Day: January 12, 2019

Murdered Teenager Had Been Excluded From School Just Weeks Before He was Killed

Teenager Jayden Moodie had been excluded from school weeks before he was murdered it emerged today, as his local MP called for vulnerable children to be given better support to stay in mainstream education.

Friends of the 14-year-old said he had been excluded from Heathcote School in Chingford for activities outside school, which teachers spotted on social media.

One said: “He was excluded from school a few months ago. It was not for stuff done at school, he was bright and good at school, he was in the top sets for almost everything but it was social media things which got him in trouble.”

They added: “He was well liked and clever we are all very upset. It’s a good school and we all devastated about this.”

Jayden’s family read a statement on the tragic stabbing (PA)

Jayden was rammed off a moped then repeatedly stabbed on Tuesday night in an area of east London notorious for drug dealing and blighted by feuding gangs.

Detectives believe the attack was “targeted and intent on lethal force from the outset” and they are hunting three men who used a Mercedes B Class car to ram the boy off his moped.

Investigators at the scene in Waltham Forest (Nigel Howard)

Neither the school or Waltham Forest council would comment on the exclusion today.  It is understood the teenager was offered a place at a Pupil Referral Unit but it is not known if he had attended.

The development emerged as local MP Stella Creasy said deaths of children in gang violence in London are increasingly linked to exclusions from school.

She said victims were often children sent home from lessons because of mental health problems and urged the Government to give more support to vulnerable teenagers to help them stay in education and avoid being exploited by criminal gangs as drug couriers.

In a letter to Health Secretary Matt Hancock, the Walthamstow MP said this week’s “horrific” murder was the sixth death of a young person in her borough in 18 months

“There is a recognised link between social exclusion and mental illness,” she said. “Amongst the violence we are seeing in our community there is clear evidence of the relationship between the educational status of a child and their vulnerability, and the importance of well-being in preventing any escalation of violence.”

Child victim: Jayden Moodie in a Facebook picture. His sister said he was caring and loving

Ms Creasy said keeping teenagers safe from gang exploitation and violence would require a “public health” approach to crime, including mental health specialists in Pupil Referral Units and more funding for organisations working with children excluded from schools.

Police have briefed MPs that in one London borough, Croydon, a study found that 60 kids involved in serious violence had all been excluded from schools.

Meanwhile further details emerged today of the teenager’s troubled background and his possible interest in gang culture.

The boy was said to have been stabbed in the back seven times (Nigel Howard)

His father Julian Moodie, 51, was reportedly jailed in 2009 after he was caught selling crack cocaine and heroin to an undercover police officer in a sting operation in Basildon, Essex. He moved to Jamaica on his release.

On his Facebook page the boy describes himself as a “trapper kid”, urban slang for drug dealer,  while in one picture he appears making the sign of a handgun and in another he clutches a fistful of bank notes.

Last night the boy’s family insisted he had “absolutely no affiliation with gangs”.

Jayden’s cousin, Leon Green, said: “Focus needs to be on the fact that he has been brutally murdered in cold blood and deserves a fair chance at justice as much as anyone else in this situation.

“If there are people in our streets that are capable of killing a 14-year-old child, then no-one is safe, and they need to be caught and brought to justice.”

Anyone with information should call 020 8345 3734 or ring Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


Tit-bits from Baroness J’s World

Bedroom benefits of the humble Nigerian “Pako”

The humble Nigerian chewing stick aka “Pako” apart from being used as a traditional oral hygiene material, reportedly also has some elements that help increase blood flow and circulation which in turn helps stimulate nerves to increase arousal thereby giving great erection…….

No wonder our grandfathers and elderly men are constantly seen chewing their Pako stick. They testify that not only does it clean their teeth. It also helps with their performance in the bedroom.

Good news for the sugar loving males of our generation…..

Baroness J’s World

Amosun must be served his just deserts

The best punishment for soon to be former Ogun State Gov Amosun, after his babyboy Akinlade loses the governorship election, is for him to also not receive a single vote for his Senatorial bid…

How can you hold the ticket as a long term standing member of 1 political party but handpick and present a successor from another…while still yourself expecting votes on the ticket of the party you so openly betray and show much disregard for?

