Day: September 9, 2018

Nigerian Pastor And His Wife Accused Of Allegedly Swindling Church Member Of £190,000

A church Pastor and his wife are facing serious allegations of conning their church member out of the proceeds of the sale of her London property after giving her a “prophecy” that God instructed her to sell her house.

Pastor Temitope Fasakin and his wife, Ibukun formerly of Christ Life church, in Thamesmead, South East London, are being  accused by a retired sick lady Joy Omisigho, of conning her out of funds totalling over £190,000.

Details of the allegations were spelt out via a viral post sent out by Ms Omisigho herself, and the matter is now that of public knowledge.


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The post:

My name is Ms Joy Omisigho I am a member of Christ life church (4 Princess Close, London, SE28 8SJ). I have resided in the UK for over 20 years. I have been a member of the church for over seven years. Around last year 2017 I became seriously sick, keeping up with work and everyday became a challenge. I worked for several years as a cleaner at King’s College Hospital, South London.
The pastor of the church, Mr Temitope Ibukun Fasakin of 27 Hind Crescent Erith, Kent, DA8 3BP. I have known the pastor same length of time I have been in the church.

Last year, the pastor and his wife told me that God has asked them to inform me that I should sell my property and move back to Nigeria if I want to be healed of my illness.

Given that I am a religious person, was very vulnerable and desperate to get well, I had no choice than to heed to their advice.
Soon as the sale of the property was completed – The pastor and his wife then coercively asked to submit all the dividends (£192,557- One hundred and ninety-two thousand, five hundred and fifty-seven pounds) from the property sales to them so that they can help me invest it. The Pastor and his wife then told me they were working with me based on God’s instructions. I had no reason not to trust my pastor and his wife. They warned me not to share the specifics of their dealings with me with anyone including my children. They said God wants me to keep it as a secret and that I must not disobey God.
They told me to go back to Nigeria. They collected £86,500 me claiming they were going to use it to buy a nice property in Lagos. When I arrived in Lagos only to find out that they paid £41,237 for the property even more so the property was fit for living as it was still being modernised.
The pastor then took £11,000 from me claiming that God has asked him to collect it from me. He said it was tithe – I later found out the money was not remitted to the church’s account.
The pastor and his wife then took another £65,000 from me saying that they were going to use it to buy a property in London for me. No property was bought, and the money was never refunded.
The pastor and his wife then asked me for another £10,000 saying they want to invest it on computer sales- I did not see any computer and the money still has not been refunded.
The pastor and his wife came back and demanded £13,000 from me stating that he was going to invest it on some business. Till date I did not get any dividends from the business and the money was not returned to me.
In total, the pastor and his wife defrauded me of £192,557.
I have been left with nothing, I can’t even afford food or rent. I can’t work at the moment because I am still feeling well.
The pastor and his wife have blocked off their phone and would take my calls.
They have threatened me and said I will be dying soon. I am appealing to the police and other agencies to help me. I have no money to pay a lawayer. The pastor and his wife have taken all I have worked for now the are threating every one trying to help me please help me share unroll it gets to the British government and EFCC in Nigeria.

Recently, another post has emerged allegedly from the senior leadership of the church in response to the allegations. Purportedly written by one Pastor Ayeni, the duo have left the Christ Light Church and now lead another church in Dartford.



The response:

“Dear Ms. Joy Omisigho, this is a very sad report concerning your relationship with Pastor Tope Fasakin & his wife and we really feel sorry for you.

To put record straight, Pastor Temitope Fasakin was a former Pastor at Christ Life Church, Charlton, U.K and he is now a General Overseer of LIGHT ASSEMBLY, 5 pier Road, DA8 1TA.

As at when he was Pastoring at Christ Life Church Carlton, the Church Council were not aware of your deals and it is very unfortunate that you have to commit such a huge amount of money to the hand of a Pastor without proper documentation and witnesses.

Now that the information has reached us at Christ Life Church, we assure you of investigating it to the root while we will not hesitate to hand over the matter to the appropriate quarters for justice.

At Christ Life Church, we are committed to the Word of GOD in total Obedience and soul wining leading people to a glorious eternity with Jesus at the end! We are not dubious, we are not 419, we are of godly characters throughout the world.

