Day: January 1, 2018

Fury At Clegg’s Knighthood As Two Separate Petitions Gather Over 50,00 Signatures

Nick Clegg’s Knighthood has been met with confusion and outrage with two petitions against him receiving the honour continuing to gain signatures – pushing past the 50,000 mark.

The former Lib Dem party leader, who lost his seat in the June snap election and has since written a book about stopping Brexit, was knighted for “public and political service”in the New Year’s honours list, for his five years as deputy prime minister.

News of the knighthood was controversial when it was leaked after Christmas, particularly angering Brexiteers who said ex-Ukip leader Nigel Farage should be honoured, and it prompted two petitions to be set up.

One of two petitions against Clegg being awarded a Knighthood


Petitions – Block Nick Clegg from receiving a Knighthood and We object to Nick Clegg being offered a Knighthood – were continuing to gain support on Saturday and collectively had over 56,000 signatures before midday.

One petition labelled Clegg a “failed politician” who broke a “major promise” to students in 2010 “just so he could get in bed with the Tories” and concluded that honouring him was “an insult to those who actually earned it”.

Clegg pledged to scrap tuition fees only to then vote for them to rise to nearly £9,000 as he teamed up with Tory leader David Cameron.

The second petition said: “To bestow a Knighthood on Nick Clegg is an insult to university students and all those who have voted to leave the EU.”

Much of the reaction to Clegg’s Knighthood centred around his “broken” promises.

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Ten Broken Nick Clegg Promises…and he still gets a Knighthood!

1. Tuition Fees
2. VAT
3. Tax Cut for Millionaires
4. Living Standards
5. NHS
6. Mansion Tax
7. Constitutional Reform
8. Sure Start
9. Police
10. Special Advisers

He said one thing & did another. Time after time.

How does a failed politician get a knighthood! You couldn’t even keep your seat for Sheffield Hallam and there’s a reason for that – I live there, I know!

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 Sir Nick the plank Clegg getting knighted unbelievable. Well done Barry Gibb well deserved giving us brilliant music for years. Fantastic pop group the Bee Gees. Nick Clegg everything that’s wrong with politics horrendus politician talks nonsense always.

What a joke. Nobody should be honoured for doing their job. You didn’t even do it well! Honours should be for heroes, charity workers and people who give up their time to good causes for free.

Ringo Starr = part of the most famous band in the world

Barry Gibb = wrote a string of pop classics

Nick Clegg = bit of a twat  

I wish I could ruin a party … lose my job … be a compulsive liar and receive a knighthood …
Step forward Sir Nick Clegg ! 

Giving Nick Clegg a knighthood is like giving a dog a treat after it shits in your slippers.

Clegg on Saturday tweeted that he was “grateful” to be included in the New Year Honours but added that the recognition “belongs as much to my team in government as it does to me”.

Grateful to have been included in the New Year Honours list in recognition of service over five years as DPM. The knighthood, in truth, belongs as much to my team in government as it does to me. 1/2

In a second tweet, Clegg attempted to “clear up a bit of confusion” that his Knighthood meant he would now serve in the House of Lords.

Because he has previously rubbished calls by his supporters for him to be honoured with a peerage and a seat in the House of Lords some wrongly assumed that by accepting a Knighthood, Clegg had effectively changed his mind.

Representatives in the House are appointed by the Queen on the advice of the prime minister and some, non-party-political members, are recommended by an independent body, the House of Lords Appointments Commission.

Both Sky News presenter Kay Burley and public agitator Katie Hopkins appeared to be confused by what a Knighthood means.

And just to clear up a bit of confusion, the knighthood does NOT mean I will serve in the House of Lords. My aversion to unelected Legislatures remains. 2/2

Some might wonder why accept the honour if one isn’t prepared to serve… 

While some of Hopkins’ followers happily accepted the misinterpreted link…

Others weren’t so easily fooled.

he isn’t Lord Clegg, he is Sir Nick Clegg. Clearly you haven’t got a clue as to what the difference is do you?


It’s a knighthood, Katie, not a peerage. He won’t be a Lord. he’ll just be Sir Cleggy to the obsequious few who think such things matter.

Burley’s followers weren’t having a bar of it.

He was knighted, not enobled. You know it’s not the same thing, right? He couldn’t serve in the Lords, even if he wanted to.

What on earth makes you think a knighthood gives you a seat in the Lords, Kay?

Some might, but those people would have a staggering lack of knowledge about how the honours system actually works.

Bring knighted doesn’t give you a seat in the Lords. He is simply clarifying in that tweet for those who (wrongly) accused him of such. I’m genuinely surprised by your tweet Kay

some might wonder why a journalist would comment on the honours system when she clearly doesn’t understand the system

Entire Family Of Five Wiped Out In Costa Rica New Year’s Eve Plane Crash

A family of five from Scarsdale was wiped out Sunday in a fiery small plane crash in Costa Rica that killed at least 10 American tourists and two pilots, according to reports from the Central American country.

No one survived when the single-engine Cessna smashed into a mountainous region in the province of Guancaste while en route to the beachside resort town of Punta Islita on the Pacific coast, officials said.

The victims included Bruce and Irene Steinberg and their sons, Matthew, William and Zachary.

Bruce Steinberg was a Yale-educated lawyer and his wife was active with the UJA-Federation of New York.

In 2015, she chaired the annual campaign kickoff of the organization’s Scarsdale Women’s Philanthropy group.

Senior Rabbi Jonathan Blake of the Westchester Reform Temple in Scarsdale told The Post that the family’s relatives — and the entire local community — were “deeply hurting.”

“All the Steinbergs will be remembered by their Scarsdale and the temple community as among the most devoted to the welfare of the Jewish community and the beauty of the Jewish tradition,’’ Blake said.

“They will be deeply missed.”

Allyson Simon, a Westchester Reform congregant, called it “a horrific story.”

Reports from Costa Rican media identified the other Americans as Mitchell Weiss, Leslie Levin Weiss, Hanna Mae Weiss, Amanda Rae Geissler and Gene Wing Szeto.

The Costa Rican crew members were identified as Juan Manuel Retana and Emma Ramos Calderon, Former Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla, who held office from 2010 to 2014, posted on Twitter that Retana was her cousin.

“Fatality gets in the way of family celebrations. Our beloved cousin dies as part of the crew of the plane crash in Guanacaste. Force your children and brothers and peace to your remains. You will remain in our dear heart # JuanManuelRetana,” she wrote.

Video posted online by the Web site shows burning wreckage next to what appears to be the tail section of the plane.

Security Minister Gustavo Mata said autopsies would be needed to confirm the number and identities of the badly burned victims, Reuters said.

The Aviation Safey Network Web site said the plane was a single-engine Cessna 208B Grand Caravan.

It was owned and operated by Nature Air, which didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment, reports said.