Day: June 27, 2019

Marriage Matterz

2 Wrong Uns…

I just received a distress call from a married friend who joined a whatsapp group called “single & searching”🤔🤔🤔🤔

Well that’s not the problem..

The problem is she found out her husband is the group admin

Many beautiful relationships have been destroyed because an erring partner has been too proud to say

“Honey. Im sorry, I f****d up”

Your marriage is your life

Sadly, many married folks I see today don’t seem to know the meaning of “husband & wife” They live as rivals & competitors, and in some cases as co lodgers, strangers or even as enemies

Sholdn’t your spouse be your very heartbeat? Your best friend?? Your lover?
So many couples are living together without love, without friendship and without connected hearts. It makes my heart weep.

Many are desperate to have what you have….yet you have it, but choose to squander it. Like a woman who had a baby and flushed it down a toilet…when her very next door neighbour cries herself to sleep every night because of her barreness

Enjoy your marriage. Cherish it. Work at it. Make the best of it.

Life is too short


Man Dragged Away By Brown Bear And Hidden In Cave For Future Food Found Alive After 1 month

A man who was dragged away by a wild bear and feared dead has been found alive.

The man who was rescued after surviving a month in the den of a brown bear drank his own urine to survive.
The man who gave his name only as Alexander was dragged into the den of a brown bear.
Alexander broke his spine fighting the bear, and survived in the den for a month by drinking his own wee.
Brown bears usually drag their prey into their lair and save it for later, meaning Alexander was likely its next meal.
But a group of Russian hunters found him after their dogs refused to move on past the den.
Hunters checked inside the cave and saw what they thought was a mummy, only to find Alexander in an emaciated state.

On death’s door, he was rushed to hospital where they found his shocking injuries.
He told doctors: “The bear preserved me as food for later.”
It is believed the bear overpowered Alexander before dragging him off.
The bear bait can be seen in footage with a long beard, struggling to open his eyes.
His severely rotting flesh and severe injuries also make for grim viewing.
Doctors added: “The man remembers his first name but not his age and was reportedly in the den for around one month until he was released alive.
Local medics say they cannot explain how the man survived such injuries.”
Medics also said it is a miracle he survived.

The Tuva region, where Alexander was found, is known as a favoured holiday destination for Vladimir Putin.
The exact location where he was found has not been revealed.

Culled from DailyStar