Day: May 2, 2019

2 Year Old Fighting For Life After Being Shot In The Head

Police in Merseyside are investigating how a two-year-old girl was shot in the head with a crossbow.

Peterborough MP Onasanya Becomes First To Be Kicked Out Of Parliament

In what has become the first of it’s kind in the entire history of British politics, Fiona Onasanya was removed from the seat yesterday (Wednesday) after 19,261 of her constituents (27.64 per cent) signed a Recall Petition to get rid of her – nearly three times the 10 per cent threshold needed.

This was the first time in a sitting MP has been removed by their constituents in this way.

The Recall Petition was triggered after the former MP was jailed for three months for perverting the course of justice.

A jury unanimously convicted the MP of lying about who was driving her car when it was caught speeding in Thorney in July 2017.

Ms Onasanya, who only served four weeks in prison, was expelled by Labour the day after her conviction.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) confirmed to the Peterborough Telegraph that Ms Onasanya, who was on a salary of £79,468, is not entitled to loss of office or winding-up payments as she did not lose her seat at a general election.

These payments allow MPs to continue to claim for accommodation rental payments and salary for two months.

There will now be a by-election in Brexit-backing Peterborough, in which Onasanya is permitted to stand as an independent.

Commons Speaker John Bercow told MPs: “I must advise the House that I have received notification from the petition officer for the constituency of Peterborough, in respect of the recall petition for Fiona Onasanya.


The recall petition process for the constituency of Peterborough, established under the Recall of MPs Act 2015, closed yesterday at 5pm.

“As more than 10 percent of those eligible signed the petition have done so, I advise the House that the petition was successful.

“Fiona Onasanya is no longer the member for Peterborough and the seat is accordingly vacant.

“She can therefore no longer participate in any parliamentary proceedings as a Member of Parliament.”

The petition was launched in March and constituents had six weeks to vote ahead of yesterday’s deadline.

Labour chairman Ian Lavery said: “Labour campaigned hard for a victory in this recall petition.

“The people of Peterborough clearly agree that Fiona Onasanya is not fit to be their MP and we’re delighted they will now have the chance to vote for a Labour MP in our excellent candidate, Lisa Forbes.

Onasanya’s recall has triggered a bye-election in the constituency which has been scheduled to hold on 6 June.

“Labour will move the writ. Labour will vigorously fight the by-election here in Peterborough.” Lavery declared.

Asked whether he wanted residents to sign the Recall Petition, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn replied: “They should sign it.

“I’m very sad with what happened to her, he said, “but we have to move on.”

Meet Adebayo Alonge: Inventor Of Worlds First Drugs Authenticator

For decades, the issue of counterfeit and substandard drugs has been a major public health concern in Africa.

Reports from the World Health Organisation show that over 10 per cent of drugs sold on the continent are either fake or substandard.

In Nigeria, data from the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control reveals that the agency destroyed counterfeit drugs worth over $13 million in 2018 alone.

The good news however is that this longstanding problem may soon become a thing of the past , with the invention of the world’s first drug authenticator by Adebayo Alonge, CEO and co-founder of RxAll Inc. – a Canadian based deepTech Start-up firm.

Alonge is an entrepreneur and renowned global pioneer of in-situ drug authentication system – RxAllTM. This revolutionary drug authenticator uses a mobile app connected to a cloud base Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm, linked with a database containing spectral signatures of medicines and a handheld nanoscanner (RxScanner) to test the quality of drugs in less than a minute. This enables regulators, narcotics control agencies, pharma manufacturers and hospitals to track and ensure that all drugs sold are of the highest quality.

This groundbreaking innovation has received global attention and Alonge is at the centre of it all. He recently emerged winner of the 2019 BNP Paribbas Group deepTech Awards, also known as “Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge”, where he beat 4,500 contenders from 119 countries around the world and walked away with the unprecedented feat, Adebayo had led RxAll Inc. to achieve a ulti-million dollar valuation in two years and ramped up seven-figure sales orders in its first year.

He also led its market entry into East Africa (Kenya and Uganda), West Africa (Nigeria and Ghana), South-east Asia (Myanmar, Malaysia and Singapore), and the Americas (Canada, USA and Columbia). He also led RxAll to win the 2018 Katapult FutureFest’s Global start-up award in Oslo, Norway, and the 2018 CIO Review Most Promising PharmaTech Vendor Award.

Education and career

Alonge had his secondary school education at Kings College, Lagos, from 1996-2002. He gained admission to the University of Ibadan, in 2002 to study Pharmacy, where he graduated with distinction in 2008. Adebayo began his career in November 2009 as a medical representative at Sanofi Aventis, where he worked till September 2010. During this period, he also worked as a contract pharmacist for the Global HIV/AIDS Initiative.

He then moved on to work for Roche (Now Swiss Pharma Nigeria) as a medical sales representative from 2010 to 2012.

Alonge’s passion and drive for business innovation led him to enrol for the MBA degree (with focus on Strategy and Finance) at the Lagos Business School (LBS) in October 2012. He graduated in July 2014 with distinction. While studying at LBS, he work at BASF as a market development intern (Pharma Ingredients) and later returned to BASF after the completion of his MBA programme in August 2014 to take up the position of market developer (West Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo).

He was there till August 2015, about which time he gained admission to Yale School of Management, Yale University, USA, for his Master of Advanced Management degree programme.

