Day: November 24, 2017


Police were called at 16:38hrs on Friday, 24 November to a number of reports of shots fired on Oxford Street and underground at Oxford Circus tube station.


Police responded as if the incident was terrorist related. Armed and unarmed officers are on scene and dealing along with colleagues from British Transport Police.


Members of the public who are on Oxford Street are being warned go into a building and stay inside until further direction.

They are also advised to avoid travelling to the Oxford Street area.

At this stage police have not located any casualities but are still searching the area.

Teenager, 16, Jailed For Life For Killing 7 Year Old Child

A teenage girl has been given a life sentence for manslaughter for killing seven-year-old Katie Rough in a park in York.

The judge ordered the 16-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, to be detained for a minimum of five years in what he described as a “truly exceptional case”.

Katie died after she was smothered by the teen and then slashed with a Stanley knife in a park in York on 9 January.

The teenager – who was 15 at the time of the attack – admitted manslaughter due to diminished responsibility at a previous hearing, and appeared by video link at Leeds Crown Court for sentencing as Katie’s family looked on.

She clutched a soft toy throughout the hearing, and sat with her head down.

Mr Justice Soole told her: “The gravity of the offence of killing a small child speaks for itself. The level of danger to the public is high.

“In the circumstances of your continuing silence, the critical question is whether there is any reliable estimate as to how long that danger will continue.”

Katie’s family said in a statement: “Today is the end of a process and that is a relief, but it’s not the end of our story.

“Our story is about a loving home and family that was torn apart on the day we lost our daughter.

Katie Rough was seven when she was killed
Image:Katie Rough was seven when she was killed

“Our story goes on into the future, where our home feels very empty, but we will keep going for the sake of our other children and our grandson.


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BREAKING NEWS: Nigerian Woman Paid Record £9,000,000 Compensation for Birth Of Son That Should Not Have Been Born

A mother has been handed a record compensation payout after she gave birth to a son she would have aborted if she had been told he would be born badly disabled.

Omodele Meadows, 40, was handed £9million for the wrongful birth of Adejuwon, now six, in September 2011.

When he was born it was discovered that he suffered from an aggressive form of haemophilia and autism. Four years before she got pregnant she had a test for the haemophilia gene after it was discovered that another relative had it. She was mistakenly given the all-clear by a doctor.

Only after Adejuwon’s birth did she undergo detailed genetic testing that confirmed her as a carrier of the gene. Ms Meadows went on to sue GP, Dr Hafshah Khan, whose lawyers ‘admitted that, but for her negligence, Adejuwon would not have been born.’ The doctor had not herself ordered the blood test, only giving Ms Meadows the results, and a judge said it ‘cannot have been easy’ for her to admit liability.

But the fact remained that, had she been referred for genetic testing in 2006, Ms Meadows would have been identified as a carrier before she became pregnant. ‘She would have undergone foetal testing for haemophilia’ and would have opted for an abortion early on in her pregnancy.

Lawyers for the GP agreed to pay Ms Meadows £1.4m in compensation for the additional costs of bringing up Adejuwon relating to his haemophilia. But they refused to pay out a much larger sum to include the extra care costs relating to Adejuwon’s autism.

London Stock
General view of the Royal Courts of Justice on The Strand in London.

Now, High Court judge, Mrs Justice Yip, has upheld the mother’s claim in full, awarding her £9 million, a record payout in a wrongful birth claim. The judge said that, as a result of the wrong test being carried out, Ms Meadows ‘was led to believe that any child she had would not have haemophilia.’ Had it not been for the error, ‘Adejuwon would not have been born, because his mother would have discovered during her pregnancy that he was afflicted by haemophilia and so would have undergone a termination.’

Ms Meadows had been alerted to the risk that she might be carrying the haemophilia gene when her nephew was born with the condition, the court heard. The virulent strain of haemophilia afflicting the family caused ‘repeated bleeds’ and her nephew had to be ‘constantly watched’ to prevent even minor injuries.

The condition is further complicated in Adejuwon’s case because his autism makes the haemophilia much more difficult to treat.

The GP’s lawyers argued Ms Meadows was not entitled to compensation for the cost of bringing up an autistic child. The condition was not linked to the doctor’s negligence and it was merely ‘bad luck’ that Adejuwon was afflicted by it. But Mrs Justice Yip said: ‘Adejuwon would not have been born but for the defendant’s negligence. ‘Ms Meadows therefore would not have had a child with the combined problems of haemophilia and autism. ‘Had she known she was a carrier, she would have undergone foetal testing and would then have terminated this particular pregnancy,’ the judge went on. ‘The effect of the doctor’s negligence was to remove the mother’s opportunity to terminate a pregnancy that she would not have wanted to continue.

