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Why Jailed Artist J Hus Felt He Had To Carry A Knife

For many people living in east London, the Westfield that opened in Stratford in 2011 was a blessing.

J Hus probably only has bad memories of it.

The shopping centre has been the setting for numerous arrests and altercations the rapper’s been involved in over the last seven years.

He was sentenced on Friday to eight months in prison, after admitting to carrying a knife when a car he was in was stopped outside the shopping centre.

It wasn’t the first time he’d been in trouble there.

Image captionStratford Westfield is the largest shopping centre in Europe

When J Hus – real name Momodou Jallow, of Baldwin Drive, Peterborough – was 16, in 2011, he was arrested outside Westfield following a “mass attack” on four people, which ended in one of them being stabbed.

He’d already received a referral order that year after being caught with a knife in public.

Four years later, he was released on bail after chasing a man down the road outside Westfield with three or four other people, “brandishing a large combat knife or a machete”.

While still on bail, the following year, he was chased down by police and found in possession of a “large silver combat style knife” in Hackney, which he said he intended to hand in.

In 2015, J Hus was stabbed twice, something judge Sandy Canavan said had resulted in mild PTSD – post-traumatic stress disorder.

When asked why he was carrying a six-inch blade following the most recent arrest, J Hus said: “You know, it’s Westfield.”

Just six days earlier, a friend of J Hus was sitting in a car owned by the rapper, when he was stabbed and left paralysed.

“What was your response?” the judge asked on Friday.

“It was to go to Westfield in Stratford with a lock knife in your possession. There was absolutely no good reason for you to go shopping there, you could have gone somewhere where you would not be so easily recognisable, would not be under threat, where you would not need to carry a knife.

“Instead you chose to go somewhere, understanding the risks, where you would be very likely to be recognised, both by those who liked and admired you and those who did not and who might wish you harm.”

After previous arrests J Hus said the reason he carried a knife was fear.

He’d had problems with gangs in Newham, the area he grew up in.

The 23-year-old moved his family from there to Peterborough, but was still drawn back to Westfield like a “moth to a flame”, according to the judge.

Out of 44 police services in England and Wales, 38 have recorded a rise in knife crime since 2011 .

The increase is the result of cuts to youth funding, according to Mayor of London Sadiq Khan – who says it’s a problem that could take 10 years to solve.

Some people though have blamed violent music such as UK drill, which often features darker lyrics.

Grime artist Novelist has described it as “murder music”.

J Hus has been credited for helping lead a chart-friendly genre referred to as afro swing or afrobashment, which fuses elements of music from the Caribbean and Africa with the UK.

His debut album Common Sense was nominated for a BRIT award as well as the Mercury Prize.

But his lyrics still referenced the violence he’d grown up living around.

The track Dark Vader, which was released this year, was taken off the Radio 1 and 1Xtra playlist following his arrest in June.

It featured lyrics about a “skeng” – a patois term for a knife or gun.

“If I can’t have you, nobody can / Bare face so they all know who I am / If you saw what the skeng done to the man / You wouldn’t look at me, you’d go look your friend.”

Dianne Abbott, Labour MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington, said in parliament this week that “much of the drill music and videos are horrifying and appalling”.

“But at the end of the day, the music is a reflection of those young people’s lives and realities.

“It is not a cause of violent crime.”

By BBC Newsbeat Reporter


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UK Schoolgirls On Visit To Ghana Subjected To Serious Sexual Assault At Gunpoint

A group of UK schoolgirls who were sexually assaulted at gunpoint in Ghana are receiving support, police say.

They were attacked on a visit to the west African country last Friday and returned to the UK on Sunday.

According to the BBC, a British police force – which asked not to be identified to help safeguard the girls’ anonymity – is assisting an investigation in Ghana.

Police said they would do “everything possible” to ensure the offenders were brought to justice.

The police statement said the group were held at gunpoint after a number of armed men entered their accommodation.

A Ghanaian security guard was shot and the female victims were “subjected to serious sexual assaults”.

Some of their possessions were also stolen.

The victims are now being given support from “specially trained police officers, their school and other agencies”, police added.

The statement continued: “We are aware that the public will wish to show their support for the victims in this case but it is vital that their anonymity is maintained.