While at Yale, Alonge worked as a consultant for Boston Consulting Group (BCG) (2015-2017) where he pioneered the first BCG office in Sub-Sahara Africa in Lagos, Nigeria. At the completion of his programme, Alonge proceeded to Hitotsubashi Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy for a course in Advanced Management and International Business.

Alonge is currently undertaking a Master of Public Administration (deepTech in Public Policy Concentration) from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, USA.

Entrepreneurship journey

In 2016, Adebayo co-founded RxAll Inc., with the aim of providing a means for patients in the developing world to authenticate their medicines. His career in pharma is driven by a passion to eliminate fake drugs as he almost died as a child from a counterfeit medicine.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was right when he said, “The heights that great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight but they while their mates were asleep were upwards toiling into the night”. Indeed, Alonge’s path to prominence wasn’t quite rosy all the way. His firm RxAll, like many start-ups, also experienced its own early challenges when it ran out of cash in the first quarter of 2017, leading more than 75 per cent of the early team members to resign. This almost ended RxAll start-up journey very early in Nigeria.

However, Alonge’s training and experience working for top multinational firms in Nigeria, together with the resilience of the remaining members of his team, enabled him to raise about $400,000 in grants and bootstrapped funds from the Nigerian government, the Yale start-up ecosystem, Merck, Villgro and other support networks.


In September 2017, Alonge enrolled for the G-Startup Worldwide programme in Indonesia where he was among the Top 15 most innovative start-ups worldwide and ultimately emerging a finalist of the 2017 G-Startup Worldwide competition.

Competing and excelling among top science innovators from all over the world would come as a surprise to many, especially for someone like Alonge, who had most of his science education in Nigeria, a developing country battling with an ailing educational system. However, Alonge’s success and achievements show that local talents in Nigeria and indeed Africa, can match their counterparts from the developed world when supported with the right resources and opportunities.

Awards and recognitions

Alonge has received many awards and recognitions. He is a recipient of the prestigious Global Social Venture Award (2016) from InnovateHealth, Yale; Young Innovator – YouWin; 2018 China Award for Best DeepTech Platform in World; Regional finalist, Hult Prize Global Case Competition; and recipient of Adekunle Ajasin Award for Academic Excellence in 2008.

In addition, he is a recipient of the Mandela Washington Fellowship from the US State Department for outstanding contributions to business and entrepreneurship in Africa in 2014. He has also received awards in person from Barack Obama (ex-US president) and Justin Trudeau (prime minister of Canada)

Adele And Husband To Divorce After 3 Years Of Marriage

Adele and her husband charity boss Simon Konecki have separated and are going for a divorce.

The pop singer’s representatives Benny Tarantini and Carl Fysh confirmed the news on Friday in a statement.

“Adele and her partner have separated,” the emailed statement said. “They are committed to raising their son together lovingly. As always they ask for privacy. There will be no further comment.”

Adele gave birth to her son, Angelo, in 2012.

The award-winning British superstar has been private about her relationship, but confirmed she married Konecki when she won album of the year at the 2017 Grammys.

In her acceptance speech, she said: “Grammys, I appreciate it. The Academy, I love you. My manager, my husband and my son you’re the only reason I do it.”

London-born Adele released her debut album, 19, in 2008, which contained the songs Chasing Pavements and Hometown Glory and reached No 1 in the UK.

Her follow-up album, “21”, released in 2011 brought even more success thanks to the singles Someone Like You, Rolling In The Deep and Rumour Has It.

The record topped the charts in 30 countries, including the US and UK, and cemented Adele’s status as one of the world’s most successful artists.

She released her most recent album, 25, in 2015, which contained the single Hello. It proved to be another critical and commercial success.

In March, Adele was pictured entering a recording studio in New York City, sparking rumours she was working on new music.

Konecki cofounded Life Water, an eco-friendly brand of bottled water in the UK. Funds from the company assists the charity that Konecki runs, Drop4Drop, which provides clean water to countries in need.

A representative for Konecki could not be reached.

This afternoon, the Grammy winner took to Instagram to post a photo of herself crying next to a different pic of her getting her life during her Carpool Karaoke episode. The caption at the top of the two photos was truly savage and said, “When you catch yourself in your feelings then you remember who you are.”

Watch our for a new set of award winning heartbreak songs

Impotence Pill Found To Reverse Heart Failure

DRUG used to treat erectile dysfunction could successfully tackle heart disease too, scientists say.

Cialis, similar to Viagra, can raise a man’s potency in bed – but it may lower the risks of suffering a fatal heart attack, it’s claimed.

Researchers at Manchester University have found that sheep who suffered from heart failure and were given the drug showed vast improvements.

The tests could lead to further experiments that may prove a long-held suspicion in science that impotence drugs have heart-healthy benefits.

Prof Andrew Trafford, who led the research, told Scientific Reports that although the drug – whose scientific name is Tadalafil – appeared to work, the reason why is not yet clear.

He said: “The little clinical data we had suggested that in some patients with this particular kind of heart failure the drugs were very effective at alleviating symptoms, but the mechanism was unknown.”


Viagra was initially developed to treat heart disease – but was re-purposed when trials showed unexpected results among blokes.

Cialis is not available over-the-counter and takes longer to work than Viagra – but its benefits last longer.