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Cyclist Dies Following Collision With Car In Deptford, South London

A man has died following a road traffic collision in Deptford.

Police were called at approximately 10:15hrs on Saturday, 29 September to reports of a car in collision with a cyclist in Evelyn Street, near the junction with Bestwood Street, SE8.

London Ambulance Service attended and the cyclist – a man (no further details) – was pronounced dead at the scene.

Enquiries are underway to establish his identity and inform next of kin.

The driver of the car stopped at the scene.

There have been no arrests; enquiries into the circumstances remain ongoing.

Anyone with information or who witnessed the collision is asked to contact police via 101 and quote CAD 2431/29Sep.

Road closures remain in place around the scene and motorists are advised to avoid the area if possible.

Quick Beauty Secrets For Older Women

We’ve all seen the tutorials, so we know that makeup has the power to transform.

The question is, can it transform you into a younger version of yourself? Yes, with the right tools and tips. Even if you’re a beginner with no makeup expertise to speak of, there are a few things you can do to effortlessly wind back the clock. Get started today and look as young as you feel with these 17 makeup tips for the mature among us.

1. Skip the powder.

The very nature of powder is that coats and mattifies our faces. If you’re oily, this can be great, but oil production slows as we age. As we get older, powder starts looking dry, ashy, and dusty on our skin, which visually ages us. What we really want is a youthful glow.

Instead of powder, use a setting spray to keep makeup in place. Add an extra layer of moisturizer to dry or dehydrated areas before applying any makeup. Many finer lines can be reduced or eliminated with extra hydration. Additionally, use liquid foundation with light-reflecting particles, and cream blushes and bronzers. (Continue onto the next slide for more tips)

2. Translucent Powder Lashes

So you’re going to ditch the powder that’s been aging your skin. But you also want thicker lashes, so don’t throw it away just yet. You can use a loose powder to coat and prime your lashes before applying mascara. Only have pressed powder? It’s easy to loosen up with a clean mascara wand.

Use the wand to dust the powder onto your lashes. Apply two coats of mascara, wiggling the wand in at the root. From there, sweep up and inward toward your nose. Use a clean brush to sweep away any excess powder that fell out of bounds.

3. Baby Oil Makeup Remover

Eyelash loss and thinning is another side effect of getting a little older. It’s totally normal, but one thing you can do to slow this down is remove every single trace of mascara every single night. From there, you want to keep the lashes you do have conditioned. To make sure you never have an excuse not to do this, have some baby oil on hand in addition to your regular remover.

It’s gentle enough for babies, true, but you still don’t want to get the oil directly in your eye. Drip a few drops on a cotton round. With your eye closed, swipe the round gently back and forth. Apply one more drop to the other side of the round and repeat to clean up any smears. All clean!

4. Apply eyelash glue with a bobby pin.

So, saving your eyelashes hasn’t really worked out. The good news is that false eyelashes are easier to pull off than you think. First, begin with a “natural” looking strip where the lashes aren’t too dense. Cut off the inner third of the strip; you’ll only be applying to the outer two-thirds of the eye.

Next, take the bulbous end of a bobby pin and drop a dab of eyelash glue on it. Use the bobby pin to lightly coat the lash strip in glue. Wait for five to ten seconds to let it firm up just a bit. Now, use tweezers to carefully “drop” the lash strip directly on top of your lash line. Press it on gently as it dries all the way.

5. Forget Fake Lashes – Do This Instead


Are you tired of layering on coat after coat of mascara every morning or struggling to apply messy false lashes? These quick fixes are time-consuming and often give your eyes a “fake” or “overly done up” appearance that studies have shown is unattractive to men.

It’s hard to resist the temptation to suffocate your eyelashes in tons of goopy product. After all, eyelash enhancers are the latest craze to hit the beauty industry: Extensions for longer lashes, specially formulated mascaras for fuller, darker lashes, and prescription supplements that claim all of the above. There are so many options that it’s become increasingly difficult to determine what works and what doesn’t in the wide world of lash enhancement.

