in meeting salary and other obligations, thereby alleviating the challenges faced by workers.

“The releases were conditional upon a minimum of 50 percent being applied to the payment of workers’ salaries and pensions. The Federal Ministry of Finance is reviewing the impact of these releases on the level of arrears owed by State Governments.

Everything about the Paris Club Refund seems very shadowy.

So far, Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Finance has shielded it’s citizens from detailed information about the money it had shared to states as refund of excess deductions from their statutory allocations. And the more questions Nigerians ask, the cloudier the details get. No state governor is even ready to disclose how the amounts credited to their states were arrived at. That raises a lot of suspicion about the money.
Nigerians want to know how the deductions were initially made. They want to know at what time the Paris Club realised that there were excess deductions. They want to know when their government realised that the deductions were in excess. They would like to know who supervised the deductions. They want to know how much exactly was over-drawn and how much, in all, including interest is due to Nigeria. Information in this regard is not handy; and there is suspicion that this is deliberate to keep prying eyes of the Nigerian away from the details.
The Debt Management Office put total debt to Paris club as at December 31, 2004 at $30,847,807,415. On the same document titled “Settlement of Paris Club Debt After Debt Relief”, the DMO listed $12,215,000,000 as ‘actual exit payment’ to the Paris Club. However, details gleaned from has $239m listed against Nigeria as “Paris Club’s claims as of 31 December 2015, excluding late interest”. By December 31, 2016 a total of $290m was listed against Nigeria. All are listed as ODA -Official Development Assistance. This is however not exhaustive as there are also other debts from the London Club of Creditors and other multilateral lenders.
But we are faced with a refund issue. Finance Minister, Kemi Adeosun, had disclosed that President Muhammadu Buhari, in November 2016, gave approval that a percentage of the total amount due the states as refunds, though not finally calculated, be released to the states to enable the payment of salaries. For this reason, some N522.7billion was shared in December 2016 among the states and FCT. Second tranche of the refund amounting to N243.7billion was also released to the states in June 2017.

Kemi Adeosun – Nigeria’s Finance Minister

Adeosun had clarified saying: “The Debt Management Office (DMO) initially requested for a period of 22 months to complete the reconciliation and facilitate disbursement. However, President Muhammadu Buhari, considering the plight of salary earners and pensioners and the need to stimulate the economy, directed that the exercise be completed within 12 months.
“In addition, Mr. President gave an express anticipatory approval for the release of up to 50% of the claim of each state, pending final reconciliation. That reconciliation is undertaken by the DMO, Office of the Accountant General of the Federation (OAGF) and the relevant State Governments”.

But there are still issues of how much was received by the federal government as total refund; and how much is each state entitled to in the final analysis. Mrs. Adeosun explains further: “To date, nine batches have been processed while some balances remain outstanding to the possible credit of a number of states. Given the foregoing, complete and final figures can only be released and published after each state and the Federal Government have reconciled and agreed on the sums due.”
She also disclosed that “at the National Economic Council meeting on Thursday March 16, 2017, President Muhammadu Buhari instructed the Minister of Finance and Central Bank Governor to commence the process of resolving the balance of the approved amount.”
Recall that when the issue of how the refunds were managed by the governors was first raised, and allegations of non-payment of salaries and pensions were made despite release of the refunds, some of the governors defended their actions by saying that part of the funds were also used in paying consultants engaged to work out what would accrue to the states.
Consultants? But the Finance minister had said “reconciliation is undertaken by the DMO, Office of the Accountant General of the Federation (OAGF) and the relevant State Governments”. State governments have auditors and accountants and finance commissioners. So, why consultants?
The Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF) rose in defence. In fact, after a meeting of the legal committee of the NGF at the Plateau State Governors Lodge in Abuja recently, it was disclosed that “with the decision of the legal committee of the NGF to push for the payment of all outstanding fees to all state consultants, the on-going legal battle between the governments on one hand and the consultants that pursued the repayment of the excess deductions made on Nigeria’s repayment of foreign loans, will end and the prospect of fresh ones averted.”
As it is, the governors have confirmed the engagement of consultants to work out what is due the states. Same time, DMO and Finance ministry are doing exactly the same. Finance ministry, DMO and even RMAFC should be in a position to compute whatever the refunds amount to. But consultants were engaged. None of the governors informed people of the states, who are actually owners of the money, how much the consultants are paid. All Nigerians have heard is that consultants were engaged. What specific assignment the consultants did is unknown to Nigerians. That aspect remains shadowy until Abia state was taken to court by a consultant.

