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Sick Drunks Rape Pregnant Goat To Death

A pregnant goat has died after allegedly being gang raped by a group of eight drunk men.

The animal’s horrified owner told police he caught the men in the act after being alerted to her pain-filled bleating, reports Indian publication The Tribune .

The owner, named only as Aslup, said he then discovered the goat had died.

He believed the men had stolen the goat and taken her to a deserted house where they are claimed to have carried out the depraved act.

According to reports, as Alsup confronted the men, five fled, but three stayed behind and dared him to report the incident.

He said the seven-year-old goat was unable to walk or eat after the depraved attack, and the animal died the next day despite his attempts to save it.

“I took it home and applied medicines on the wounds on its head and nose. It did not eat anything the next day and was lying as if it was paralysed.”

Aslup, 27, claims one of the suspects later made a sick boast that he and his pals “had a nice time” with the goat, which was the last in his herd after three others were snatched by thieves.

Police in Nuh, India, are now seeking the suspects, three of whom were identified by the owner.

Aslup claims that the suspects were drunk at the time and also drug addicts.

Guest Bloggers Corner: Working On A Marriage Should Not Be A Wife-Only Responsibility


“There is a popular yet very erroneous societal notion that only Men leave or can leave marriages.

It’s not boldly written down anywhere but it’s covertly and sometimes overtly asserted in words and actions.

Yesterday, I was tagged to a post about a woman who made a choice not to change her name after marriage. Her husband who’s insisting that she must take on his name has become so livid, that he doesn’t speak to her anymore, sleeps in a different room, generally exhibiting rancorous behavior, which is adversely affecting the marriage and she needed some guidance.

I found comments from loads of men and women on that thread somewhat discomfiting; not because they demanded that she change her name (I mean, we are in Nigeria, it’s a given that many people still think there’s some rule book that compels a woman to take on her husband’s name) but because of the subtle threats continuously made to her that she would lose her marriage if she doesn’t conform, and how it was her duty to save her marriage etc

Repeatedly, the comments encouraged her to “OBEY” her husband, do his BIDDING, SUBMIT to his demands, CONFORM to his dictates OR ElSE she would be so unfortunate to LOSE her marriage…

The whole time I’m thinking in my head 🤔, do these people know that women leave marriages too? That wives leave husbands?

How is it, no one, and I mean no one speaks to a man (husband) using these threats? No one says to him; stop drinking too much, stop abusing your wife, stop this highhandedness, stop this vitriolic speech, stop this stingy nature OR ELSE you will lose your wife…

I mean, the man in the post is neglecting his wife, moved out of their matrimonial bed, doesn’t speak to her, creates a hostile living environment in that marriage and no one says to him he could lose his marriage if he continues to be unreasonable?. No one, not her parents, his parents, his friends, her friends etc No one.

The focus is always on the woman to preserve her marriage, to build her home, to change, to conform, to keep it together because marriage is fragile and it’s her sole duty to understand the fragility of marriage else she could lose it.

Women!! What an Insecure position we’ve found ourselves, right?

It appears that women need this “Marriage” so much more and men can really do without it. So that we are the ones constantly at risk of losing the marriage.

The man remains in a secure position in this regard. He is immune to the effects of a broken marriage and in any case ,a marriage can only be broken at his instance 🤣🤣🤣🤣

This notion 🖕up there has led many men astray. So many men have lost their wives and marriages to this fallacious mental conditioning.

I left my marriage. I was the party in my marriage that said; I have had enough, I am putting an end to this charade.

Prior to that decision, I was the recipient of these kinds of advice that end with the threat – you will lose your marriage.

People expected that I do the fasting and praying, that I conform to his demands, that I adjust my expectations, that I accommodate his bad behavior, that I tolerate his abuse, that I manage the home. The burden of the success of the marriage was placed heavily on my shoulders, because I was the woman, the wife, the most likely to be THE LEFT, cos apparently, by virtue of my gender,I needed the marriage.🤣🤣

My ex would throw such comments at me flippantly… Esiri!! You have no choice but to change for me, OR ELSE, shey you see this marriage …… 🤣🤣🤣.

He would repeat same🖕 in his usual braggadocio, to friends and family who intervened to help resolve issues… and they in turn will plead with him; 👉calm down, take it easy, you know she is young, exercise some patience, we will talk to her.

My brother-in-law once said to me, you see Esiri, in a marriage, the man is never wrong. You are the wife, whatever happens, you would kneel down and beg your husband for the sake of peace. 🤣🤣🤣Wowooo!!

And the whole time, I’m wondering why people thought my ex was the only one with the ability to leave the marriage. It always left me perplexed how no one said to him that I could or would leave him if he didn’t change.

