Day: June 13, 2018

Necromancy, Shinannigans And Betrayals, Toyin and Otunba Femi: A Critical Approach by Kemi Ajayi

Manchester, UK based social critic and social media commentator Kemi Ajayi wrote on the fast spreading Toyin, Otunba femi and Alhaja Sheri saga:

My final submission after listening to both sides of the story between Otunba Femi and his girlfriend Toyin on social media.

The current shenanigans between Toyin and Otunba Femi is a big lesson to everyone. We should be very careful of the people around us, especially people we have a close relationship with. This current drama involves 5 major actors with some similarities and my imaginative characteristics.

TOYIN: a selfish and self- centered woman with a very low self esteem whose ways of proving her self worthiness are through fame and wealth regardless of the source of wealth. She is a FETISH woman, whose desperation for wealth and fame led to the betrayal of her friend Sheri. Her life of dishonesty, deception, philandering and greed led her into having an affair with Otunba Femi. Her delusional belief and fixation on occultic and black magical power led her to Alfa Shehu who ultimately destroyed her. Toyin might look like a brave, elegant and flamboyant lady but i see her as an insecure lady with a very low self esteem. A desperado who will do anything to get what she wants. She was gullible enough to take nude photographs with Femi in an oath that they will be loyal to each other and as part of their money making rituals. The photographs that were eventually used as evidence by other actors to destroy her. She was destroyed by diabolism, greed, lies, deception and desperation for wealth. It is obvious that she has lost torch with reality possibly through an evil spell and she is emotionally unstable hence needs deliverance, Devine intervention and psychological help.

Otunba- he has similar chacteristics with Toyin. A selfish and self centred man who will do anything to get rich quick. A man who has been preying on women all his life. A very smart and cunny 419 man who carefully chooses his victims, most of whom are women. Men like him are popularly referred to as “”faworaja” or gigolo. This actor is FETISH, he is desperate for wealth and status in the society. His fake lifestyle, years of deception, lies, blackmail and desperation for wealth and status led him to betray his girlfriend Sheri and ultimately Toyin. He is the main actor, the mastermind in this ridiculous act of shame. He is a hater and an enemy of women. He uses women’s vulnerability and desperation for marriage in his 419 game of “come and marry” to deceive unsuspecting women. He is a suspicious and paranoid psychopath who is clearly unstable otherwise, he would not be recording videos of Toyin at the Alfa’s place from the onset, thereby gathering evidence for his criminal activities. He is a specialised blackmailer, a highly dangerous and diabolic man who might have used Sheri as a “black Catcher” in his 419 activities. He is the Master of the game.

Alfa Shehu- an opportunist with a very low self esteem, a man whose livelihood depends on lies and deceit. He has preyed on vulnerable people all his life in order to acquire wealth. His FETISH and diabolical lifestyle led him to meeting Toyin, Sheri and Otunba Femi. His years of deception, lies, betrayal, blackmail, selfishness, greed and desperation for wealth led to this allegation that he suggested money rituals to Toyin and Otunba Femi. His wickedness and criminal mind made him to ultimately join others to destroy Toyin.

Sheri- this actress no matter how innocent she looks might be the smoothest operator of them all. Her FETISH lifestyle led her to meeting Otunba Femi, Toyin and Alfa Shehu. She is a desperate woman with low self esteem who will do anything to get what she wants. Her years of lies, necromancy, deception, betrayal and her vindictive characteristics led to the exposure of the nude photographs.

Could she be the “black catcher” who has been planning this 419 activity with Otunba Femi until she was dumped by Otunba? is she innocent ? How can this FETISH actress be innocent when she has been patronising Alfa Shehu for black magic for a long time? Was she used to set Toyin up or is she also a victim? She claimed that she has been using “overdose” since Otunba left her……hmmm a perfect liar.

Toyin’s Husband – a victim of circumstances, who has bitten off more than he can chew. A man who is possibly in love with the wrong woman and who has been keeping up appearances all his life and covering up a lot of Toyin’s notorious activities. In the process, has allowed himself to engage in a FETISH lifestyle to protect his life and his home. Desperation for fame, love and money led him into this selective amnesia and lack of insight and being blind-folded into observing his wife’s notorious and criminal activities. Perhaps Toyin is the breadwinner of the family. His Greed and love of money made him to condone Toyin’s behaviour and put up deaf ears about his wife’s various extra marital affairs and illegal activities until the game was over.

If you carefully analyse the characters of these 5 players you will see that they have one or two things in common.

This is a lesson for all of us, especially women. We need to be careful of the people we associate with. According to the popular saying “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are” We must be very careful of the people we call our friends. We all have needs and sometimes seek help from people who we think are spiritually gifted than us but times have changed and we should know that these Alfa’s, babalawo, black magicians and fake Pastors are worthless people. Their ways of making ends meet are through lies and deceit and they do not care who suffers as long as they are not affected.

We are only speculating which is why I refer to the people involved as players and actors but these players are the only ones who know the truth.

All these people need psychological intervention. They are all suspicious and paranoid individuals who were out to outsmart one another until God destroyed and put an end to their evil activities.

Unfortunately, when two elephants fight, it is the ground that suffers. Toyin should now go back and review her life as well as seek advice regarding managing her family instead of keeping up appearances on Instagram.

The other players should review their lives too with the hope that the Lord awards punishments to them according to the numbers of lives that they have destroyed.


Have a fantastic day

Contributed by Kemi Ajayi

Nigerian Travellers Be Aware Of British Airways And Virgin’s New Fares Structure

I received several calls and messages following my post on Facebook last night about luggage allowances on flights to Nigeria from the UK.

It would seem that indeed VIRGIN now has 3 different tiers of economy flight fares to Nigeria

*Economy light*
*Premium Economy*
*Upper class economy*

*Economy light is for folks who only have the 10kg carry-on hand luggage.

*For premium you are entitled to 1; 10kg carry-on and 2; 23kg checked-in luggage. You pay an additional charge for extra luggage.

*Upper class entitles you to 1 carry-on and two checked-in luggage.

BA now has what it calls a hand luggage only booking with flights for passengers with checked in luggage attracting additional costs

More information can be found on their website

You would think that BA & VIRGIN would make these changes public rather than have people end up and be faced with the shocking news only when they arrive at the airport.

These changes also apply to other routes as well and not just Nigerian flights.

Travellers are advised to please check on the carrier’s website before you book your flight. Many agents don’t seem to yet be aware of the changes either.