Fortunately, one of our readers Jessica from London learned a trick that stylists don’t want you to know. She read a beauty article that revealed the best lash product you’ve never heard of. Victoria Secret supermodels have secretly (no pun intended) been using it for years! The best part is, you can try it yourself! Daily application of new powerful Lash Revitalization serums takes just seconds and has been proven to create longer, thicker, denser lashes in just days. What’s the secret ingredient that makes Lash Revitalization Serum so groundbreaking and dramatically effective? The clinically tested formula contains enzymes, peptides, anti-oxidants and vitamins that are essential for lash growth and health. The women who used these miracle serums saw a dramatic improvement in younger looking eyes.

6. Make your Own Lip Color

We’re all working with what we’ve got. If you’re the type of person who’s really particular about lip color and doesn’t want to try on a million different shades, experiment with creating your own. Use a blush or shadow in a color that you find flattering.

Take a tweezer or bobby pin and scrape some of the powder out. On a clean surface, mix it with clear lip balm or some petroleum jelly. If it isn’t deep enough, add more pigment. If it’s too deep, add in more balm. Total control!

9. Business Card Trick

Business cards, credit cards, key cards – these are all beauty tools. If the outer corner of your eye is drooping a little, whip one out. Place it at an angle up and out from the outer corner of your eye. You can now apply shadow and liner without worrying about going a millimeter too low and dragging your eye down.

Also employ this trick when you’re using a mascara with a messy wand or thick formula. Hold the card behind your lashes, against your eyelid, and go as crazy as you’d like. When you pull it away, there’s no mess.

Wicked Teachers Made Girl Having Her First Period Sit Through Lesson In Blood Soaked Clothes

A Girl sat in blood-soaked clothes after teacher said she couldn’t go to the toilet.

Her mum is guming after her 11-year-old daughter was forced to sit through lessons in blood-soaked clothing – because her teacher refused to let her go to the toilet when she got her first period.

The distraught girl, who was experiencing her first menstrual bleed, went home with bloody knickers, tights and shorts following the incident.

Her furious mum has slammed Hastings Academy and said staff told the Year 7 pupil she would need a ‘toilet pass’ to allow her out of lessons but she could only obtain it with a doctor’s certificate costing £15.

She said it took teachers two days to finally acknowledge her daughter’s natural predicament.

The mum from Hastings, who wished not to be named to protect her daughter, said: ‘I cannot see why I am paying £15 for my daughter to use the toilet for something that is no fault of her own.’

She said her doctor was ‘gobsmacked’ by the school’s demand, but wrote a letter anyway. However she said a toilet pass was not issued until Wednesday. The mum added: ‘It’s her first proper period and it started on the Saturday. It was quite a lot. ‘Monday morning she got up and said it was still really bad. I said she could have the day off school, but she wanted to go.’

The incident has left the girl feeling anxious. Her mum said: ‘She’s frightened in case it comes through on a chair and she has to clean it with her skirt.’

The mum said two female members of staff had asked her what action the doctor was going to take to lighten her daughter’s flow. She said: ‘I said I did not agree with giving my daughter something to stop something which is natural being a woman.

‘I also raised a concern about staff members smoking outside. They said they have to allocate smoking breaks. ‘It’s a choice to smoke, but not a choice to have a period.

‘She’s at school on time every day, fully prepared, in full uniform, smart, presentable and she’s doing everything the school asks and they can’t give her that bit of leeway.’ A spokesman for the University of Brighton Academies Trust, which runs Hastings Academy, said: ‘We are extremely sorry for the upset caused to the student and her family. ‘Students’ welfare is our paramount concern and staff at all of our academies work extremely hard to ensure their safety, comfort and well-being.

‘We do have a practice of issuing toilet passes at The Hastings Academy. ‘This was introduced to avoid the abuse of toilet breaks during lesson time.