How and Why was no one anticipating my likely exit? Isn’t there life for a woman outside of her marriage? Is there a rule book that says a woman cannot initiate a divorce? Why did people peg me as the party who would be left and solely suffer the gruesome effects of a broken marriage. I couldn’t understand it.

Perhaps, if this harmful notion was not in play someone could have advised my ex properly.

Someone would have said to him, if you don’t change, if you don’t treat her better, if you don’t make your marriage a priority, if you don’t stay committed, if you don’t stop disrespecting her, if you do not show her love, if you don’t stop this rancorous behavior, you will lose your marriage. Esiri, will leave you.

Sadly no one did, if he ever heard those words then they must have been very few and far between for his recollection that they made no impact.

It is high time we stopped feeding this fear via subtle threats made to women on the dissolution of marriage by their husbands.

It is also time that Men are told the truth and made to understand the realities on ground.

Let’s be real;

Men need and desire to be part of the Institution of Marriage Just as women do;

Men need Wives as Women Need Husbands;

The Stigma society attaches to older unmarried women also affects men of the same category in a substantial proportion.
For example in Nigeria, an older man (ie approaching his 40’s and above) who is not married is regarded as irresponsible, mocked & nicknamed “King of Boys” even vying for a political position as an unmarried man is a basis upon which he can be discriminated against;

The effects of a Divorce are hurtful to Men as much as they are to women, sometimes even much more;

A lot of men rush to get married again after a divorce, to save face, to mitigate the loss of comfort and succor that a wife brings and some even do so to quickly start making new babies as they believe they may not be able to count on the children born to them by their ex wife in future;

Women leave and are leaving marriages on a daily basis as much as men are;

Women cheat on their spouses as much as Men do;

Do not let anyone tell you any different. If that marriage is important to you. Stop forming macho man, boning face, ignoring food and sleeping in a different room because you are Gender M;

Sit down with your spouse and work things out. Try to promote a peaceful, loving and comfortable environment in your marriage as much as is possible.

Men!! – Build your Home, Protect your marriage,Be reasonable, Pray for your spouse also.

Let no one lie to you that you are the Man of the house and so your wife must conform.

In resorting to all divisive tactics to manipulate and bend your wife’s will, you may end up breaking it and she’ll Usain Bolt her way out of that marriage before you know it.

Ladies, wherever there is a settled notion in any relationship, that one party needs the union over and above the other, it becomes slavish to the desiring party in no time.

I don’t know about you, but I am just as happy to stay married/be in a relationship with a man as he is happy to be in it with me.

You should not let anyone cajole you into being committed and dedicated to keeping and building a marriage which your spouse is way too excited to flagrantly discard in the bin… it’s a Slave Alert.. Be warned.

You should be working towards the continuous ENJOYMENT of your marriage not a continuous ENDURANCE of your marriage”


Esiri Ukueku-Uduaghan


Baby Dies After Mother Forgets Him On Backseat Of Boiling Car And Does Full Work Shift

A three-month-old baby has died after being left in a hot car when his mother forgot to drop him off at nursery.

Aiden Miller’s father Aaron revealed that the boy’s mother only realised something was amiss when she finished her shift and went to get in her car but could smell his body.

He told Wave TV: ‘She said she opened the car door and was like “what is that smell?” and she noticed Aiden was still in the back seat.’

Aiden Miller was found dead by his mother in the back of his car.

Police said emergency personnel received a call seeking medical aid for an unresponsive infant outside a business.

They are now investigating the death.

Aiden was pronounced dead at a hospital in the city just north of Louisville, Kentucky.

Mr Turner said the child’s mother was supposed to drop their two children off at different daycare centres.

The mother dropped her daughter off, but Aiden remained in the car’s back seat in the car park outside her workplace.

He was found dead outside his mother’s place of work.

(Picture: Google Street View)

He added: ‘I still don’t understand how that happened. Obviously it happens. It just happened in my family. It doesn’t get any closer to home than this.

‘Keep in mind that that baby is the number one priority. It is inexcusable for any kid to have to go through and for parents to have to lose a child like this.

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Royal Mail Hit By Fall In Junk Mail Delivery Following Introduction Of GDPR Law

Royal Mail has reported a further fall in the number of letters it delivers for businesses, after new data privacy laws reduced the amount of junk mail sent.

The FTSE 100 company said letter revenues fell 7% in the three months to 24 June, with volumes down 6%. Excluding the boost from last year’s election mailings, letter revenues declined 5% year on year.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), introduced in May to protect European citizens from the misuse of their personal data, has deterred some businesses from sending junk mail, said Royal Mail.

