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Wife Of Jailed Banker Blew £16m On Shoes,Chocolates,Toys And Perfume At Harrods in Just 10 Years

The wife of a jailed Azerbaijani banker spent millions of pounds on jewellery, designer clothes and other luxury items during a decade-long splurge, according to court documents presented as part of the UK’s first Unexplained Wealth Order (UWO).

Zamira Hajiyeva reportedly blew more than £16m at Harrods, just around the corner from her £11.5m west London home, ITV News reports. The mother-of-three once spent £600,000 in a single day, and paid out a total of £5.75m for Boucheron and Cartier jewellery.

Arguably her most “curious payment” was £99,000 at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo – Disney’s then-exclusive boutique in the store, reports the BBC. “It’s not clear what this is for, given that the boutique charged £1,000 an hour for a prince or princess children’s makeover,” says the broadcaster.

Hajiyeva is the first person to be targeted under a UWO, nicknamed the “McMafia law” after the BBC drama about Russian gangsters living the high life in London on their illicit income.

UWOs are civil orders which “require the owners of assets worth £50,000 or more to explain how they were able to afford them when their declared income seems to be too low”, says the Financial Times

Hajiyeva, who also owns a a £10.5m golf club in Berkshire, has been ordered by the High Court to explain the source of the spent funds, as well as “how she and her husband could afford their pricey properties”, CNN says. She risks losing her properties if she fails to do so.

Her husband, Jahangir, is currently serving a 15-year sentence in Azerbaijan for defrauding the country’s state-owned national bank, where he served as chair between 2001 and 2015.

However, Hajiyeva, 55, maintains that the money behind her extravagant lifestyle was legitimate earnings from her husband’s successful business dealings.

Court documents show that Hajiyeva spent £250,000 at Harrods perfumer counters, £1m in the toy department, and more than £100,000 each on designer fashion brands Dennis Basso, Celine, Fendi and Christian Dior. A further £30,000 was spent in one afternoon on Godiva Belgian chocolates, and another £2,400 went on wine and spirits in a separate purchase.

Hajiyeva used 54 credit cards – many of which were linked to her husband’s bank – to make the purchases, the BBC reports.

20 Years Jail Sentence For Teenager Convicted Of North London Murder

A 19-year-old man found guilty of murdering a teenager in Northolt has been jailed for a minimum of 20 years.

Joel Amade (27.04.00), of Eastwood Road, Ilford, was found guilty of the murder of Jason Isaacs at the Old Bailey on Wednesday, 17 April.

He was sentenced at the same court today, Tuesday, 28 May.

An investigation was launched by the Met’s Homicide and Major Crime Command after Jason – a talented footballer – was stabbed in a residential cul-de-sac in Northholt in 2017.

Today, in the week that Jason would have turned 20, his mother, Sharon Kendall, said:

“As a family, we have mixed emotions today. Yes, of course we have seen some justice as one of Jason’s four killers has been sentenced and he will not be able to hurt anyone else.

“The fact that three remain at large is deeply troubling, it is heart wrenching that members of the community see fit to support and shelter them.

“No one has been able to answer the why it had to be Jason. He was our amazing son and brother, working for a living and with his whole life in front of him. Why did it have to be him? Every parent’s question. He never stood a chance against the machetes in the street of London.

“Our family have joined a unique club, and it is one you never want to be in, because it means your child has been murdered. When Jason was murdered, I spoke out and said knife crime was out of control, whilst some people challenged my comments, the reality is, it still is. Parents were paying for teenage sons to travel in cabs to avoid the gangs and police officers were rarely seen in outer areas. Some young people are self-medicating i.e. doing their own stiches and for sure, they are not reporting the ‘near misses’ where they are threatened and chased and they manage to get away, they accept these as ‘life’. I really worry that society is almost accepting the violence.

“To this day, our murder detectives have been exceptional; the work that went into Jason’s case has been staggering. We are so proud of you all.

“The police are only one piece of the jigsaw, and they need our information on who the knife carriers are and too many people sit in silence.

