Day: March 21, 2019

You’ve Just Got To Admire Theresa May

For 2 years, we’ve seen MPs bully, abuse, insult, humiliate & push around the PM like a lap dog while she’s unbelievably kept her cool and maintained her composed dignity.

But there’s only so far you can push and goad someone before the turn around and say “STOP”. “ENOUGH IS “ENOUGH!”

Vote upon vote, attempt after attempt, Theresa May has been humiliated by fellow MPs who have enjoyed doing so and not held back from boasting about their actions.

MPs on both sude of the House have behaved like spoilt brats and worked against every single move Mrs May has proposed in their brazen attempt to deny the people their vote and sabotage the BREXIT!

I could not help but feel sorry for her each time I saw grown men & women in a so called “civilised” democracy bay and yell at her like beasts in the jungle each time she opened her mouth and I think “How does she do it”?
I wonder if she cries behing closed doors. Because in my case, I would have thrown everything out of the window and quit! And then have a good cry in my bedroom out of anger and frustration. I get fed up and frustrated easily…especially when dealing with unreasonable childish twats!

The people who call Theresa May a “control freak” have got her all wrong. Such a person would have stamped her feet, spat out her dummy and flung her toys out of her pram long before now – simply because she was not getting her way..

But not TM.

I am not a big TM fan and I am not a member of the Conservative party. Hell, NO! I would rather pluck out one of my myopic eyes and stick needles in it!

But I have grown to admire the woman with her steely resillience, her classy composure and herculean ability to remain calm in the face of brat like provocation!

Jeeesus! Those MPs are worse than teenagers! And that is an insult to teenagers!!

Before you ask – I did not vote in the referendum.

I did not see the point.

But BREXIT is not even TMs idea!
The person we should be throwing stones and rotten tomatoes at is somewhere in Spain, enjoying his Panama Millions while the rest of us are losing sleep, fretting, wondering:
Are we leaving or not?
How? Softly or Hardly?
Are we going to run out of tomatoes and banana?
Are they going to be any more nurses or builders? Is my bank going to close? Will we still be able to visit Disneyland?

And our dishonourable MPs should be ashamed of themselves!

TM finally decided to fight back and they’ve been all over the telly crying and moaning about how horrible she’s been😭😭😭


Gates And Bezos: The World’s First Centibillionaires

Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates have become the first people to be “centibillionaires” at the same time.

One gave up a cushy Wall Street job to launch a company that sells books over the internet. The other dropped out of Harvard to start a tiny computer software company out of his garage.

Both men are worth $100 billion, according to Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index which tracks the fortunes of 2,800 billionaires on daily basis. Its index shows that while there are 145 people who are worth at least $10 billion, making them decabillionaires, the world also contains two centibillionaires.

Jeff Bezos has been a centibillionaire since 2007 but his fortune may be hit by his impending divorce
Jeff Bezos has been a centibillionaire since 2007 but his fortune may be hit by his impending divorceCHUCK BIGGER/ALAMY

Bezos, 55, the richest man alive and founder of Amazon, has been worth more than $100 billion since November 2017. The Amazon chief executive is now worth $145.6 billion, having added $20.7 billion to his net worth in the last year alone.

Gates, 63, Microsoft’s co-founder, has gained $9.5 billion in past year, placing his personal wealth at $100 billion again. The last time Mr Gates was worth $100 billion was at the height of the dot-com boom. Both men are the only two people to ever have reached such wealth.

The Bloomberg Billionaires Index was launched in 2012 and measures the net worth of the richest people on the planet each day at 5:30pm at the close of trading in New York, taking into account action in the stock market, economic indicators and news reports.

It shows that the combined net worth of the 500 wealthiest people has jumped $505.8 billion this year to $5.3 trillion. There are 17 people from the UK in the top 500. Jim Ratcliffe, the chief executive of Ineos chemicals group, takes the top spot with a personal fortune of $17.9 billion, according to the index.

The combined fortune of Mr Bezos and Mr Gates is more than the nominal GDP of 143 countries, ranking just below Egypt’s GDP of $249.7 billion and above the Czech Republic’s $244.5 billion.