‘We initiated a system of toilet passes to counter this problem and this has succeeded in addressing the issue. ‘In this particular case, a toilet pass was issued the next morning. ‘We are committed to ensuring that we have a responsive and flexible toilet pass system, and will be reviewing the practice to see if any improvement can be made. ‘Medical certificates are only required in certain circumstances but we accept they are an additional cost. ‘This issue is something we will also be reviewing.’

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RACIAL DISCRIMINATION SCANDAL: Black NHS Doctors Paid £10,000 A Year Less Than White Colleagues

Black doctors in the NHS are paid on average almost £10,000 a year less and black nurses £2,700 less than their white counterparts, the biggest study of earnings by ethnicity has found.

The revelations, based on analysis of 750,000 staff salaries in the NHS in England, prompted claims of racial discrimination.

Black female doctors earn £9,612 a year less and black male doctors £9,492 a year less than white ones, the research exercise by NHS Digital, the service’s statistical arm, found.

Black female nurses and midwives earn £2,700 a year less and black male nurses and midwives £1,872 a year less.

Black personnel – those who defined themselves as black/African/Caribbean/black British – are also paid much less than white colleagues across the entire range of roles performed in the health service, NHS Digital found.

Black men working in the NHS across all job types earn £5,796 less than white peers and £7,272 less than the average male pay. The equivalent gaps for black women are much smaller but still visible, at £1,980 and £2,172 respectively.

Dr Chaand Nagpaul, the chair of the British Medical Association, the doctors’ union, said: “BME doctors make up more than a third of the medical workforce and play a vital role, day in day out, delivering care to patients across the country. Yet these figures confirm that they, alongside wider NHS staff, continue to face unacceptable barriers, penalties and discrimination in the health service.

“It cannot be right that in 21st-century Britain there are such wide gaps in pay between white and BME doctors when, irrespective of their background, they hold positions to deliver the same care to patients.”

The 750,000 staff whom NHS Digital examined ranged from porters to neurosurgeons. It broke down the findings only for doctors, nurses/midwives and managers, and not for each of the 300 or so job roles in the NHS.

The Royal College of Nursing said the pay gaps were “enormous” and underlined the “appalling” under-representation of people from minority ethnic backgrounds in senior NHS roles.

Donna Kinnair, the RCN’s acting chief executive, said: “As a black woman who spent a career in NHS nursing, nobody feels stronger about this than me. For the first time these figures show the shocking scale of the challenge we face to ensure BAME staff are represented at every level of our healthcare system.

“The enormous pay gaps highlighted here reflect the appalling lack of diversity at senior levels in the NHS. BAME staff make up 25% of NHS workforce, yet this dwindles to just 7% of senior managers. This lack of diversity means the NHS leadership fails to reflect the population it serves.”

It is the second recent study to identify a substantial pay gap between white and minority ethnic doctors. According to the findings of Prof John Appleby, of the Nuffield Trust thinktank, published in the British Medical Journal this month, white consultants (senior hospital doctors) are paid on average £4,664 a year more than those from any sort of BME background, not just of black origin.

Read more at The Guardian


A man has been arrested for chasing a plane at an airport after missing his flight.

The man, in his 20s, was held on Thursday morning after pursuing the Ryanair plane at Dublin Airport.

It is understood that a man and a woman were late for the flight to Amsterdam.

After talking to staff at the gate, the man broke through the door and began running towards the plane.

Declan Harvey, who was watching from the airport, said he could hear the man shouting “Wait!” as the plane taxied to the runway, before he was tackled to the ground by airport staff.

The flight was momentarily delayed.

A Dublin Airport spokeswoman said the man had become agitated after being told he could not board his flight.

Ryanair-strikes“He was banging on the window to try and get the aircraft to wait and he then broke through a door and made his way on to the apron, trying to flag the aircraft down.

“He was initially restrained by Ryanair staff on the apron, and airport police, who had already been contacted, arrived on the scene almost immediately and arrested him.

“He was taken to the airport police station and will be handed over to the gardai.”

Officers confirmed they were called to the scene of an incident at Dublin Airport that occurred around 7am.

The man was taken to Ballymun Garda Station for questioning.