“You do not need to do studies to know that stop and search does work, and it saves lives. The lack of stop and search in 2017 possibly cost Jason his life as the police had their hands tied behind their backs. However, when the police find the weapons the sentencing needs to be tougher, it is madness that some youths are being caught for a second offence and not going to prison. The moment you have decide to carry a knife, you should be going to prison, end of.

“As if things couldn’t get any crueller, the sentencing is in the week that you should have turned 20. Far too, short a life, Jason we were blessed to call you our son, brother and grandson. Thank you and I will toast your birthday with a smile, a tear and a broken heart.”

Police were called just before 22:30hrs on Saturday, 18 November 2017 to Newnham Close and found the 18-year-old suffering from multiple injuries.

He was taken to St Mary’s Hospital, and immediately had surgery. He remained critical for some time before dying at 11.55hrs on Tuesday, 21 November.

During the trial, which began on Monday, 18 March, the court heard how 18-year-old Jason and four of his friends had made their way to the area after deciding to spend their Saturday night at a friend’s house.

They walked to Oldfields Circus in Northolt and bought some drinks, before heading along Orchard Close.

As they got past the junction heading towards Girton Road, two mopeds appeared and drove at speed towards the group.

On each moped was a rider and a pillion passenger, who were all masked or wearing helmets and carrying weapons. They stopped the mopeds at Newnham Gardens, jumped off, and began to chase Jason and his friends.
They resumed the chase on their mopeds and Jason became separated.

He was pursued into Newnham Close and set upon in what was described as a shocking and sustained knife attack.
The attackers fled the scene on the mopeds.

Prior to the arrival of London Ambulance Service, one of Jason’s friends and a resident, whose door Jason had knocked on in distress, attempted first aid. He had collapsed in their front garden but unknown to those who were trying to help him, he had been fatally wounded.

A post mortem examination at Uxbridge Mortuary on 24 November 2017, established that Jason had eight knife wounds, possibly caused by two different weapons.

He had been stabbed four times in the back, and it was one of these which proved to be the fatal injury. Jason also had a wounds to his upper right arm, right elbow, right knee and left thigh.

These were consistent with injuries caused by a sword or machete.

An investigation was launched by the Homicide and Major Crime Command.

Amade was first arrested on Monday, 20 November, 2017 on suspicion of attempted murder and bailed while further enquiries were made. In the wake of Jason’s death and post mortem results, he was arrested again on Thursday, 30 November and charged with murder.

He appeared at Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court on Friday, 1 December, where he denied murder and was remanded in custody.

Upon his arrest at his Ilford address, clothes – a puffed jacket and hoody were found – alongside the helmet which also featured a distinctive V shaped logo. This matched that of a moped pillion rider captured on nearby CCTV shortly before the attack.

During the course of the investigation, one of the mopeds used was recovered and forensically examined. Blood was found on one of the body panels. DNA profiled identified Amade as being the likely contributor on a one in a billion basis.

Detective Inspector Simon Deefholts, investigating, said: “This has been a complex and harrowing investigation and we can only imagine the emotion felt by Jason’s family today.

“Amade is a dangerous young man who took another teenager’s life in cold blood, and today, he will have no choice but to face the consequences of his brutal actions.

“As a team we would like to praise the bravery of Jason’s family, who have endured this process with remarkable dignity.

“Our enquiries into Jason’s death will continue and we echo Mrs Kendall’s call for more people to come forward about knife crime.

“We know the prospect of sharing this information can be intimidating but we are here to protect you and to ensure those who are committing acts of violence are brought to justice.

“Please do not forget that you also do not have to talk to police directly, and there aree ways you can share information anonymously without ever being traced.

“Do the right thing if you have information about people carrying knives on the streets of our city.”

Young people who either have information about violence or knife crime, can visit where they can pass on information anonymously. Fearless is part of the Crimestoppers charity, and is also independent of the police.

If you need help or information to support someone you suspect is involved in knife crime, or you want assistance yourself, then you can visit or LondonNeedsYouAlive.

+ An 18-year-old man who also stood trial for murder alongside Amade was found not guilty.

Latest On London Knife Crime And Fatal Stabbings

A man has died after being stabbed in Forest Gate in the early hours of this morning, Tuesday 28 May.

