Day: November 5, 2018

Man Murdered In Dublin Had Penis And Eyelids Hacked Off

A MAN in his 20s has had his penis, testicles and eyelids hacked off during a horrifying attack in one of Ireland’s most affluent areas.

Limbani Mzoma’s mutilated body was found in a pool of blood at around 11:30pm on Thursday.

The man, who is believed to be from Malawi, was stabbed repeatedly during the attack.

Mr Mzoma was found just hours after local police had been called to Dublin’s affluent housing estate Tudor Lawns in Foxrock to deal with a public disturbance.

According to sources his genitals were “removed from his body” along with his eyelids.

A source said: “The scene is in a house where a number of non-nationals have been living.

There has been a lot of trouble at the property and police were called there on Thursday afternoon.

“They dealt with a public order incident and left.

“When they were called back at 11.30pm they discovered the man dead.

“The severed penis was found on top of the fireplace and they also chopped off his eyelids.”

Irish police arrested a woman in her 40’s following the incident.

The murder happened in Dublin’s affluent housing estate Tudor Lawns in Foxrock

She was in the house when police arrived and has been detained in Dun Laoghaire Garda Station for questioning.

Tudor Lawn residents were mortified at the death.

One elderly woman, who lives a few doors down from the crime scene, said there had been a lot of problems at the house.

She said: “I heard the commotion yesterday afternoon and then last night again.

“There was a lot of police and some ambulances there.

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