Manchester Evening News

Police Officers Hide On Double Decker Buses To Spy On And Catch Drivers Using Mobile Phones

Police officers have been spying on drivers using the phones at the wheel while sat on the top deck of double decker buses.

The new technique for catching people out has been used successfully by officers in the West Midlands. They are now asking members of the public sat on double deckers to also video any drivers they see on their phones to help police crack down on the offence.

Police sit on double decker buses to catch drivers on their phones

The motorists that were caught in the act were stopped by police shortly afterwards and shown a VR video of the ‘consequences’ of their actions.


The video ‘punishment’ showed people getting injured as a result of a driver using their mobile at the wheel.

The BBC reported that any offenders caught by officers on the buses would be contacted retrospectively by post with a £200 fine and six points on their licence.

A spokesman for West Midlands Police said the force is planning to continue the initiative from the top deck.

In a report by BBC News on the new policing method, an officer is filmed catching a driver texting at the wheel of their Range Rover.

One driver was caught texting at the wheel, while another said they had been sending emails in the BBC film (Picture: BBC News)

Another driver was brought back to a central zone, agreeing to be on camera and even interviewed. He said he was aware he was breaking the law when ‘checking his emails’.

The driver, Michael Neel, said he was surprised to be pulled over but said it would act as a future deterrent. PC Mark Hodson, speaking from the top of a double decker, said: ‘Most of the offending is done in their lap, so unless we have a vantage point we can’t actually see if they’re committing the offence or not because we actually have to see the phone.


‘And so, this gives us the ideal position to that from and not only that but we can train up all our neighbourhood policing PCSO’s and PCs to do exactly the same when they go on normal bus journeys in their own communities.’

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Hundreds Run Naked Into Freezing North Sea To Celebrate Arrival Of Autumn

HUNDREDS of skinny dippers ran into the North Sea to celebrate the arrival of the Autumn Equinox this morning.

600 people ditched their clothes and charged into chilly waters at sunrise as part of the North East Skinny Dip.

Hundreds of skinny dippers charged into the North Sea this morning

Some of the in the buff bunch held hands as they raced into the briny off the coast of Druridge Bay, Northumberland

The naked horde fully embraced the freeing experience by splashing and paddling in the cold water.

Before taking the nude plunge, dippers were wowed by a female fire dancer and a percussion band as they gathered on the beach.

There were camp fires glowing as the growing crowd got ready to whip their kit off.

The in the buff swimmers charged into Druidge Bay in Northumberland
Some held hands as they braved the frigid waters
The annual event celebrates the autumn equinox

Jax Higginson organises the annual event, which is now in its seventh year, to raise money for Mind.

Artist Jax, who joined the nude crowd as they ran into the sea, has so far raised over £30,000 for the mental health charity.

Jax, from Sunderland, said: “It was really cold and really wild.

“We had at least 600 skinny-dippers taking part this year – 200 more people than we did last year.

“I have never ran into the sea with 600 people before, it was a first for me.

The event is entering its seventh year and has seen a steady growth in numbers
The event is organised to raise money for the mental health charity Mind.
Before they stormed into the sea they were treated to fire dance on the beach

Jax Higginson organises the annual event and has so far raised more than £30,000 for the charity
The fire dancer put on a spectacular display as they waited for dawn to break before dashing into the sea
One couple leap into the air as they charge into the freezing sea

A woman takes a seat in the surf as the sun rises during the event

“It made a big difference to the atmosphere. There were lots of people gathering on the beach this morning and lots of excitement.

“People do it for different reasons. Some people do it as a crazy, wild experience to step out of their comfort zone, some people do it to connect with nature and other people do it to celebrate life and their bodies.

“We always do it as close to the Autumn Equinox as possible. This is the first time we have dipped on the actual day of the Equinox.

“The exact moment was 2.30am this morning and we ran into the sea a few hours after.

“We had the most perfect conditions. It was really still and clear and we had some wild waves. It was wonderful.

“Every year I am just blown away by the people that commit to it and support it – I’m really grateful.”

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