Officers were called to Warwick Road, E15 to reports that a fight was taking place.

The victim, a man in his 30s, was found suffering from stab injuries.

He was taken to hospital by LAS where he sadly died.

Officers are working to inform his next of kin. Formal identification awaits.

A post-mortem examination will be held in due course.

No arrests have been made at this time.

The Homicide and Major Crime Command have been informed.

Enquiries into the circumstances continue.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101 quoting CAD427/28May. Information can also be passed 100% anonymously to Crimestoppers via 0800 500 111.

Double Stabbing In Newham

On Sunday, Police were called at around 1630hrs on Sunday, 26 May, to a stabbing in St Paul’s Way, E3.

Officers attended along with London Ambulance Service and found two men suffering stab injuries.

Victim 1, a 23-year-old man, has been taken to hospital where his condition is life-threatening.

Victim 2, believed to be aged in his 20s or 30s, sustained less serious injuries. He has also been taken to hospital for treatment.

An investigation has been launched. Officers were seen working at the scene and cordons were kept in place. There has been no arrest in relation to the stabbings at this stage.

Any witnesses or anyone with information should call police via 101 quoting CAD 5291/may26.

To remain anonymous, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Broad Daylight Stabbing In Dartford

Also on Sunday evening a man suffered serious injuries after being stabbed in broad daylight on a street Dartford.

Kent Police was called at 4.45pm to a report of an assault in Spital Street, Dartford.

“One man suffered serious injuries consistent with stab wounds and was treated by ambulance staff at the scene before being taken to a London hospital,” a spokesman for Kent Police has said.

“Officers attended and are carrying out enquiries into the circumstances surrounding the incident and to identify the offender.”

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Nigerian Lady Becomes First Black Woman To Be Elected Into Irish Council

Nigerian born Yemi Adenuga has been elected as the first black woman county councillor in the Republic of Ireland following the recently concluded local elections.Mrs Adenuga who appeared in hit TV series Gogglebox, campaigned for a seat on the Navan local council of Ireland.By her victory at the polls, she becomes one of just 3 councillors of immigrant background in Ireland.

There currently 939 sitting councillors in Ireland.

Career and background

After a long career in broadcasting in her native Nigeria, Yemi moved to Ireland ‘for pastures new’ almost 20 years ago.

She runs Sheroes Global, a programme to take young people off the streets, during school holidays. She is also on the board of Cultúr – a service which addresses migrant issues.

Yemi is also a High Impact Speaker and a listed Irish Woman of Influence.

On her decision to enter into local politics, Yemi said ‘I would never have thought of politics in times past but I’m doing a lot of work for the community already and when Fine Gael approached me, I thought, “why not, it would give me a bigger platform for the community”. ‘If elected I’m told I would be the first migrant ever on the council – and the feedback I’m receiving is, by and large, positive.

‘You’re always going to get the trolls on social media anyway. Even when I started Gogglebox, someone commented why did it have to be a black family representing Navan,’ she said.

Yemi is married to A-list Nigerian actor Deji Adenuga who has starred in more than 200 films in the last 25 years.

Top Seven Habits Of Mentally Strong People

As intelligent beings, all humans dream to properly manage every single situation they encounter in their lives. We are able to grasp what is right. And being mentally strong and able to perform whatever the circumstance is desirable. We all envy an imaginary paragon who simultaneously runs a business, has a stable relationship, is raising four school-age kids, exercises with infuriating regularity and refrains from using profanity while driving at rush hour. Mentally strong people exist. But they are not a miracle. They do not have special insensitivity powers. Or easy lives. Or big budgets. Or extra time. They do not confuse being mentally strong with acting tough.

Instead, they regulate their thoughts, manage their emotions, and behave proactively, choosing to act in a way that will improve their lives, even through struggle or delayed gratification. They face reality without fear. They have unlocked their bliss and commit to developing daily habits that positively build their mental muscle and give up bad habits that hold them back. They appear to be superheroes, but they are just ordinary people determined to live their lives extraordinarily by finding the transformative power of their everyday lives. They just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

The good news is that we can all build our mental strength. Find your own role model for higher motivation and start consciously by emulating these seven significant traits that define them.