New GDPR laws mean companies are sending much fewer marketing materials

“We are monitoring any potential impact closely,” it said. “We continue to work with customers to find solutions for their marketing mail needs.”

The group warned in May that the number of letters delivered would fall by between 4% and 6% this year. It said on Tuesday: “Due to the potential impact of GDPR and, or, if business uncertainty persists, we still expect to be at the higher end of the range of decline for 2018-19 and may fall outside the range in a period.”

Royal Mail’s parcel revenues rose 6% in the quarter, boosted by the growth of e-commerce. Overall revenues at its UK business fell by 1%. Royal Mail also has an international parcels business, where volumes rose 10% and revenues were up 11%.

Royal Mail had been locked into a long dispute with the Communication Workers Union over pay, pensions and conditions but management struck a deal in February. The company said it is making progress with trials and initiatives under the agreement.

Richard Hunter, the head of markets at online trading platform Interactive Investor, said: “The fact that letters and cards are slowly being consigned to history has long been known, but Royal Mail has, for the most part, been able to replace this lost business within a burgeoning parcels market. In particular, its European business, GLS, continues to shine.”

However, he flagged rising competition in parcels delivery from Deutsche Post and Amazon.

Royal Mail shares rose 3.5% in early trading.

Tips For Responsible Social Media Usage

1. The moment you “post” something on a social media page (twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, …), you loose control over it.

2. As long as you post it, you are “fully responsible” for every content of everything you post, even if you forwarded it from someone else. There is nothing like “I just posted as received from somewhere”.

3. Due to 2 above, it is important you “verify” both content and source of whatever information you have “before posting”

4. Be ready to answer every question relating to every post you send. Don’t post it if you can’t answer for it.

5. Note that, “not everything posted on social media is true”.
A picture/video may be totally unrelated to the text accompanying it.

6. People have various agenda and motives for posting stuff on social media. Be careful you do not propagate someone else’s evil agenda.

7. It may cost you your reputation, respect, friendships or even your life when you broadcast, propagate or disseminate news, stories, reports or jokes that you may not have verified, proven, confirmed or censored.

8. When you fail in #7 above, it may be difficult to regain your reputation.

9. Some posts are outdated and have been circulating for a year or more before you got it.

10. Google the subject matter before you share, and you will often find a disclaimer.

11. Your post(s) most times are seen as your reflection or the kind of person you are.

Calling A Politician “Prostitute” Is An Insult To The Profession

Sexual prostitutes have more integrity than politicians particularly Nigerian ones.

With a prostitute:

●What you see is what you get. You know exactly who they are. No 2-face.

●They will only serve 1 client at a time.

●You pay-they perform.

●They will never over-charge or short change you

●And if they can’t ‘do you’ they won’t take your money.

●Their loyalty to their customers is unshakeable.

●A prostitute only belongs to 1 pimp

●A prostitute well never leave till the job is done and she will make sure you get your money’s worth

●A prostitutè cares about her reputation and her client’s satisfaction.

Can you say the same about Nigerian politicians?

Calling our politicians prostitutes is a great insult to the profession.

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Baroness J


As Britain roasts in the hottest summer for decades, here are a few tips for staying cool in the heat – especially for Africans for whom hot weather has now become alien:

•Draw the curtains in rooms facing the sun

•Opening windows will let in a breeze, but also hot air. Open them in the evening when the temperature drops

•Electrical appliances all emitt heat. If your room is packed with electrical devices like, TVs, games consoles and other electrical devices turn them off and unplug if you can

•If you don’t have an air conditioner, put a bowl of ice or a few frozen water bottles in front of your fan for extra-cold air

•A cold, wet cloth on areas like your neck or wrists can also help lower your temperature

•A spray bottle with water is handy to carry when out as you can get a quick cooling mist especially if you travel on the underground which can get extremely hot

•Bear in mind that alcohol and drinks with caffeine can make you more dehydrated

•Drink lots of water – take a bottle with you when travelling

•Isotonic sports drinks are also good as they replace the minerals you lose in sweat

•Try to keep out of the sun between 11am and 3pm

•Tight fitted outfits are not best when it’s 34C – go for light, loose-fitting clothes

•Wear a hat, put on sunscreen and walk in the shade

•If possible, avoid exercise and physical exertion in the hottest part of the day

•Light, loose-fitting cotton clothes will help keep you cool. Avoid dark-coloured garments

A heatwave alert was issued by the Met Office on Monday, warning that temperatures would rise above 30C (86F) for at least two consecutive days and remain about 15C (59F) at night.

Councils are urging people to check on vulnerable neighbours as the UK swelters in temperatures that could top 34C (93F) by the end of the week.

Forecasters say it could hit 34C or even hotter in southeastern England on Thursday and Friday.