This morning as I was carrying out my devotion I found myself musing about times and seasons…changing times and seasons to be precise.

I wondered how come some people will spend years working hard, paying their dues and basically doing everything they are supposed to do, yet nothing seems to work out for them – while another person does exactly the same things or even far less and it seems everything they touch turns to gold….
There’s a time and a place for every thing under the sun.
The Lord changes times & seasons. And there is a time for EVERY season.

A season can last anything from 1 year to 1 decade. Your season might have started 8 years ago and you could be wondering when your situation will change or why you have been in your situation for this long. And you can see another person for whom things suddenly happen to change their condition, seemingly overnight. They could have been waiting, toiling & even wailing for years before the sudden change of circumstance. It was the fullness of their own time. The maturing of their season.

Until it’s the right time for your change, you will remain in THAT situation. If your appointed season is 10 years, then nothing will change for you until then. Afterall, a pregnancy season is 9 months you will not expect to give birth at 5….


There us a waiting period between the time a seed of corn is buried into the soil and the time it grows and develops into a full maize plant with several corn cobs.

Everyone and everything made by the creator must go through a period of being buried in the ground. A time of labouring, enduring hardship, being overlooked, a period of obscurity and irrelevance and like a baby in the womb…or that corn seed buried in the dark soil, a time of darkness, loneliness and being hidden away.

Until the fullness of term when the product is ripened and matured and it blossoms into the luscious plant or cute new born baby that everyone is gushing and whaoing over…..if the change is forced, helped along or hurried, it is at risk of termination or premature manifestation and only serious intervention will prevent complete abortion – just as in the situation where a baby has been born prematurely.

It is also very important to remember that everyone’s fullness of time is different.

I have had pregnancies of three marvellous children.

One of them I was sick throughout.  The other 2, I can barely remember.

Two of them lasted 10 and a half months, the third, just over 8.

Certain things need to cook for longer than others but we must not lose sight of the fact that there is a certain timeframe that must be reached before such can be considered safe or viable enough to be presented.

Comparing our situation with others’ and descending into sadness when we measure ourselves up as underprivileged or less fortunate in comparison, is out of a lack of understanding of the principle of times and seasons.

Each of us have different times and seasons. Yours might not have come yet….but it surely will.

The promise is for an appointed time. Wait for it.

When its time for your breakthrough, you will know it because nothing will be able to stop it. And that is the “you” the world will see. Many would not have known you or even remember the poor, downtrodden, suffering, hopeless person you used to be.




Like a seed maturing in the dust, no one would have wanted to be associated with you as the poor irrelevant “Joe no Mates”.  But as soon as your time comes and your season changes, everyone wants to celebrate you and have a piece of you.

It is just the way if life. The way God has intended it to be.

So hold on. Be patient. Persevere & endure.

Your season change is coming.
Afterall, the Yorubas say
“igba kan o lo bi orere”

Love always.



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