“This includes discussion of their names, ages, addresses, school or any other information which could lead to their identification.”

Thugs Who Attacked Police Officers Appear In Court On ABH Charges

Two men have appeared in court after assaulting police officers in Merton.

At Kingston Crown Court on Friday, 14 December, Martin Payne, 20, (06.11.98) of Brighton Road, South Croydon pleaded guilty to one count of Actual Bodily Harm (ABH).

He also admitted driving without insurance and driving other than in accordance with a licence.

Kursan Euell, 20 (03.11.98) of Penerley Road, Catford pleaded guilty to two counts of ABH.

They will be sentenced at the same court on Monday, 21 January.

The pair were involved in an attack on two police constables who carried out a stop on a vehicle on Kingswood Road, Merton on Saturday, 17 November.

The three occupants of the vehicle ran off and the officers managed to detain Payne before Euell and another suspect returned and assaulted the officers.

A female officer who sustained head injuries and a male officer who suffered cuts were taken to a west London hospital and have since been discharged.

Chief Superintendent Colin Wingrove, OCU Commander for Roads and Transport Policing and Chief Superintendent Sally Benatar, South West BCU Commander said in a joint statement: “The impact of this despicable assault has been considerable, not only on the two officers involved but on their families, friends and colleagues.

“Whilst police officers are rightly expected to handle difficult and hostile situations on a regular basis, we do not accept that assaults are part of the job, and we feel that our officers deserve the protection of the law in order to do their jobs effectively.

3 Times Brit Award Nominee Jailed For Carrying A Knife

A musician has been sentenced to eight months imprisonment for possession of a knife.

23 year old Momodou Jallow of Manor Road, Stratford, also known as ‘J Hus’, a three-time Brit award nominee, was handed an eight-month custodial sentence today at Snaresbrook Crown Court after he pleaded guilty to carrying a knife.

Detective Constable Faye Robins, from Newham’s Gangs and Firearms Unit, said: “Jallow is a young rapper that many young teenagers look up to, and he clearly had no common sense when he decided to carry a knife with him.

“Sadly, London has seen too many young males being stabbed to death or being sent to jail for plotting the death of others, and Jallow could have used his platform to turn lives away from crime; instead he has advocated it.

“The Gangs and Firearms Unit in Newham are pleased that he has finally pleaded guilty to this offence and hope that this result will deter other young men from carrying knives.”

Shortly after midday on Thursday, 21 June, a marked police car was carrying out a routine patrol around Westfield Stratford.

The unit had been informed that there was a male wanted in connection with an unrelated matter, sitting in a Black Audi on International Way, E20.

The officers approached the vehicle and the occupants of the car were searched at the scene.

When officers searched Jallow a lock-knife with a 10cm blade was found in his front left trouser pocket. He was arrested for being in possession of an offensive weapon at 13:05hrs and taken to an east London police station.

He was charged on the same day and remanded into custody to appear at Thames Magistrates’ Court on Friday, 22 June. He was then bailed to return to appear at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Friday, 20 July.

MetPolice Newsdesk


Prince Of Sussex And Prince Of Wales Join Discussion To Reduce Youth Violent Crime

The Prince of Wales and The Duke of Sussex joined a Prince’s Trust roundtable event today to discuss youth violent crime and the ways in which it can be reduced.

The discussion took place at Clarence House and was part of the Trust’s work to help disadvantaged and vulnerable young people. It brought together Prince’s Trust Ambassadors; families of victims of youth violent crime; community groups and practitioners.



The Prince of Wales established The Prince’s Trust in 1976 following social unrest and high levels of youth unemployment. The charity’s business start-up programme launched in 1983 following conversations with young people in the aftermath of the Brixton and Toxteth riots.


The discussion covered topics including using social media to amplify inspiring voices, how relevant role models can influence behaviour, how can young people be engaged in alternative activities and giving young people a greater stake in the economy and society.


Gideon Buabeng, Prince’s Trust Young Ambassador said: “It never occurred to me that my story was one to share with others. In 2015 I sustained 14 stab wounds in a knife attack, but where I’m from it wasn’t that unusual to have been a victim of violence.

“With the help of my Prince’s Trust mentor, I began to understand the power of sharing my story with a view to influence change in a positive way. I am honoured to take part in today’s discussion and hope that I can continue to help other young people move away from the culture of violence.”


