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Just Musings…Life’s Choices

A remember a post from 3 years ago, when I reached my golden milestone, and was taking a serious look at my life….

The wrong choices, relationships, commitments, partnerships, acquaintances, unions, etc can have seriously negative impacts on your life and if care is not taken, they can completely and irrevocably derail your destiny.

Many people are existing in positions far below their potentials, wasting away on minimum productivity and annoyingly low paid jobs – when they are meant to be highflyers! They are living as the tail when God made them to be the head, toiling under some tiresome supervisor or manager – when they are meant to be heads and leaders! All as a result of seriously wrong choices & terribly wrong decisions….

My own wrong choices set my life back by about 30 years. But thank God for his mercy, I believe things are getting right back on track🙏🏽

Let us advise our kids well. It is not about when you marry. But how well you do.

Good afternoon.


One more thing…

There comes a time or times in your life that you step out, set yourself some difficult tasks & challenges. Then you sit back and do yourself proud as you go on and conquer them

How to Overcome Challenges and Obstacles:

1 Move with Positive Thinkers….

2 Go Back to Your Roots. Rediscover your childhood dreams and work towards making them come true…

3 Don’t Give Up, Keep Trying…

4 Change Your Thoughts–Meditate on the Right Things. …Positivity

5 Change your Perception Towards Challenges. … They are not meant to break you but strengthen you

6 Do not Overwork Yourself–Outsource, delegate. …

7 Make Tenacity your Friend….

8 Never take NO for an answer

9 Develop the habit of giving back. It will always ….come back to you

10 Above all: Think BIG!




Reviewing Nollywood on Netflix: Bling Lagosians

Nollywood’s latest movie uploaded to Netflix – BLING LAGOSIANS is a movie produced by Bolanle Austen-Peters. Featuring a new slimline Elvina Ibru, Toyin Abraham, Gbenga Titiloye, Monalisa Chinda and a host of others, the movie is about the excessive and ostentatious lifestyle of the rich and loaded in Lagos. A story about family loyalties, backbitings, gossip and betrayal with the usual dollop of lust and infidelity.


Beautifully, lavishly & expensively shot on luxurious locations. But lacked any real substance. Plots are weak and underdeveloped. And possessed Nollywood’s weird trait of rushed ending.

Talents of top actors underused and punchlines poorly timed. And why was the glorious Fathia Williams relegated to a mere extra?

Ibru’s glamorous character was more Hollywood wife than Lagos wife.

I enjoyed it but I wanted and expected far more than was dished out.

Seems the best bits ended up on the editing room floor.

More…fur coat, no knickers
Baroness J ratings: ⭐


Just Musings…..

Those that do not have passion, drive, dedication or commitment – can never understand it in others. They see it as you “taking over” rather than hard work & diligence. And even though they cannot do the hard work, they resent, undermine & criticize those that can…and do.











Camberwell Fatal Stabbing Victim Named

The victim of last Thursdays fatal stabbing at Camberwell, South East London has been identified as Clinton Evbota

Described as a happy smiling pure hearted boy, the 18 year old was murdered near his childhood home on the Brandon Estate, Camberwell after being chased into a green area by some residential addresses by a group of males, who then set upon him after he fell to the ground. The group inflicted fatal injuries before fleeing.

Close sources informed us that his family had moved out of South East London to Dartford in order to keep the teenager away from the target of dangerous local elements, but he kept sneaking back into London.

Acting Detective Chief Inspector Jo Sidaway, investigating, said: “Upon police arrival at the scene a large crowd had gathered. While we have spoken to several people already, I believe there are many more who have not yet spoken to us but may have crucial information that would benefit our investigation.

“If you are worried about telling the police what you saw, I would tell you that any information you have would be treated in the strictest of confidence. Please do the right thing and contact us, or use Crimestoppers anonymously if you so wish. All that matters is that you tell us what you saw.

“We are in the early stages of our investigation and retain an open mind as to what the motive could be for this horrendous incident.

Clinton was described by friend Ojo as a “pure hearted boy who never hurt anyone and who was never involved in knife crime or anything like that”

His killing came just hours after the fatal stabbing of schoolboy Baptista Adjei on a bus in Statford.

The 15 year old, from North Woolwich, was found critically injured on Stratford Broadway on Thursday afternoon.

He died just minutes later.

Couple In Trouble For Selling Skin Bleaching Cream Online

A Nigerian couple have avoided jail after admitting selling illegal skin-whitening products online.

Jonathan and Holiness Ikpere are thought to have earned hundreds of thousands of pounds from selling banned bleaching concoctions from their home in Towpath Mead, Southsea.

The story reported by Sky News says they imported large quantities of cosmetics from countries in West Africa before selling them on and were caught in the UK’s first national investigation into the online sale of dangerous skin-whitening products.

Jonathan Ikpere, a PhD student studying at Portsmouth University, set up various PayPal accounts to collect orders for eBay purchases, which had a turnover of more than £100,000.

Southwark Trading Standards, who led the investigation, seized nearly 3,000 illegal and dangerous skin lightening products from their home.

Paul Gander, team leader of Southwark Trading Standards, said: “The Ikperes imported a large volume of cosmetics from Nigeria and made a small volume themselves on their premises. A lot of this stuff comes into this country from West Africa, Pakistan and even China.
When officers raided their home they discovered a mixing bowl in the kitchen, where the couple’s own brand of skin lighteners were being created. Holiness Ikpere even marketed the products with her own face on the labels.

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High Speed Car Chase Involving Teenagers Ended By Armed Police

Four teenagers had to be dragged from their car by police at gun point after a high-speed chase through London. Footage filmed by passers-by show the moment their Audi convertible attempted to ram its way through stationary traffic. After police officers armed with automatic rifles penned them in, they were forced to smash the windows with their weapons and then drag the youngsters out to the street.

They were wanted in connection with a robbery at knife-point on Friday. But when officers attempted to stop the vehicle on Saturday morning, the group fled, sparking a 10-mile chase across London.

The incident began in Enfield in North London, but the Audi was not finally stopped until it got caught in traffic in Loughton in the east of the city.

Footage shared widely on social media shows the black Audi trying to force its way through stationary cars waiting at traffic lights, crashing into several, while police try to stop it without being run over.

After they became pinned between a car and a lorry armed police arrive on the scene.

All four including 2, 14 year old girls, have now been arrested and remain in custody. The girls were arrested on suspicion of possession of a bladed article and allowing themselves to be carried in a vehicle taken without consent.

From The Independent

US: Nigerian Man In Serious Trouble After Driving A Van Into His Ex Wife’s Building

A Nigerian living in the USman identified as Anthony Imafidon has been arrested by the police after he intentionally drove a van into his ex-wife Bisi’s building at Staten Island, causing the vehicle to burst into flames.

The van which crashed into the building at 671 Bay St. in Staten Island just before 11 p.m. on Sunday September 22, was driven by the 42-year-old Nigerian national and it was captured on video.

Luckily Bisi and her children — a 15-year-old girl, a 13-year-old boy and an 11-year-old boy -— and others inside the building escaped unhurt after the fire which the police believe was caused an incendiary device in the van razed down the apartment.

It was brought under control at about 11:30 p.m.

Imafidon who holds a first degree in Economics from Bayero University in Kano and a second in Psychology from the Staten Island College, was the only one injured in the incident and he was taken to a local hospital before being released.

He is now in police custody and faces several charges, including four counts of attempted murder, four counts of attempted assault, two counts of arson, criminal mischief, reckless endangerment, and — because there were children in the building — acting in a major injurious to a child.

Story & pictures by New York Metro