The consultant, Mauritz Walton Nigeria Ltd, had approached a High Court of the Federal Capital Territory with an ex-parte application to freeze ‘Paris and London Debit Refund’ accounts of Abia, Cross River and Delta states with UBA Plc. In seeking the freeze order, the consultant disclosed that the states owe him as follows: Abia state -$11,325,000 and N1.72bn; Cross River state owes $8,050,000 and N1.2bn; while, Delta state government owes $27,274,135 and N3bn.
In the first tranche of refund made December 2016, Abia state received N10,631,324,520.96. In the second tranche in June 2017, it got N5,715,765,871.48. This amounted to a total of N16,347,090,392.44. Out of this, the consultant claims a debt of $11,325,500 (about N3,454,277,500.00) and another N1.72 billion amounting to a total of more than N5 billion.
Cross River state received N11,300,139,741.28 in the first tranche and N6,075,343,946.93 in the second tranche. This amounts to N17, 375, 483, 688.21. But the consultant claims $8,050,000 (about N2,455,250,000) and another N1.2 billion amounting to about N3.655 billion.
On its part, Delta state confirmed receipt of N14,500,000,000 from the first tranche and another N10,000,000,000.00 amounting to a total of N24.5 billion but allegedly owes the consultant the sum of $27,274,135 (about N8,318,611,175 and N3bn), which is about N11.3 billion. The outstanding to the credit of the consultant are without prejudice to what has already been paid to him by the states.
The above are based on claims made by the consultant against the states as made available to the high court of the FCT. No one would have known these details if there had not been a dispute that necessitated legal action. Based on the above, Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu was forced to explain that “a discussion on the Paris Club Refund to states in the country predates this administration. For those who don’t know, the Paris Club Refunds are monies legitimately belonging to states which were over deducted from the accounts of the states for the settlement of the debt owed by the country to the Paris Club of creditors under the scheme worked out by the Obasanjo administration.”
Speaking through his adviser on public communications, Onyebuchi Ememanka, the Abia governor further explained: “When the over deductions were sorted out, the Federal Government and the 36 states including the FCT agreed that the states should get these funds back and discussions on the modalities commenced. This was during the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan. As a result of the complex nature of the transactions, the states then under the auspices of the Nigerian Governors Forum agreed to hire the services of financial advisors and consultants to assist in determining the exact amount due to each state under the refund scheme. Each state agreed with the consultants on the details of the contractual agreement and how much was to be paid as fees.
“Please note that all the 36 states then agreed to this. The refunds were never made by the last administration which left the entire scheme including the agreements with the consultants to lie in abeyance. It was the present government of President Buhari that now agreed to make the refunds and this naturally reactivated the interests of the consultants. Most of the Governors are new and were not part of the agreement with the consultants and they sought fresh details on the agreements. The reconciliation between the consultants and the states together with the Nigerian Governors Forum has been ongoing and some payments had been made to the consultants. This is public knowledge.”
From Ikpeazu’s explanation, there is no denying the fact that the Paris Club refund deal was cast in shadows. The governors, past and present, were obviously transactional, for personal ends, in the engagement of the consultants. The decision was not disclosed to actual owners of the money and, there is no arguing fact that the plot may not have been disclosed had Ikpeazu gone ahead to pay out about N5b as consultancy fee for no apparent service rendered to Abia state.
Article by Achilleus-Chud Uchegbu (published in The Will)

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