Day: February 14, 2018

Read This Before You Go Online Dating If You Are Over 50

For a few years of her life, author Lucy Cavendish did online dating to death. She had became single at 44 and from and Plenty of Fish to Tinder, she tried them all. “As a middle-aged mother with four children, the mature dating arena was particularly fraught. It was nothing like when I was young and you met people through friends and work”, she said.

Instead, it was like stepping in to a world she no longer understood, that didn’t seem to work in any way she recognised.

Men she thought were single and available turned out to be married and available for only one thing. She became wise to this fact after her friend pointed out that a man she’d been talking to online and was very interested in never happened to be available to ‘chat’ at weekends.

There also seemed to be a particular lingo. ‘Favourite activities’, she discovered, referred to activities in the bedroom, rather than hobbies.

“So I felt for Edwina Currie – probably the only time I will ever have feelings for Edwina Currie” she joked – “when she said that online dating over a certain age is a nightmare”.



The former MP was apparently “startled” to discover many daters were only after sex. Mind you, for many middle-aged women, that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. Lucy actually knows loads of really attractive single women who all looking for sex. Many of them have come out of loveless, passionless long-term marriages and would be more than happy to have a one-night stand.

Lucy also believes that people view sex differently these days citing the example of several couples she knowsn – one who are actually getting married – who started with the sex and got to know each other later.

Conversely, she recalls meeting many men who were terrified of women, especially sexually rapacious ones. One rather artistic South African creative spent an entire evening telling her how distressing it was that women kept on trying to entice him in to bed.

But online dating in your middle ages can undoubtedly be a minefield of subterfuge and pitfalls. After four years in the trenches, Lucy finally met her match.  They had mutual friends on Facebook and he chatted her up by saying he liked her photograph.

They got married just before Christmas.

Looking back, Lucy says “If I am relieved, at 50, to be back out of the dating arena again, I am also determined to pass on my dating tips. Here’s what I wish I’d known before logging on..!


  1. No one puts their real age up online. Men who say they are 55 are actually 60 or even older. Also, photos mean nothing.
  2. Saying that, beware of anyone who posts photographs of themselves with their kids/ex/holding a pint of beer/strumming an air guitar/has half the picture ripped off (and it is obviously of his wedding day).
  3. Never, ever go out with a man who says he is “looking for cuddles”. This is not a euphemism for sex. It means he needs looking after and hasn’t grown up yet.
  4. If a man asks “what are you in to?” then what he means is “what sort of sex are you in to?” – if that’s OK with you, proceed. If not, run.
  5. Lots of men may well want sex but they have the same body hang-ups as women and many of them – ahem – no longer have the same libido as when they were years younger. This is a tricky area and one which, when we were all first dating, never had to think about.
  6. Be really sure about what you are looking for – if a man with his own house and a stable income is important, there is no point in dating the sad, miserable one who has been crucified by divorce and can’t afford to buy you dinner. They may be witty and handsome but it’s not going to work. I spent far too long dating men I felt sorry for rather than thinking about what I really wanted.
  7. Be aware that women and men are often looking for different things – some older men are looking for a carer, really. They can’t bear the idea of growing old alone and, underneath all the dating shtick, they are quite happy to put on their slippers.
  8. There are some really nice men out there, but they might be hopeless at dating. I’ve met men who are so nervous that they’ve fluffed the first date – gabbling on about their exes, for example – but got on much better when given a second chance.
  9. Always have a back up plan… I’d send a coded text to my best friend and she’d then text me pretending to be one of my children saying I had to go home immediately. It worked every time and it saves you from being rude.
  10. Be careful to make sure they are who they say they are. If someone chats you up, gets you in to bed but is never around at weekends, he is probably already married.

Health Warning Issued Against Zomi And Polifuds Palm Oil Brands

The Swiss government has issued a warning and a recall of Zomi and Polifuds brands of palm oil.

The Swiss Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO) warned that the colouring substance Scarlet Red (Sudan IV) had been discovered in the palm oil brands.

The banned substance was discovered by FSVO staff in Vaud, Switzerland.

The synthetic substance can metabolize into carcinogenic amines after it has been ingested. Amines are used to make some dyes.

This is just one of several recent warnings and recalls involving palm oil from Ghana. Consumers and users of Palm oil products are being warned to stay away and desist from using these brands.

ANC To Pass Motion Of No confidence In Zuma

The ANC parliamentary caucus on Wednesday agreed to table a motion of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma on Thursday, South African publication Times Live is reporting.

According to party insiders‚ National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete would schedule the Economic Freedom Fighters’ motion of no confidence for Thursday afternoon. The motion would then be amended by the ANC from the floor.

ANC sources said the deputy minister of communications, Tandi Mahambehlala, tried to start a debate on the matter‚ but she was shouted down by the majority of MPs.

