Month: October 2018

Met Police Launches New Be Safe Anti-Burglary Campaign For Londoners

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has today, Monday 29 October, launched a new Be Safe campaign focusing on how Londoners can take simple steps to avoid becoming a victim of burglary.

The campaign, which is supported by social media activity, advises Londoners to remain vigilant and to continue to make all efforts to keep their homes and belongings safe.

It also urges residents to go beyond just securing their front door and windows, and look at other ways they can make their property less attractive to burglars.

Approximately 60% of burglaries take place in the hours of darkness and now that the clocks have changed, it is at this time of the year that we start to see an increase in burglary offences with empty properties being more apparent to burglars.

With the darker evenings drawing in, Londoners are advised to follow these steps to prevent them becoming a victim:

– Leave timer switches on lights

– Place motion sensor security lighting at the front and rear of properties

– Fit a fixed safe for small valuable items

– Fit a home security alarm

– Do not display your wealth on social media or advertise when you are going to be away from your home, especially if your security settings are open and public

– If selling any valuables online, do not disclose anything to reveal the address of where the valuables are stored

– If selling your property, be careful what is shown in the images placed on house-selling websites, as criminals can use these images to identify valuables and also analyse floor plans

– Keep an eye on those who are elderly, or vulnerable to distraction burglaries.

Superintendent Sean Wilson, MPS lead for burglary, said: “We do not underestimate the effect that being a victim of burglary has and want to work with residents to make sure they have taken every opportunity to keep their home and valuables safe.

“From today we will be delivering burglary masterclasses to Neighbourhood officers across London. These officers will spend a day refreshing their skills – not just in preventing crimes from occurring, but supporting those who have become a victim.

“We cannot be complacent and we must make sure that we all continue to take the right steps to, where possible, avoid homes becoming a target.

“We need to get everyone involved and enable them to look after themselves and work with us to prevent crime. This year’s campaign is about creating conversations at community events with our officers and through our social media channels. At these events, we will ask residents what actions they are already taking to secure their home and remind them of the additional steps they could take – often at a low cost.

“The campaign is supported by operational activity – but we know that simple crime prevention can make it more difficult for criminals and reduce the risk of burglary-related crime.”

To find out more about this campaign and how you can protect your home and your belongings, please visit: and

Top Diasporan Dayo Olomu Spotted Sleeping On The Streets Of London

One of the most influential Nigerians in the diaspora was recently seen sleeping rough on the streets of Croydon, London.

But do not panic.

Dayo Olomu has not fallen on hard times. Far from it.

The excercise of spending the night sleeping rough was in preparation for his charity challenge to raise funds as well as highlighting the plight of homeless people in the capital.

Dayo said ” I shall be sleeping rough on the street of Croydon till 12 midnight”
So if you have not donated to sponsor my next challenge, Please do so now. This is proof that I really mean business.

I really need your support and sponsorship.

Dayo Olomu also known as DDO will be joining big hearted business and community leaders who have pledged to sleep outdoors for one night at Lord’s Cricket Ground London on Monday 29 October 2018 to raise awareness and sponsorship from their business contacts and friends to fight homelessness and poverty in the City.

DDO, who’s been a long term campaigner for the welfare of the homeless posted on his Facebook wall at the weekend “I want your support to reduce poverty and homelessness in London and would appreciate if you can sponsor me”.

You can sponsor DDO either by contacting him directly to give you the bank details or use the link below:

Follow Dayo Olomu


Vile Conservative Party Wannabe Calls Stephen Lawrence Violent Drugs Dealer

A wannabe Tory councillor has come under fire for “offensive” social media comments where she called murdered Stephen Lawrence a violent drug dealer.

Anita Sillick, who is running to be councillor for Temple Hill in Dartford next year, said Stephen “used violence to get what he wanted” in leaked Facebook comments.

Stephen was stabbed to death in a racially motivated attack at a bus stop in Eltham in 1993 when he was 18-years-old.

“All this Stephen Lawrence stuff gets on my tits,” Ms Sillick wrote in the comments of a Facebook group thread.

She added: “He was a drug dealer who used violence to get what he wanted. My own father witnessed him going into a shop and demanding cigarettes he used a knife to threaten the member of staff behind the counter and ordered her to hand over hundred or pounds worth of cigarettes.”

The potential councillor claims Stephen also threatened a young girl with a knife at the shop where her dad worked.

She also wrote: “He was involved with a drug debt and that ended with a guy having his finger cut off for his sovereign ring to pay off said debt.

“He wasn’t a nice guy but I have never ever seen any of this being reported.”

Ms Sillick defended the comments when approached by News Shopper.

She said: “I stand by them. Not that anyone deserved to be killed. My dad was working at the Co-op in Eltham when this happened.”

Ms Sillick, who has previously been the victim of a homophobic attack, said she doesn’t care about politics and is only focused on community.

“We need to work together,” she said. “Red or blue it doesn’t matter. I want to make Temple Hill a better place.”

