Black Schoolgirl Branded Racist And Suspended For Daring To Ask Questions About Remembrance Day

A Black schoolgirl has been suspended by her school for asking why slavery isn’t commemorated unlike the war

The schoolgirl who questioned why she should care about Remembrance Day when so many white people don’t care about the effects of slavery or Black History Month, has been punished for expressing these views, her mother said.

The girl, who attends St Michael’s College in Southwark, South East London, is understood to have been suspended for two weeks and sent to a pupil “referral unit” .

Cherie Johnson, the unnamed girl’s mother, told Operation Black Vote: “A number of school staff members labelled my daughter a racist, ”

In fact it’s been found they even lied that she distributed racist material.

Mrs. Johnson’s daughter displayed a poster at her school which read:

“37 million people died during WW1, but 60 million people died during slavery. Why should I care about remembrance, when they can’t show any respect for us during Black History Month.”

The schoolgirl, who is due to sit her exams, has been accused of vandalising school property (just for writing on a sheet of paper) , distributing material with inappropriate (for asking a question) and (for speaking the truth) offensive language (so called ” hate speech”) and behaviour contrary to the ethos of the college.

Johnson said: “What do I do? My child is at a critical age, exams around the corner, and now this. The school called me up and said that my daughter was sending racist material around the school, but this is not racist it’s just a reflection of what some young people feel. It’s challenging but, how is this racist?”

Source: TheVoiceOnline

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