  1. They have a proactive approach to life

Proactivity requires to be aware of your own mission and your own time. It means starting each day with purpose by taking control of what you do and when you do it. It means taking ownership of your own life. To behave responsibly. To work for things to happen. To focus on what is essential. To have a manifest destiny and move forward to it.

“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.” (Lao Tzu)

Mentally strong people adopt a proactive approach to life by defining which path to follow. If there is a will, there is a way. What do you want from your life and what are you doing to make it happen.

2. They move on from things they can not control

“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.” (Steve Maraboli).

Focusing on what we cannot control takes our energy and attention away from what we can actually control. Focusing on what we can not control takes our energy and attention away from what we can. Mentally strong people are not trying to manage it all. They acknowledge their limited power over all those things they cannot control and all those things they should not control. They have developed and exercised the discipline required to stop worrying about what they cannot influence. They know they can affect the outcome, but they cannot control it. They use their energy on their personal input into things instead of worrying about an outcome they cannot control.

We cannot control what people think about us, but we can work hard to create stable and friendly relationships. We cannot ensure we will be selected for a job offer, but we can prepare ourselves thoroughly for it.

3. They embrace the unexpected and make the best of it

Life can be tough. But focusing on the feeling that we don’t deserve this way will not be of any help. Mentally strong people develop a positive thinking strategy to find always the bright side of life. They do not assume the victim role. They do not focus on finding culprits. They do not compare their miseries with those of others. They decide to grow with adversity and challenge by overcoming obstacles and twist them to their advantage. They are flexible enough to adjust to the unexpected and accept it as part of the bigger plan.

4. They look at the past, but they live and enjoy the present while planning for the future.

Mentally strong people look back to learn or to honor what was once. But they do not get stuck in there. Even if old times were great. Because they know that the soul becomes old when the past is heavier than the present or the future. Mentally strong people understand that there is no better moment than the present because now is all we have.

5. They calculate risks

Mentally strong people are prudent. They have a plan. They estimate all the different options and identifiable consequences, and they take intelligent choices. This does not mean they do not dream big or withdraw themselves from difficult worthy stuff. Contrarily, they are usually prepared to reach high and far as they have developed the needed resilience to overcome obstacles and focused on the desired goal. They take risks, but they are not reckless. They know their actions have aftereffects, so they behave consciously.

6. They do not gossip

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people” (Eleanor Roosevelt)

Mentally strong people are focused on the positive side of life. They spend their energy on self-improvement, and that is why they tend to spot those traits from others that they can emulate for the better. Strong people who live with conviction and sincerity see the good in others and learn from others’ mistakes without spreading the dark around. They are busy thinking and planning big.

7. They are kind

Being kind is now scientifically proven to strengthen our relationships and our sense of satisfaction in life. Contrary to what has always been thought, it is not a symptom of naivety or weakness but requires courage and strength. Categorized as main interpersonal skill, mentally strong people develop high standards of it. Confident about themselves and focus on self-improvement, they do not compete with or envy others. Self- awareness, and self-confidence make them more prone to accept others and celebrate goodness. They have open eyes to detect others suffering and enough sense of mission to give of themselves to provide for the rest. They do not just live life through a self-centered approach. They build healthy relationships through warmth and trust. They care about others and this caring is what usually leads them to top management positions and successful interpersonal relations. They find time and energy for people around them.

Nigerian Man Named As North London Fatal Hit And Run Victim

Detectives investigating a fatal ‘hit and run’ collision in Neasden have today, Saturday, 25 May released details of the victim.

He is Mr Yussuf Adebiyi, a 49 year old male from Neasden, London.

Officers were called at 03:09hrs on Monday, 20 May to reports of a road traffic collision on the A406, NW2.

Police, London Ambulance Service and London’s Air Ambulance attended and found an injured pedestrian.

49-year-old Yussuf, was pronounced dead at the scene.

They also released details of the cars sought in connection with the incident and named the victim.

Both vehicles police are wishing to trace are black 5 Series BMW’s with the following registrations: EX66 TZE and EX66 TZV.