Police Minister Fikile Mbalula talks to reporters after the ANC parliamentary caucus meeting on 14 February 2018.

Police Minister Fikile Mbalula talks to reporters after the ANC parliamentary caucus meeting on 14 February 2018. 
Image: Esa Alexander

The caucus met amid heightened political tensions within the governing party‚ which has failed to convince Zuma to leave office voluntarily.

The caucus was addressed by ANC treasurer-general Paul Mashatile on the day three people linked to the Hawks’ state capture investigation were arrested.

The elite squad earlier on Wednesday pounced on properties belonging to the Guptas‚ who have been fingered along with Zuma in allegations of state capture.

The caucus was initially meant to meet at 10am but that was pushed to 11am after expectations that Zuma would address the nation at the former time.

However‚ the Presidency later issued a statement suggesting Zuma was not yet ready to make a public announcement. There had been growing speculation that Zuma might step down after an ANC ultimatum.


Times Live

Trumps Personal Lawyer Admits To Paying Porn Star $130,000 Hush Money

For the first time since news of Donald Trump’s alleged affair with Stormy Daniels surfaced, the president’s longtime lawyer confirmed there was a payment made to the porn star.

Calling it “a private transaction,” Michael D. Cohen told the New York Times on Tuesday that he paid $130,000 out of his own pocket to Daniels, born Stephanie Clifford, in 2016.

Cohen, who worked as a counsel to the Trump Organization for more than a decade, also clarified that he has not been compensated by Trump.

“Neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign was a party to the transaction with Ms. Clifford, and neither reimbursed me for the payment, either directly or indirectly. The payment to Ms. Clifford was lawful, and was not a campaign contribution or a campaign expenditure by anyone,” Cohen said in a statement.

That same month, In Touch magazine published excerpts from a shelved 2011 interview with Daniels, in which she describes multiple alleged sexual encounters with Trump, including a July 2006 golf tournament in Lake Tahoe.

In a statement released by Cohen on her behalf, Daniels said allegations that she had a sexual or romantic affair with Trump were “completely false.”

On Jan. 30, a second statement seemingly issued by Daniels read: “I am not denying this affair because I was paid ‘hush money’ as has been reported in overseas owned tabloids. I am denying this affair because it never happened.”


However, hours later, during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Daniels hinted that the denial was not hers, pointing out the differences in her signatures when host Jimmy Kimmel showed collectibles that were previously autographed by her.

Police Arrest Drugs Trafficker Who Hid Cocaine In Fake Buttocks

Two men have been arrested after 1kg (2.2lb) of cocaine was found in a pair of fake buttocks at Lisbon Airport.

A Brazilian man carrying the two cushion-like implants, which were attached to a pair of swimming trunks, was detained by Portugal’s anti-narcotics agency.

Later, another man was arrested at a train station under suspicion of being due to receive the drugs.

It is not yet clear how police discovered the haul.

The cocaine stashed in the fake buttocks was equivalent to at least 5,000 individual portions of the drug, police said.

Drug possession and use is decriminalised in Portugal, but drug trafficking may incur prison sentences of up to 12 years.

Culled from SkyNews

US Gun Ownership Falls Under Trump Administration Forcing Major Gun Company Into Bankruptcy

For 200 years, Remington has been one of the most famous names in guns, supplying arms to soldiers in the civil war, both world wars and to generations of gun enthusiasts. Now it has met its match: the gun-friendly presidency of Donald Trump.

After a golden era of sales under Barack Obama, America’s gun manufacturers are in trouble. Sales have tumbled, leaving the companies with too much stock on their hands and falling revenues. The crunch claimed its biggest victim this week when Remington filed for bankruptcy.

The move does not mean the end. Remington is using the US’s chapter 11 bankruptcy law to offload $700m of its $950m in debt, and to restructure the company. But it does underscore the level of distress in the industry.

In December, American Outdoor Brands, the owner of Smith & Wesson, reported that its profits had fallen 90% year over year, from $32m to just $3.2m. Sales fell 36%. Last October, Sturm Ruger, the US’s largest firearm manufacturer, announced its quarterly revenues had fallen 35%. Both companies will report their latest results shortly but neither is expected to announce a dramatic increase in sales.

“They call it the Trump slump,” said Robert Spitzer, a professor at the State University of New York at Cortland and the author of five books on guns.

“Gun sales have become politicized to a great degree,” he said. “Gun purchases recently have been made not just because someone wants a new product but to make a statement; not just because of fears that there might be tighter regulation but also to make a statement against Obama.”

With Trump in the White House, said Spitzer, gun sales had sharply defaulted to their long-term trend of declining ownership rates.