She pointed out that she was recently featured in the News Shopper for helping to clear litter, which she has been doing for around five years.

Dartford Labour group slammed Ms Sillick for her “wrong” and “offensive” comments before urging her to apologise to the Lawrence family.

They wrote: “We condemn these comments from the prospective Conservative candidate in Temple Hill in the strongest possible terms. The assertions made are wrong, offensive and we can only imagine the distress these comments will cause to the family and friends of Stephen Lawrence.

“Representing your community as councillor is a privilege and one that comes with great responsibility. Ms Sillick has fallen well short in upholding these responsibilities.

“Dartford is a welcoming, diverse and tolerant community and we want it to stay that way. Sadly, we’ve seen recently that our politics is becoming more divisive and language such as this only acts to inflame that. It’s not welcome in Dartford.”

The Dartford Conservatives have been approached for comment.

Called from Newshopper

Meeting The Afro-Caribbean Students Of University Of East Anglia

I took a day trip to visit my kids at the University of East Anglia, Norwich on Saturday.

This is a journey I had only ever taken by driving over the last 2 years of my involvement with this institution. Bolaji, my son is in his final year but Tolani, my youngest daughter is a freshman having just started on a Marketing Degree program last September.


On this occasion, I decided to take the trip by rail. Aside arriving at the station 1 hour too early and consequentially getting half frozen to death waiting for the 9.38 on platform 10 at Stratford, the journey was relatively smooth and straight forward. I even treated myself to a first class ticket!



After delivering all the called goodies I personally prepared and brought with me for my 2 students, and catching up with Tolani’s myriad of experiences so far as a new undergraduate (and not much from Woolwich.. ) Bolaji suggested we walk round and see the sights of the Campus. Eventually we ended up at the Students’ Union Building where the Afro-Caribbean Students here holding an event to commemorate the Black History week.

We sat down and enjoyed the proceedings with keen interest. Tolani had joined the Whatsapp forum of the society so she knew quite a few of the members and participants. A number of them came over and said a very polite hello.

I was highly impressed.

Not just by the fact that these students had organised such a event to commemorate sucb an important season on the calendar. Nor some of the items on the program which included talks, poetry, drama presentation and singing that will put many XFactor participants to great shame.

I was impressed – and seriously so too, by the number of Afro Caribbean students in attendance. The first time I went to UEA was when Bolaji joined as a freshman.

Throughout the entire 5 or so hours we were there, I counted less than 10 Black students.

UEA was a predominantly white institution and I must confess, I really did worry for my son coming from a culturally diverse South East London where about 5 of every 10 students or adults are of Afro-Caribbean ethnicity.

But just 3 after later, the face of UAE has changed drastically. All over the campus, you can see that the institution has changed from being predominantly white to a culturally diverse and multi racial community.

As I pondered these realisations, I dawned upon me that this is a story that needed to be told. So, to my daughter’s amazement, I approached the executives of the ACS. The Vice President, a young man who goes by the name Samuel Bedean, a 2nd Year Engineering student was pleased to sit with me and answer some questions.



Samuel revealed that there are now over 1,500 students from the Afro Caribbean background in UEA and about 250 are in their first year alone. And many of them are engaged in meaningful areas of study such as Pharmacy, Business Studies, Medicine, Law, Computer Science and Marketing.

For example, the ACS Secretary Tobi Ajisafe is a 1st year pharmacy student while the students, Rep Temi Odunniyi is 2nd year law. Both are of Nigerian heritages. I also met a young lady Koshesai Fundira from Zimbabwe who is in the second year of her International Development Degree.

There are also many Afro Caribbean students in Post Graduate, Phd and 2nd Degree programmes in several fields at UEA.

The Afro Caribbean community in this institution is made up of students from various countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Jamaica, Antigua, Trinidad & Tobago etc

Baroness J with University of East Anglia ACS Executives Tobi Ajisafe, Koshesai Fundira, Samuel Bedean, Benjamin Joseph-Ebare and Temi Ogunniyi

The University of East Anglia ACS was founded as a community for students from Afro & Caribbean ethnicity to be able to bond and get together with the view to exploring their common heritage and to embrace and share their diverse cultures.

The association is fully supported and encouraged by the University’s authorities who proudly welcome the institution’s growing cultural diversity.



Government In Plans To Relax Laws On Outdoor Venues To Cut Costs Of Weddings

More couples could be able to get married outdoors or at home as part of a shake-up of the law designed to cut the cost of weddings, according to a report by the BBC

A review of wedding venues in England and Wales is set to be announced by the chancellor in Monday’s Budget.

It will look at lifting restrictions on al fresco locations, such as gardens and beaches, and temporary structures.

The Treasury said more choice could lower the average venue booking cost and boost the hospitality sector.

The move could bring England and Wales into line with Scotland, where couples have for years enjoyed much more freedom in where they can tie the knot.

A 2015 report found that laws relating to marriage venues in England and Wales, some of which date from the mid-19th Century, were “badly in need of reform”.