The uttermost height of arrogance from which he must be toppled.

Baroness J’s World

Jeff Bezos: The Cheating Amazonian with a big willie

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos divorce sparked by affair with married mum of 3 to whom he sent selfies of his big willie.

It is reported the richest man in the world bombarded his mistress Sanchez, a former Fox TV presenter with raunchy “sexts” and a selfie of his penis.

A friend to whom Sanchez boasted about the affair and shared the pictures with said “It is huge”!

Baroness J’s World

Awujale shows other Yoruba monarchs what class and dignity is not

Pictures emerged of several Yoruba monarchs let by the Ooni of Ife, Oba Ogunwusi troopingbto Abuja to pay courtedy visits to APC Chairman Asiwaju Boka Tinubu and to President Buhari.

However, the Awujale of Ijebuland with his superiour knowledge and understanding that traditional monarchs do not travel out of their kingdom to pay visits to anyone, but rather invite and host others who come to visit them – in their palace, was noticeably missing from the pictures.

A true monarch who knows his own weight

Baroness Js World

ChangingAttitudes: Please may I use your socket to charge my phone?

The other day I went to have my nails done and I found myself asking my nail stylist if I could charge my phone from her socket.

In times past, I would have simply walked in, plugged my phone in & sat down.

Many of us will now never leave home without our ohone charger and when you go visiting friends or just any place you see an exposed socket, the first thing you do is whip out your charget and plug in your phone – without a single thought for whoever is responsible for paying the bill!

I guess many of us don’t think about the fact that phone charging does also consume electricity and hundreds of people freely charging thier devises from your points does add up a great deal.

And this took up a great chunk of my electric bill when all my 3 kids were home.

Nowadays, you will find many offices and shops have blocked off their sockets or completely removed them in some extreme cases – to save on their electricity bills.


Next time you visit your friend or hair salon, dont take their exposed sockets for granted. Ask before you plug in.

Baroness Js World

So a young man on a thread I contributed to on Facebook yesterday, boasted that he had been having sex with “aunties” since he was 10 years old!
We could not convince him he was being abused and molested by paedophiles.

To him, it is a badge of honour which he has been wearing with pride

We need to educate our men: Having sex with an adult when you are underage is ABUSE.
And the adult us a paedophile.

Baroness Js World

Amazon Boss Divorce Sparked By 8 Month Affair With Married Mum Of 3

It has been revealed that Amazon boss Jeff Bezos and his wife’s divorce was sparked by an 8 month affair with a married mum of 3 to whom he sent raunchy text messages and selfies of his big willie

Among the messages the National Enquirer published that it says Bezos sent to former TV news anchor Lauren Sanchez.: “I want to smell you, I want to breathe you in. I want to hold you tight.… I want to kiss your lips…. I love you. I am in love with you.”

According to Page Six, the texts were leaked by a friend of the former L.A. TV anchor .

The original National Enquirer story alleged that the loved-up couple held romantic rendezvous on his private jet and had sleepovers at each other’s marital homes.

The world’s richest man and his lover are also said to have stayed in hotels together – including one in Boston hours after the rest of his family had checked out.

It’s claimed Bezos’ wife MacKenzie feared an affair when she looked at his $65m Gulfstream jet’s passenger list and found Sanchez’s name was the only one on it.

Jeff Bezos’ affair with Lauren Sanchez was revealed this week after the former Fox and Extra host bragged to friends about it and sent them the explicit text messages and selfies he had sent her, it has been claimed.

According to Page Six, Sanchez sent a friend a photograph of Bezos’ genitalia which he had sent her along with other messages which included him telling her he loved her and that he wanted to ‘breathe her in’.

The friend slipped the messages to The National Enquirer and that it was triggered its exhaustive, four month investigation into the pair’s romance, according to the source.

One source who claimed to have seen the photograph of Bezos’ genitalia that he sent Sanchez told Page Six: ‘He’s big.’