“Gun ownership has been declining since the 1970s and there are now fewer gun owners than ever,” said Spitzer. Fewer people are hunting, younger people are less interested in gun ownership and the gun industry has had little success in its attempts to appeal to women and minorities.

The US has the highest rate of gun ownership in the world with 88 guns for every 100 people. But just 3% of the population owns an average of 17 guns each, with an estimated 7.7 million super-owners in possession of 140 guns apiece.

The surge of gun purchases under Obama was largely driven by sales to existing gun owners. Sales spiked on Obama’s re-election and after his calls for new laws in the wake of tragedies like the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012, which claimed the lives of 20 children and six adults.

Remington, owned by Cerberus Capital Management, made the Bushmaster AR-15 style rifle that was used in the Connecticut shooting. The company is being sued by the parents of the victims in the Connecticut supreme court.

After the shooting, Cerberus, whose billionaire chief executive Stephen Feinberg was a major Trump supporter, came under pressure from its investors to sell Remington.

But Cerberus struggled to find a buyer for the company and settled for letting its investors sell their shares in the company. The bankruptcy agreement will let Cerberus sever its ties with Remington.

Mass shootings continued apace every year since 2012, including the worst attack in modern US history last year, when a gunman killed 58 people and himself in Las Vegas. But with no threat of tighter gun laws, the gun industry has not seen the sales boost that mass killings produced under the Obama administration.

Spitzer said there may be better news aheads for the gun companies. In November, Americans return to the polls again for midterm elections, raising the possibility of major gains by Democrats, given Trump’s historically low poll numbers and a pattern of poor performance for the president’s party in midterms.

“If the Democrats do well, the gun industry and the NRA [National Rifle Association] will no doubt use it as an opportunity to issue dire warnings about gun rights. Their aim is to press as many guns into the hands of as many people as possible,” Spitzer said.

Culled from The Guardian

Man Catches Baby Just In Time As Wife Gives Birth In Hospital Corridor

Jesica Hogan, from Kansas, USA, welcomed baby Max in July last year and the incredible birth story has gone viral thanks to its unusual nature.

The birth occurred at the Via Christi Hospital in Manhattan, Kansas, and was captured by the Hogan’s birth photographers.

Jesica had been experiencing contractions for several days in the run up to the birth, and had even gone to hospital with husband Travis.

But the couple returned home after waiting for several days with nothing happening.

After returning home, Jesica worried she wouldn’t be able to tell when labour would actually start.

Writing on a blog post on her website, Jesica said: “I was losing faith in my ability to tell when I would actually be in labor, and losing faith that my body knew what it was doing.”

So when she started having contractions again, she didn’t think it would lead to birth, and even thought she may need to be induced.

She continued: “’I stayed awake contracting, yet again, until about 2 am. It was at that time that I wrote to a group of other expectant and fellow moms, complaining of those very same contractions and my fears of not making it to the hospital in time.

Oh that intuition is real, if only I had given some credit to that voice in the back of my head that night! Instead I finally decided that I would just drift off to sleep for a bit, assuring myself that I would know when it was time.”

Jesica then changed her mind when the pain of her contractions increased, and she told her husband: “I think this is it.”

Things went quickly after this, with Jesica’s waters breaking, and the couple worrying they wouldn’t make it to the hospital on time.

On route to the hospital, she felt the baby moving down everytime she had a contraction. No one came out as Travis pulled up to the hospital so he ran around the car to help his wife get out of the car

Describing the arrival, Jesica said: “I told him Baby was almost there. I also said I couldn’t get out, I felt as if Baby was ready to emerge. That feeling made it nearly impossible to move.

“He disappeared for a moment into the E.R. doors. I tried to maneuver out of the passenger seat so I could somehow walk inside in the few seconds break I had between contractions.

“I made it just past the second set of automatic doors, into the next hall, which luckily was not carpeted like the one we had just stepped out of.

I know at this point I said

something to the effect of, ‘Oh God, he’s here.’ I then started to take my pants off because I could feel my body pushing the baby’s head out.

“I reached down and could feel his head crowning with my hand. I looked at my husband and said, ‘Travis catch him!’

“Without any hesitation he did just that as I felt my body involuntarily pushing his head the rest of the way out.”

Nurses then rushed to help the mum with the rest of the birth and Jesica lay down in the corridor and was instructed to push.

She said: “With one more push as instructed by the nurse, and the only intentional push I gave, I felt the rest of his body come out.

Pictures by Little Leapling Photography

“He arrived on the floor just inside the entrance of the emergency room at 3:38 am. Less than 25 minutes from the time my water broke at home, and only a few moments after we stepped inside the hospital.

“It was my craziest birth, but also, the most perfect. It was not at all what I had planned, but it ended without any intervention, with a healthy baby, and amazing support people by our sides. It was beautiful and I’ll forever love every memory of it.”