Day: April 6, 2018

The Story Of Taofeek Lamidi – One of London’s Knife Crime Victims Killed On New Year’s Eve (video)

Taofeek was a promising 20 year old looking forward to his 21st in January 2018.

But the New Year’s eve in London was a particularly bloody one as 4 young men were stabbed to death.

Taofeek was one of them.


The fitness fanatic grew up in the British social services system having lost his mother at a young age. His older brother was deported to Nigeria and he had no one.

He spent most of his time on the street and on friends’ couches.

This is Taofeek’s story. – Click to watch Video 




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Newham Under Temporary Section 60 Lock-down Order

Newham police are increasing their stop and search powers in reaction to a stabbing of a 13-year-old in Gainsborough Avenue yesterday.

Borough Commander Breen has authorised a section 60 order, which increases the right of the police to search people in a defined area if they believe serious violence is likely to take place

The order will be in place until Saturday at 6am.

Police were called after a 13-year-old was stabbed near Little Ilford Park on Thursday evening. Three youths were arrested on suspicion of grevious bodily harm.

The boy is in a serious but stable condition.

Section 60 orders of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 are only authorised when deemed a “proportionate and necessary response”. They are different to regular stop and searches as they require the authority of a senior officer and officers do not need reasonable grounds to believe the suspect is carrying a dangerous weapon to carry out a search.


MET Police Commissioner Cressida Dick has announced there will be more stop and search powers in London in an effort to “suppress” violence in the capital following a spate of brutal attacks

Speaking on LBC, Commissioner Cressida Dick said: “We will be doing more stopping and searching of people in an effort to suppress violence and of course to take weapons of the street.

Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick

“We will be doing more stop and search for weapons and indeed we have been doing more and more stop and search for the purpose of finding weapons.

“We have found more weapons.”

Ms Dick said over 300 police offers will be deployed on the streets of London over the weekend specifically to target knife crime in the areas most affected.

She added: “It is certainly not going to bring back people who were killed but, I think you will agree, this is not a job for the police alone. It really isn’t.”

The Commissioner also pledged to use “Al Capone” tactics in an effort to tackle London’s violent crime problem.


Prime Minister Theresa May reformed stop and search powers when she was the Home Secretary to make it harder for police to do stop and search. The move was part of an effort to build a better relationship between the police and public.

London mayor Sadiq Khan has faced increasing criticism for his record over crime in London during his tenure as Mayor.

The Mayor of London has faced particular scrutiny over the rise of knife crime after there were 80 fatal attacks in the capital last year and 55 so far in 2018.


No Further Action To Be Taken Against Pensioner Who Killed Burglar

The Metopolitan Police Service has announced that no further action will be taken against the pensioner who fatally wounded a would be burglar who attacked his family home last Tuesday

Henry Vincent was killed after he engaged in a scuffle with 78 year old Richard Osborn-Brooks after he raided the pensioners home with an accomplice who is now at large.

Mr Osborn-Brooks was arrested on suspicion of murder and released on bail pending further inquiries yesterday


The burglar was already under investigation over a break-in involving another elderly victim, it has emerged. He had several previous convictions, including conning elderly people out of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Burglar Henry Vincent

Vincent and several members of his family were jailed for more than 28 years in total in 2003 after conning £448,180 from vulnerable pensioners.

The group, which consisted of Vincent, his father Henry Charles Vincent and uncles, would target elderly victims and offer to fix ‘structural’ problems at their home for extortionate amounts of money.

Henry Charles Vincent
Henry Charles Vincent

This often involved escorting frail homeowners to banks to take out money. Members of the gang, believed to be part of the travelling community, convinced one pensioner to sign away their £150,000 home and also charged another man in his 80s £72,000 for a £50 job.



A witness said his alleged accomplice dragged him away towards a white van before leaving him for dead. He described seeing a white Vauxhall Astra van pull up next to a man “moaning and groaning” and ”bleeding heavily from his chest through his shirt”.

The van’s driver attempted to drag the man into the vehicle before driving off north when he noticed he was being watched, the witness said.

Police are still hunting for the surviving intruder.

The MPS made the astonishing announcement on Friday evening following calls from various member and sides of the public to release Brooks whose only crime was defending his home and family.

His wife was with him at the time of the attack.