Day: March 18, 2019

Sistas, When Last Did You Have A Real Girlie Talk?


When last did you have a real girlie “access all areas” (not gossip) chat with another woman?

I don’t mean one where all you do is talk about, slag off and back bite about other women. NO!

I mean one of those talks where you talk about real personal, emotional and heart troubling issues.

I had one of such with my friend Ronke last weekend.

So refreshing.

I had recently become somewhat of a reclusive creature with church & facebook being the highlight of my social life. Apart from the folks I work with, I very rarely get to have any social physical interraction with any human especially since the kids left home. So it was indeed a major incident when I was dragged out last weekend – for the first time in ages, and we ended the evening with almost 3 hours just sitting and chatting in the car.

Sometimes, it is quite helpful to open up and pour out your soul on issues that only a fellow woman will understand. You are then free to laugh at each other, share experiences and compare notes – without an iota of judgmental holier-than-thou nonsense.

It can be so soul soothing and it helps relieve tension you didn’t even know you had. And you get to see confusing things clearly – through the eyes of another woman.

It can also be quite helpful in unburdening worries or depressive issues. Many women are depressed because they don’t speak out and keep things all bottled up and before you know it, they are either commiting suicide or stabbing their husband to death!

Sistas, get yourselves a girlie chat partner. It’s good to talk.



Is The Farmer Still King?

I remember as a young person growing up in Ibara Housing, Abeokuta & later working as a Continuity announcer/news reader at the then most exciting TV station in the country – OGTV, there was a programm called “Oba L’agbe” (Farmer is King)

I remember because it aired on Friday evenings just before the world news at 8.30pm – and I was almost always on duty.

For some inexplicable reason, the weird theme song has recently been on loop play in my head and I cannot seem to get it out….

Anyway the show “Oba L’agbe” featured basic rudiments of farming which inspired many households to start some kind of mini-farms and vegetable patches in their backyard. We had quite a sizeable portion of empty land attached to out property so
we planted maize, tomatoes, casava, vegetables, ewedu and sugar cane in our backyard and my younger siblings and I and sometimes our mum, suprisingly had so much fun, tilling and working on “awa farm”

We also had a quite fertile pawpaw tree! So we often binged on “Ibepe” from our own garden and used a lit of our produce in our kitchen.

I wonder if that program or anything similar still airs today….

And I also wonder if families still have vegetable patches in their backyards especially when parents are nowadays, mostly occupied by social media and owambe parties…


Nigerians In The UK Pay Tributes To Pius Adesanmi At An Evening Of Reminiscences

You would have been forgiven for thinking this was an awards presentation ceremony if you had mistakenly walked into the venue of “An evening of Reminiscences” held in honour the late Professor Pius Adesanmi last Saturday.

Prof Pius who had earlier survived and was still to fully recover from a ghastly car crash in 2018, was one of the 157 passengers killed when the Eithiopian Airlines plane crashed en route to Nairobi on Sunday 10th March 2019.

Speaker upon speaker, many of whom drove long distances and others from outside London and as far away as Manchester, Liverpool and Dublin, to attend the event held at Salvation Church hall at Deptford, south east London, rose up and regalled guests with accounts of how the Prof had inspired, impacted and motivated them in various ways with his trademark ebullient, effervescent and erudite outlook on life. Many touched on diverse aspects of Pius’ infectious personality his loud laugh, unbelievable generousity, high intellect, passionate zest for life and heart warming kindness, and several stories and anecdotes were shared to support all the various qualities of Dr Pius unveiled by those who spoke about him.

One thing that stood out and appeared common to most of the speakers was the fact that they all knew him but never met him.

Pius was an incorrigible and enthusiastic social media commentator. He was a pain in the proverbial to many politicians but known across the globe as a highly intellectual writer and analyst. His satirical writings have been shared widely with many of them, viral. And just as his eulogisys shared – many knew him although never met him.
Pius Adesanmi was a Professor of English and African Studies at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. He is the internationally-acclaimed winner of the inaugural Penguin Prize for African Writing in the non-fiction category in 2010. He has also won the poetry prize of the Association of Nigerian Authors

He was one of Nigeria’s leading public intellectuals and is one of the first leading African academics to use social media as a classroom to test out his ideas and engage with Nigeria. He is a connoisseur of palm wine and French wine, thinks in Yoruba and Pidgin English but writes only in English and French.

Although born in Ilorin, Kwara state, Nigeria, he was a Canadian citizen.

Eminent Nigerians who spoke to eulogise the late academician include writer Ayo Akinfe, Dr Alistar Soyode, CEO BEN TV, Dr Dapo Williams, Barrister Toyin Eweje, Chief Mrs Sanusi. Dr Tokunbo Adejumo and several others

Just 47 years, Pius is survived by his 2 daughters, his wife and his mother.


Outrage At Racist Chinese Restaurant In Lagos, Nigeria That Only Allows ‘Locals’ If Accompanied By A Chinese

I came across this incredulous post on social media about a Chinese Restaurant in Lagos, Nigeria with a shocking racist and apartheid policy regarding allowing entry to ‘locals’ or in other words, Blacks.

I could not contain my feeling of horror at reading messages by several so called locals who had decided to patronise the Shi Shi restaurant in Ikeja only to be turned away for not being Chinese or having one in their party.


Some who visited the restaurant after hearing the account of others, went to see for themselves and were also met with the same treatment. A friend who spoke with one of the people involved confirmed this gist. One of them said that was the first time she has ever been referred to as black – IN NIGERIA!.


One can only wonder how in this day and age, people can expect to get away with such racist behaviour. It might be understandable if this was happening in China and you refuse entry to non-chinese.

Afterall, it is your country (sic)

But to open a restaurant or indeed any business in Nigeria and refuse entry to Nigerians, is a massive insult and a big slap on the Nigerian face.

But if I know my people. This racists will not be allowed to get away with this crap for long.


fb_img_15529082157351739166137527079135.jpg fb_img_15529082249881976166881142749785.jpg

People have been known to face summary jungle justice for far less crimes!

But more importantly, is this been brought to the awareness of Lagos State authorities…and if yes, how have they allowed this ugly situation to exist unchecked?

This – is wholly and extremely unacceptable!!!