Day: June 7, 2018

Drunk Estate Agent Stabs Wife To Death Over Small D*** Taunt and Lesbian Adultery

AN estate agent allegedly stabbed his wife to death in a drunken rage over her lesbian affair and taunts about having a “small d***”.

David Clark is accused of murdering his wife, Melanie, after they had taken part in drinking games, before he called 999 and confessed.

The 49-year-old told the operator “she f***ing did my head in” after attacking her at their Worcestershire home just before midnight on New Year’s Eve, Birmingham Crown Court heard today.

The jury was told the couple had been married for 10 years but had a turbulent relationship.

They had argued about a lesbian affair the 44-year-old South African-born woman had with one of their friends’ daughters.

Mrs Clark, who had four children from a previous relationship, was pronounced dead 12 minutes into the New Year.

 Clark is accused of attacking his wife at their Worcestershire home just before midnight on New Year's Eve


Just minutes later her two sons Sheldon, 22, and Slade, 19, returned from a party to see their stepdad arrested in blood-soaked pyjamas, the court was told.

In the hours before her death the jury heard the pair downed three bottles of Prosecco between them as they celebrated with friends.

The court heard Clark tried to kill himself with gas at their three-bed £200,000 home before police arrived and even begged officers to kill him.

Prosecutor Benjamin Aina QC said: “Melanie Clark had told her husband she wanted him to leave their home.

“He couldn’t take the rejection and killed his wife.

“They had been married for 10 years. They had no children together, but she was the mother of two boys and two girls from previous relationships.

“There was a bit of turbulence in the relationship between the defendant and his wife.”

 Police at the family home in Worcestershire, where she was found stabbed

Police at the family home in Worcestershire, where she was found stabbed

 The 44-year-old was found stabbed in her bedroom on New Year's Eve

The 44-year-old was found stabbed in her bedroom on New Year’s Eve

 Police swarmed over the family home after Melanie was stabbed to death

Police swarmed over the family home after Melanie was stabbed to death

 Evidence being carried out by an officer after Melanie's murder

Evidence being carried out by an officer after Melanie’s murder
 The couple had been celebrating New Year's Eve when she was killed at the family home

After a brief separation, the court heard Clark moved back into the family home in February last year but they slept in separate bedrooms.

Jurors heard by November Mrs Clark told friends she was “not happy”.

Mr Aina said: “The master bedroom of the house is the bedroom where Melanie slept. This is where the body was found.

“There was a knife that had been found near the body.

“It was about 10 minutes before midnight that David Clark telephoned the emergency services.

“He says to emergency operator ‘I’m sorry, I’ve killed my wife. My wife started being s*** again.

“I’m totally in love with my wife. She f***ing killed me and I had to stop her. I can’t believe I f***ing did it.

“I’m going to do myself in. I love my wife so much.

“She f***ing did my head in. I’m f***ing devastated. I don’t know why I did it’.

“When asked ‘what did you stab her with?’ he replied ‘I think a knife’.”

“During a later police interview, it came out that a friend of Melanie and David had a daughter – and she had had a lesbian encounter with Melanie. She had told David about this before.

“She brought it up again on the evening of the incident and he couldn’t remember what happened next.

“Even before they were married, she had made comments that he had a ‘small d***’. He had a complex about it.

“He only realised he had blood on his hands when he got to the police station.

“She had not been violent to him on the night she was killed.

“He kept a dagger-shaped cook’s knife in his room. Blood on the knife was later found to be that of Melanie.”

Clark denies murder. The trial continues.

Abuja Light Rail Will Boost Investments And Provide 20,000 Jobs – FCT Perm Sec

The Permanent Secretary, Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Chinyeaka Ohaa, has said that the coming into operation of the Abuja Light Rail service would accelerate FCT economy by boosting investments and creating job opportunities.

Ohaa gave the assurance on Thursday in Abuja when he led directors and management staff of the Administration on an inspection tour of the 78km Abuja Light Rail.

He reaffirmed FCT Administration’s commitment to ensuring that the Mass Transit service is inaugurated in a matter of weeks.

According to him, already the FCT Administration has written to the Presidency for a convenient date for its inauguration.

“The benefits of the project include the potential for over 20,000 jobs, aside boosting the economic fortunes of the Territory.’’

He said the Abuja Rail project which started in 2009 would help to curtail drastically traffic congestion in the nation’s capital city.

Ohaa added that all the necessary infrastructure and human personnel have been put in place for a successful event.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the tour of the project from the Metro Station up to the Airport Terminal station up to Kubwa station showed that about 98 per cent of the work has been completed.

The permanent secretary, who described the project as a new experience in Africa, added that he is impressed with the level of work done so far.

He further revealed that the facility has ample escalators and lifts for physically challenged and adequate security devices for protection of passengers.

Ohaa said that both President Muhammadu Buhari and FCT Minister have shown tremendous commitment to ensure the Abuja Rail Mass Transit comes on stream while calling on residents to own the project.


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