Once again, we feel sorry for you and we pray that the Lord will restore your health and everything back to you as soon as possible in Jesus name.

Pastor Adelani Ayeni
Christ Life Church

Ewww! You can Catch Bedbugs From Sitting On Public Transport Seats

We tend to think of bedbugs as living only in beds. That’s what the name suggests, right? We are wrong. Bedbugs can hang out in any bit of fabric furniture, including your sofa, your office chair, and – shudder – the seats on buses and the Tube. That’s right – you could pick up bedbugs from sitting down on public transport.

This knowledge has shaken us to our core. Kenneth F. Haynes, a professor of entomology, tells ‘It is possible to pick up bed bugs from any place where there is an infestation. It may be more difficult for an infestation to get started in a bus or train, but it certainly has happened.’ Kenneth explains that bedbugs can end up on public transport because the little suckers are moved mostly moved around by us humans, who’ll let bedbugs sit on our clothes, bags, and belongings then take them to new places.

‘Moving an infested upholstered chair from one apartment to another would be such an example,’ Kenneth explains. ‘Also moving a bag that rested on such a chair to a new place could get an infestation started. ‘The more links there are in the transfer, the less likely the transfer would be. The larger the source population is, the more likely would be the transfer. ‘Bed bugs don’t often ride around on us, but if numbers are large then this could happen.

I have walked through a heavily infested apartment and found a few bed bugs on my shoes.’

That’s what a bedbug looks like, FYI (Picture: Getty)

So while your bed may be bug-free, someone whose bed is swarming in bugs could launch an infestation on the Tube simply by resting their jacket on their mattress then taking a seat on the central line. Unsettling, right? This is particularly concerning information right now as the heatwave has prompted a massive increase in the numbers of bedbugs infesting cities in the UK. This is because higher temperatures shorten the reproductive cycle of bedbugs to eight or nine days, allowing them to lay eggs and multipy more quickly. The more bedbugs there are, the more likely they are to end up on public transport or spread around office furniture.

Oh, and because everyone’s been travelling all summer, the spread of bedbugs is even more likely. People may have picked up bedbugs from hotel beds or from their plane seats before bringing them into the UK travel system.

There’s no way to know in advance which forms of public transport will have bedbugs on them. Sadly, no one’s made an app alerting us to which bus line made them itch, and you’re unlikely to spot bedbugs until you sit down, feel an itch, and then inspect more closely. David Cain of Bed Bugs Limited told The Guardian that his advice is to never, ever sit down on buses, trains, or tubes, which may be a bit extreme, but is really the only answer to completely avoiding the bugs.

He also said there are certain areas of London’s public transport that tend to be infested: ‘There’s a west-to-east corridor that follows the Central line. There’s another hotspot running from Elephant and Castle down to Lewisham and New Cross. And yet another from Elephant and Castle to Brixton, then Norwood, and then on to Croydon.’

Oh, dear lord. We’re screwed.

The good news, before you completely panic, is that picking up bedbugs isn’t the end of the world. You just need to spot the signs and act quickly.

Signs you may have bedbugs:

According to the NHS, signs of a bedbug infestation include:

  • Itchy, red bites on your skin, although not everyone will get these.
  • In severe cases, they might become fluid-filled blisters or cause a rash to appear.
  • Bites anywhere that’s exposed while you sleep, but particularly on your arms and shoulders because fleas and mites tend to bite your feet.
  • Tiny specks of black on your mattress. We hate to break this to you, but that’s bedbug poop. The mottled shells of bedbugs that have been shed as the insect grows.
  • Tiny bugs or white eggs in the crevices and joints of your mattress, upholstered furniture or carpet. You can use your phone torch to check.
  • A musty, unpleasant smell in your bedroom.
  • Spots of blood on your sheets – this could be from crushing bedbugs as you move around in bed.


Do your bit to prevent the spread of bugs, too. ‘Reducing the probability of transferring infested stuff into our homes is the best thing we can do,’ says Kenneth. ‘In higher density dwellings, we could avoid moving boxes, bags and other things back and forth between different individual units. We can increase the number of links that it would take to make it into our homes. ‘When traveling it would be better to keep our luggage away from beds or surrounding floors. If I am concerned that a hotel room might have been infested, then I would put my clothes through a hot clothes dryer.


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