Actress Mercy Aigbe Threatens Bride Whose Wedding Her Designer Ruined With Court Action

The case of the Red Dress Saga might not be ending any time soon.

In December, the Lawrentta Adesuwa Sawyer sent her fabric to designer Rikaotobyme to design a dress for her wedding reception. But instead of delivering the finished product, the dress ended up being adorned by the Hollywood actress and appeared on social media for her 40th birthday photo shoot.

The understandably upset bride took to social media and drew the public’s attention to the fact that her beloved dress was the same the actress was proudly posing in and hinted at a conspiration by Aigbe and her designer to deliberately deprive her of her beautiful gown

Aigbe’s lawyer, Nwokeji Ibeakokwu & Co.  in a letter addressed to the bride’s lawyers Capitalfield Attorneys,  threatened to sue both the bride and designer Rikaotobyme for defamation of character.

The letter states that Mercy Aigbe had no contact with the designer. Rather, the actress claims, she was sub-contracted by stylist StyledBySeun who was to style her for her birthday shoot.

The accusation that there was a “deliberate and fraudulent conspiracy” between Rikaotobyme and Mercy Aigbe by the bride’s lawyers was termed as a “malicious allegation.”

Aigbe’s lawyers have asked that the bride tender a public apology, much in the way as the public threat to sue, absolving their client of all blame.

The lawyers wrote that if the apology isn’t tendered within 7 days, then both the bride and the designer will be sued for defamation of character.

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