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16 And 22 Years In Jail For Duo Who Killed Defenceless Man In Greenwich

Two men who killed a defenceless man in a Greenwich street have been jailed at the Old Bailey today (Wednesday, 12 December).

Andrew Adekoya, 22 (03.09.96) of Greenwich was jailed for 16 years.

His accomplice Ibrahim James, 21 of Woolwich was jailed for 22 years.

Both were found guilty of the manslaughter of Jozef Boci at the same court on 18 October.

The court heard how 30-year-old Jozef was targeted by a group of men following an incident at the South Pole nightclub in Greenwich in the early hours of Saturday, 17 February.

Jozef was part of a group that had become involved in a minor dispute inside the nightclub at around 01:00hrs that morning with another group including James and Adekoya.

Security staff at the club intervened. Jozef’s group were allowed to remain in the club while the other group were ejected.

After remonstrating with security staff, the group got into two cars and drove away, returning to nearby Norman Road around five minutes later.

CCTV footage captured members of the group getting out of the cars.

Adekoya had a metal object, perhaps a wrench, while James appeared to have a weapon concealed down his trouser leg.

The group approached the front of the club but were ushered away by door staff; however they continued to hang around in the vicinity of the club for the next hour or so, obviously waiting for someone to come out.

At around 02:10hrs, Jozef left the South Pole club and as soon as he stepped outside he was chased by the group, including James and Adekoya.

Jozef fled down Greenwich High Road but tripped over and was immediately set upon by his pursuers. Witnesses described how Jozef was attacked, including being struck with a baseball bat, as he lay prone and defenceless on the pavement.

Jozef was taken to hospital but never regained consciousness – he died six days after the attack on 23 February.

Detectives from the Homicide and Major Crime Command launched an investigation and quickly identified the suspects from CCTV and forensic analysis.

James was arrested on 23 February and following a search of his address, a baseball bat was found hidden in his garden. Although no forensic link could be made to the bat used in the attack on Jozef, it was similar to remnants found at the scene of the attack.

On 25 February, Adekoya was arrested. He admitted being at the scene and in possession of a wrench but claimed he was trying to calm the situation.

Five men were subsequently charged for their involvement in Jozef’s killing, two of whom were convicted as above.

Detective Chief Inspector John Massey of the Homicide and Major Crime Command led the investigation. He said: “The length of these sentences illustrate the savage nature of this attack.

“What started as essentially a trivial incident ended in the murder of an innocent man.

“Jozef Boci was pursued and subjected to a brutal assault as he lay defenceless in a Greenwich street.

“The ferocity of the attack was shocking and left Jozef with no chance of survival.”

9 Year-old Black Girl Commits Suicide After ‘Racist’ Schoolmates Taunted Her For Being Friends With A White Boy

An Alabama family is mourning the loss of a 9-year-old girl who took her own life Monday night.

McKenzie Adams’ family members said the fourth-grader had been bullied by a group of classmates since the beginning of the school year. Her grandmother found her in their home in Linden on Monday. She had hanged herself.

Instead of planning where to hide Christmas presents for the girl who loved playing with dolls and riding her bike, her family is now planning a funeral.

“It’s an emotional roller-coaster,” said Edwinna Harris, McKenzie’s aunt. Harris, who is a television host in Atlanta, said she wants to use her platform to spread an anti-bullying message to prevent other families from experiencing the same tragedy.

McKenzie attended U.S. Jones Elementary School approximately 15 miles away in Demopolis, where her funeral will be held at 11 a.m. Dec. 15. She transferred to the school after her mother and grandmother complained to the State Board of Education that she was being bullied at her elementary school in Linden, Harris said.


A lot of the bullying centered on her friendship with a boy, Harris said.

“She was being bullied the entire school year, with words such as ‘kill yourself,’ ‘you think you’re white because you ride with that white boy,’ ‘you ugly,’ ‘black b-tch,’ ‘just die’,” she said.

Harris said she intends to speak out against bullying and hopes her efforts can save the lives of other children who feel hopeless.

“God has blessed me to help others with my platform, and now it’s time to help. There are so many voiceless kids,” she said. “God is opening great doors for justice for my niece.”