Day: December 2, 2017


As a single woman living by myself (well my youngest daughter still lives at home with me but she stays firmly in her “apartment” and mostly keeps well out of my way) there are some sins and offences that I inadvertently commit and expose to the world because I have no one to tell me otherwise. Example if my bum appears too big in a dress I’m wearing, if I’ve applied my make up horribly, I’m wearing a skirt that is too short, a top showing too much cleavage or I have lip stick on my teeth. These are some of the horrors that single ladies could avoid if they had someone that could tell them. But because they don’t,  they could be forgiven if they come out of their homes looking like a dog’s dinner.

But there can be absolutely no excuse on this planet whatsoever for a married woman to step out of her house with nuclear proportion BODY ODOUR!!!

MY God!!!

I know some married women that possess the most offensive body smell that permeates the entire room they entire. I fact, you could tell they’ve entered into a room even if you had blindfolds on. And these are not the occasional BO that could come from an unlaundered jacket or dried on sweat after a very busy schedule on a hot day.

I’m talking about habitual anywhere, everywhere, anytime BO.

My issues with BO is – how can you not know you have it? Or how can your husband fail to tell in all the years you’ve been married that you have serious BO and need to do something about it?

How can you both step our of your house at anytime to go to work, to a party or to church and not feel you should tell your wife to spray herself? This as far as I’m concerned is the very height of irresponsibility and carelessness on the part of a husband whose wife has body odour

Or maybe, after many yers of being together, the husband has gotten so used to the offensive odour and has become “smell-blind”


There really cannot be any defensive argument for a lady to smell bad in this day and age. The shops are filled with all kinds of toiletries such as deodorant, body spray, body mist, eau de toilette, eau de parfum, cheap and expensive etc and EVERY WOMAN with or without BO should include them in their daily routine.


BO is socially unacceptable and does not give a good impression of the bearer, no matter how expensively they are dressed or how sweet they are. BO gives the notion that the bearer is dirty, unhygienic and careless.


I personally am terribly self conscious and would just die, if I discovered that I’ve been in the company of others and they’ve smelt a “whiff” coming from me.

How embarrassing!

How shameful!!

That is why I always have a bottle of perfume in my bag and two cans of body spray in my car. I also as a long established rule, use a deodorant stick after every shower – a habit formed from secondary school. Luckily I do not suffer from a body odour problem but I still like to make double sure.

So please my dear brothers and uncles, I’m begging you. If you know your wife has a smell condition, please do the kind thing and tell her. Christmas is coming up so sieze the opportunity and buy her a load of perfume and deodorising products.

And make sure she uses them.

Also, try to make her take at least two daily showers and change her underwear regularly because a lack of proper hygiene routine could be a cause of body odour.
Please remember that many people suffering from a BO problem might not know that they smell. Therefore, it us really up to those closest to them to tell them.

And it could also be a symptom of an underlying medical problem so a visit to the GP might be necessary.

Why Is Olamide Being Shunned By Foreign Media And Audiences?

By Tunde Alabi Hundeyin

Following Wiz Kid and Davido both winning at the recent Mobo Awards in Leeds, (Best International and Best African Act respectively) the spotlight is again on African acts shining on international stages (Brit-Ghanaian Grime star Stormzy won in 3 categories) and while many can’t be any more pleased that these acts are successfully bringing music of African origin to the international stage and Western patrons, other equally talented and just as successful artistes such as Olamide are being ignored by international audiences.

Voicing this opinion on his social media page this morning, veteran broadcaster, producer and CED of Dudu Productions Tunde Alabi-Hundeyin writes:

The two giants of African music now are WizKid and Davido lapping up all international awards, collaborating with world class stars and hitting the best concert arenas on the AFRICAN Continent, in Europe and the US.

Very brilliant chaps.

However my mind goes to OLAMIDE. This boy is playing some bad ass music. His latest “WO” is a classic example of how a simple un clustered rhythm can just throw you into reckless ecstasy. He’s made hits after hits after hits, not to mention many successful artistes he’s turning out from his stable.
However OLAMIDE is shunned by international stars. He’s hardly had big time concerts on the international arenas. Awards from GRAMMY, MOBO, etc are not adorning his shelves.

What is wrong.

Is it because OLAMIDE dwells too much in Yoruba idioms?

Is he too comfortable in his Lagos cocoon?

Is it a function of a short sighted management?
What should this incredibly talented artists do to join WIZ KID and DAVIDO on the global stage?


However the CEO of Ceasers Communications, Kay Lord responding to Tunde Alabi Hundeyin is of a different opinion. He says;

I will not quite agree with you on D’banj. Rather, after breaking up with Mo’hits was when he really broke into the international arena. Maybe we forgot all the awards the likes of Wizkid and Davido are now Winning, Dbanj already won them with the exception of best international act Wizkids just won.

MOBO, MTV etc Dbanj won it all. In fact what led to the break up was the unwillingness of Don Jazzy to allow them go on to conquer the world after they have gotten national recognition. Dbanj was the one who first broke the barrier with a collaboration with Kanye and his hit track, Oliver Twist making top 5 on the UK chart selling off concert venue all over Europe.

Tunde Alabi-hundeyin Dudu observation about Olumide is apt and I believe management is part of the problem but not purely. Also, I believe it’s timing… Every artiste will have his own time if they stay true to their craft.

At a time, Tuface also was all over Europe and America and his Africa Queen track used as sound track for an acclaimed Hollywood movie. He also cleared thesame MOBO, MTV etc awards and was selling off concerts venue all over Africa, Europe and America…

As new artists emerges with a peculiar sound and good management, their own time will come. About 3 years ago, this Tanzania guy, DiamondPlus was all over the place too in Africa. He also won MOBO, MTV etc.

Former Zimbabwean First Lady Grace Files For Divorce From 93 Year Old Mugabe

Reports from Zimbabwe are saying that the wife of the former president has filed for divorce following the dictators spectacular removal from office after 37 years

According to the Zambian Observer, the South African born former typist angrily voiced concerns over her marriage after Mugabe is reported to have offered to trade his wife in order to retain power.

This is based on the fact that many Zimbabweans blame their displeasure with their former leader on his willingness to allow his wife known as Gucci Grace to virtually take over the reins of power and unwittingly imbue her with undue and unnecessary involvement in national decision making as befitting a president’s wife.

mugabe grace

Mugabe was also reported as preparing his wife to take over the leadership of the ruling party Zanu PF and thus the country’s leadership following his demise of retirement. This plan is what allegedly led to his dismissal of his former deputy Emmerson Mnangagwawho ironically has now been sworn in as President after Mugabe accepted to step down

Sources close to the former first couple confirm that Grace openly told Mugabe that she would file for divorce after the ousted leader wept uncontrollably during the negotiations saying he misses late wife Sally Hayfron and late son Nhamodzenyika.

sally mugabe
Robert Mugabe with former wife Sally

“She’s been very upset ever since and has been losing a lot of weight,” said a woman close to the family. “She thinks she has been betrayed by her husband and their marriage beyond repair.”

Mugabe agreed to step down after negotiations with the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) which were mediated by Roman Catholic Priest, Father Fidelis Mukonori, among other people.

As part of the deal to step down, Mugabe was granted immunity for any crimes that he may have been committed while he was in office. Mugabe was also guaranteed that his family would be allowed to retain all its assets. Mugabe said that he wants to die in Zimbabwe and that he does not wish to go into exile.

Grace was formerly married to Airforce officer Stanley Goreraza before she left him to marry Mugabe after the pair had an adulterous affair.