Day: December 3, 2017

Woman Battered And Bloodied By Fiance Weeks After Marriage Proposal: Pictures

A woman who was severely battered by her fiancee just weeks after proposing to her has shared pictures of her bloodied face as a warning to other women at risk of domestic violence

Thelma Dennis who lives in Seoul, South Korea was violently beaten by her fiancee Richards who claimed to be under the influence of alcohol and blamed his drinking for the serious bodily aggression he meted to the woman whom he asked to marry him just weeks before.


His victim posted on social media, a series of pictures including screenshots of his grovelling apologies and pleas to be taken back.



According to her, this was done to warn other women of the dangers of domestic violence.

She also said in a post accompanying the pictures that she wanted to lend her voice to the issue of domestic violence and speak up for other victims and those who have lost their lives through the problem