Both men have their family homes in the tiny city of Medina, Washington, just outside Seattle where Amazon and Microsoft are headquartered. Mr Gates’s home is named Xanadu 2.0, after the fictional home of Charles Foster Kane, the lead character in Citizen Kane. It has 24 bedrooms, a trampoline room and 2,500 sq ft gym.

Mr Bezos own six properties around the world, including the biggest house in Washington DC, a former textile museum that he bought in 2017, which has 25 bathrooms and 11 bedrooms.

However, Mr Bezos’s wealth may soon be dented by what is expected to be an expensive divorce. In January this year Mr Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, announced that they were separating after 25 years of marriage, shortly before the National Enquirer revealed that Mr Bezos had been having an affair with Lauren Sánchez, a TV presenter. The divorce settlement could be one of the largest in history, with Ms Bezos in line for as much as $66 billion. The couple set up a $2 billion fund to help homeless charities last year.

Mr Bezos founded Amazon in 1996 and owns 16 per cent of the business. It has become the biggest disruptor of bricks-and-mortar retailing, taking half of all online retail sales in America and nearly 40 per cent in the UK. He also owns The Washington Post and the space transport company Blue Origin. He has invested $42 million in building a giant clock in a hollowed-out cave in Texas that will last 10,000 years.

Mr Gates started Microsoft with his school friend Paul Allen in 1975, and now owns about 1.3 per cent of the company, with the rest of his fortune managed through Cascade Investment, which controls stakes in dozens of publicly traded companies including Canadian National Railway, the agricultural machinery maker Deere and the disinfectant maker Ecolab.

In 2010 Mr Gates pledged to give away at least half of his wealth during his lifetime or upon his death. He has donated more than $35 billion to charity through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Times

Evil Dad Raped His Own Daughters For Years Then Passed Them On To His Co Workers And Family Dog

A FATHER in Australia whose horrific sexual abuse of his daughters included bestiality and gang rape has been given an unprecedented jail sentence, according to The Townsville Bulletin.

The 80-year-old who cannot be named to protect the identity of his victims, pleaded guilty to 87 charges, including more than 60 counts of rape when he faced Townsville District Court of Australia last week.
Crown Prosecutor Nathan Crane said the father’s “severe and violent” abuse spanned 20 years and commenced when the girls were aged around four in the 1970s.

The court heard the man told police in an interview that he had “visions” that showed a particular daughter turning to drugs and prostituting herself.

The rape was to “shock” her out of following the path he saw.

The court heard this daughter endured “painful” vaginal, anal and oral rape which frequently resulted in her bleeding and involved a knife being held to her neck.

The child was told it was her fault and if she were to tell anyone he would kill her.

Her father had also forced the family dog upon her.

He took the girl to his workplace and allowed groups of men to gang rape her.

The mother of the daughters knew of the abuse and did nothing to stop it.

Townsville, Queensland Australia

When the daughter was 15-years-old her mother lent her $300 for an abortion, which she made her pay back.

Mr Crane said the mother blamed her daughter for wrecking her marriage.

The court heard when the daughter reached adulthood and married, her father would visit and rape her when her husband was out working.

He continued to rape her while she was pregnant, after she gave birth and threatened her baby with a knife if she didn’t comply with the abuse.

Defence barrister Tom Polley said the father deeply regretted what had happened.

Mr Polley said the man was placed in an orphanage as a child where he was subject to violence.

The father interrupted the sentencing several times before Judge Greg Lynham allowed him to address the court.

When given the opportunity the father did not express remorse for his actions.

Instead he took a swipe at the criminal justice system and claimed he wasn’t given an adequate amount of time to mount a defence.

Judge Lynham slammed him for his “degrading and disgraceful” treatment of his daughters.

“This was not a nightmare for your daughters, rather it was a living hell, what did you did to them was both evil and appalling,” he said.

“Your offending needs to be condemned in the strongest of words.”

The daughter let out a cry from where she sat at the back of the courtroom when she heard the sentence.

Her father was imprisoned for 27 years.


Queensland Law Society president Bill Potts said he had never seen such a high sentence for sexual offending and because the offending dated back to 1973 it fell under old legislation.

“In those days there was legislation for serious violent offending so he doesn’t have to serve 80 per cent of the sentence and can actually apply for parole now,” Mr Potts said.

“It is not a given that he will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

“I think it would only be in circumstances where given his age he became so disenabled that he could be no risk to society.”