At the moment, couples have a limited choice on where they get hitched, whether they are having a church wedding or a civil ceremony.

Civil ceremonies must take place in register offices or approved premises that have been licensed for the purpose by local authorities.

Weddings can only legally take place outside if they are solemnised in a structure with a solid, permanent roof such as a gazebo. Ceremonies in temporary structures, such as marquees, are not permitted.

Requirements that couples specify the building in which the ceremony is to take place – and restrictions on the consumption of food and drink in the area before and during the event – date from 1837.

The Treasury said such anachronistic red tape was pushing up the cost of weddings and putting some people off getting married.

“Relaxing restrictions would make it cheaper and simpler for couples to get married, potentially supporting more people to get married,” it said.

“This review will help the law keep pace with modern Britain while helping people keep the cost of living down.”

The cost of getting married has spiralled over the past decade, with the average outlay on the big day now topping £30,000 – according to one survey earlier this year.

The review, to be carried out by the Law Commission, will examine how and where marriages can take place and how to meet the “growing demand” for legally-binding outdoor weddings.

The Law Commission said its work on the subject had shown there was a strong demand for weddings to be “cheap and personal” and existing laws were already being “stretched” to allow more residential ceremonies.

Hotels currently account for about 40% of the 7,500 premises licensed to conduct civil ceremonies.

It is hoped the shake-up will see more restaurants and pubs enter the market in a boost for the hospitality trade while retaining the dignity of marriage ceremonies.

Both the last Labour government and the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition looked at loosening the rules on wedding venues but no substantial changes were made.

While Anglican, Catholic, Methodist and Muslim weddings are required to take place in buildings certified as a place of worship and registered for the purpose of religious marriage, Jewish and Quaker weddings are not subject to similar restrictions.

In Scotland, religious marriages can take place anywhere, while venues for civil marriages are agreed by couples and the appropriate registration bodies and humanist marriages can be staged at a venue agreed with the celebrant.

Featured image: Triple T Media

Police Officer Responding To Report Of Burglary Stabbed With Screwdriver

The Metropolitan Police confirmed officers were called at 4.45pm yesterday afternoon to reports of a burglary.

Whilst en-route to the scene, they were approached by a member of the public, reporting a man acting suspiciously and armed with a screwdriver in Lawrence Gardens, Mill Hill.

When the two officers tried to speak with the man, they were assaulted by the suspect.

One officer suffered head injuries, whist the other sustained injuries to his arm.

Both were taken to by ambulance to a hospital in north London for further treatment.

Their injuries are not life-threatening.

Following the assault, the3 29-year-old suspect was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and taken to a north London police station, where he remains in custody.

This happened just 24 hours after a man was stabbed in Wood Green, north London.

He suffered serious injuries, although Scotland Yard confirmed they are not life-threatening.

Last week, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) released its latest knife crime figures.

They showed violent crime levels at their highest levels in England and Wales since records began, as knife offences continue to soar and the number of solved cases falls.

The ONS said police recorded 39,332 knife offences in the year to June 2018 – the highest number on record.

Hackney Man Pleads Guilty To Serious Sexual Assault

A man who was arrested and charged for a serious sexual assault has pleaded guilty just days after his attack.

34 ywar old Akin Akinniran, of Tresham Walk, E9, was charged on Monday, 22 October with sexual assault.

Police were called at approximately 02:20hrs on Sunday, 21 October to reports of a serious sexual assault on Lower Clapton Road, E5.

The victim, a 29-year-old woman, had exited a private hire vehicle and was walking along Lower Clapton Road. She was approached from behind before the suspect tried to speak to her.

The woman told the suspect to leave her alone and tried to walk away, however the suspect grabbed her and started kissing her neck. He then pulled the woman into an alleyway and continued to sexually assault her.

The woman was able to get away and ran to a man who was walking down the road. She asked him to call the police. As he was doing so, the suspect approached the victim and the witness and told him to hang up the phone and stop calling the police.

As the suspect was coming closer the woman screamed and the suspect ran off from the scene.

Officers arrived and collected CCTV footage from a fast food restaurant and took the woman to an east London police station.

On Monday, 22 October, Akinniran self-presented himself to an east London police station after seeing pictures of him circulating on social media which had been taken by a witness. He claimed that he was innocent and gave a different account of events from that night.

Officers searched the property where he was staying and found the identical items of clothing worn by the suspect in the photographs.

Later that day, he was charged with sexual assault and remanded in police custody to appear at Thames Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, 23 October where he pleaded guilty.

Detective Constable Alex Heaton, from Central East CID, said: “Firstly, I would like to reassure the public that attacks of this nature are very rare and that we take reports of this nature very seriously.

“Within three days of the attack we have arrested, charged and secured a guilty verdict for a dangerous criminal who will not be able to harm anyone for quite a while. There may very well be other victims of Akinniran’s, who we would urge to contact police as soon as possible.”

Akinniran will be sentenced at Wood Green Crown Court on Tuesday, 20 November.