It is believed that one of these vehicles will have significant damage to the front of the car including the bonnet and windscreen.

Any sightings of these vehicles should be reported immediately to police on 101 quoting CAD 699/20MAY19

Police continue to appeal for information and witnesses.

He sister said: “I have lost my only brother. He was a gentle giant who loved his music and I am going to miss him so much. I want the person(s) who did this to do the right thing and hand themselves into the police.”

Victim: Mr Yussuff Adebiyi

While officers are confident that they know the identity of the deceased, formal identification awaits.

His next of kin have been informed.

Two cars, both believed to be black failed to stop at the scene.

Enquiries continue to establish if the victim was struck by one or both of the vehicles.

Detectives from the Met’s Serious Collision Investigation Unit are investigating and are appealing for witnesses and people with dash cam footage of the collision to get in touch.

Anyone with information or dash cam footage is asked to contact officers by calling the incident room on 0208 246 9820 or police via 101 quoting reference 699/20May.

Alternatively, information can be reported to Crimestoppers anonymously by calling 0800 555 111 or visiting

Clearing Up Of Apapa Port Access Road Gridlock Ordered By Nigeria’s Presidency

The Presidency has ordered the immediate clearing up of the Apapa gridlock

This directive follows an emergency meeting convened by President Mohammadu Buhari and chaired by Vice President Prof Osinbajo on the 25th of April, 2019.

The meeting discussed and proffered lasting solutions to the gridlock around the Lagos Ports, as the traffic congestion has continued to restrict all operations and livelihood in the area.

The resolution order adopted at tge meeting was released in a statement posted on the Presidency’s official Twitter handle.

“NOTICE: A Presidential directive has been issued for the immediate clearing up of the Apapa gridlock and the restoration of law and order to Apapa and its environs within 2 weeks.

The directive mandates the immediate removal of all trucks from the bridges and roads within Apapa and all adjoining streets leading into the Apapa axis.

To facilitate this important assignment, operators of trucks and tankers have also been directed to vacate the Port Access Roads within the next 72 hours.

At the meeting were key heads and representatives of relevant Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) of government, including the Honourable Minister of FMPWH, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola; Inspector General of Police, Mr. Mohammed Adamuu.

Also present were representatives of the Chief of NigerianNavy Staff, Rear Admiral B.E.E Ibe-Enwo; Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transportation, Dr. Salaam Taiwo Olufemi; and the Executive Director, Marine and Operations, Nigerian Ports Authority Dr. Sokonte Davies.

Consequently, a Presidential Taskforce, chaired by Vice President Osinbajo was established to restore law and order to the area within 2 weeks.

The Taskforce, which will report directly to the President, has included on its Terms of Reference the development of an efficient and effective management plan for the entire port area traffic, including the cargo, fuel distribution and business district traffic; enforcing the permanent removal of all stationary trucks on the highway, and the development of an effective manual truck call-up system, pending the introduction of the electronic truck call-up system.

It also includes the implementation of a workable Empty Container Return and Export Container Truck Handling Policy, amongst others.

Members of the taskforce include Mr. Kayode Opeifa, former Commissioner of Transport in Lagos State, as the Executive Vice Chairman; a representative of the Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council (PEBEC); Nigerian Ports Authority, and the Nigerian Shippers’ Council (NSC).

Other members include a special unit of the Nigerian Police led by a Commissioner of Police, representatives of the Truck Transport Union, the Lagos State Government through the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, and other relevant MDAs.

The Nigerian Navy and all other military formations have also been mandated to withdraw from traffic management duties in and around the Apapa axis, while military and paramilitary checkpoints in front of the ports and environs are to be dismantled.

In addition, LASTMA has been authorised to move into Apapa as the lead traffic management agency, while Nigerian Ports is to commence the immediate use of the Lilypond Terminal and Trailer Park A as a truck transit park.

The directive further mandates compliance by all security personnel and MDAs, while heads of Nigerian Ports, Nigerian Customs, FMPWH, and all other security operatives are to ensure their officers’ adherence to the new directives.”

This is coming few days after the Lagos State governor-elect, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, said he will end the Apapa gridlock within the first 60 days of his administration.