‘The birth of her son resulted from a pregnancy which was afflicted by haemophilia. His autism was bad luck.’ But the judge concluded: ‘I reject the submission that the losses flowing from his autism fell outside the defendant’s assumption of responsibility. ‘It follows that I consider that the costs related to Adejuwon’s autism may properly be recovered. Damages will be assessed in the sum of £9,000,000.’ The judge added that Ms Meadows loves Adejuwon dearly and had only brought the claim ‘to provide a better life for her son.’ ‘I recognise that this case involves highly emotive matters,’ she said. ‘It cannot be easy for any mother to contend bluntly that her child should not have been born.

‘Her love for her son shone through from her written statements. ‘She had specifically sought to avoid bringing a child with haemophilia into the world, knowing the suffering that condition causes. ‘The fact that she says clearly that she would have terminated her pregnancy had she known the baby would have haemophilia is not the same at all as saying that Adejuwon is now an unwanted child. ‘On the contrary, it appears that he is much loved and cared for.

‘The burden of caring for him though is much greater than the burden of caring for a normal healthy child and extends far beyond purely financial cost. ‘Although this is a claim for her loss, I do not doubt that the mother’s primary motive in bringing this claim is to provide a better life for her son.’


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Zimbabwe’s New President Sworn In Amidst Cheers and Jubilation

Zimbabwe’s new leader Emmerson Mnangagwa has been sworn in as President in front of thousands of cheering supporters at Harare’s national stadium, bringing the final curtain down on the 37-year rule of Robert Mugabe.


Taking his oath of office, the 75-year-old former security chief known as ‘The Crocodile’ vowed to uphold the constitution of the former British colony and protect the rights of all Zimbabwe’s 16 million citizens.

zimbabZimbabwe's Emmerson Mnangagwa, is sworn in as president in Harare, Zimbabwe

Mr Mnangagwa, who replaces Mr Mugabe after his resignation on Tuesday amid impeachment proceedings — will become the country’s second leader since independence from white minority rule in 1980.

The military, fresh from putting Mr Mugabe under house arrest just days ago, quickly swore its loyalty to the new leader.

Even though most Zimbabweans celebrated the exit of 93-year-old Mr Mugabe, who presided over the descent into penury and despotism of one of Africa’s brightest prospects, some are worried about the future under Mr Mnangagwa.


Mr Mnangagwa will serve until the end of the presidential term next year. An election date has not yet been set.

Zimbabwe’s opposition backed Mugabe’s removal and now hopes for a bigger seat at the table to help determine the country’s future.


Detectives have released an image of a man they wish to speak to in connection with a sexual offence onboard a bus in Enfield.

The incident occurred on Saturday, 27 May at approximately 14:50hrs, on a Route 307 bus heading towards Brimsdown.

The victim, a 30-year-old woman, first saw the suspect when he emerged from bushes near the bus stop outside Barnet General Hospital.

The woman boarded the bus and sat in a rear lower deck seat. She then noticed the man had boarded the bus before sitting adjacent to her. As the journey progressed, she was shocked to see the man carrying out a sexual act on himself, whilst staring directly at her.

The victim, feeling distressed, immediately stood up and got off the bus outside St John the Baptist Church.


The suspect is described as a black man, aged between 30 and 40 years old, with short black hair and a beard. He was wearing a grey tracksuit top, black tracksuit trousers and light coloured boat shoes.

Detectives from the Met’s Roads and Transport Policing Command (RTPC) are investigating.

Any witnesses or anyone with information is asked to contact PC Jay Thorn on 020 7327 4444 or via 101.

To give information anonymously contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or visit

Alternatively you can tweet @MetCC with any information.

There have been no arrests and enquiries continue.


MetPolice News Desk


A woman who set up a GoFundMe campaign to repay a homeless man who had used his last $20 dollar note to get her fuel when she ran out on a motorway, has amassed an eyewatering $280,000

Kate McClure said Johnny Bobbitt helped her and asked for nothing in return. She made it a mission to repay his selfless favor.

McClure was driving on I-95 in Philadelphia last month when she ran out of gas and had to pull over on the side of the highway. Nervous, she began to walk in search of the nearest gas station.

That’s when Johnny, who stands on the side of the highway with a sign asking for help, approached her. He instructed McClure to get back in her car and lock the doors.

Johnny, who is homeless, eventually returned with a red can of gas he bought with the little money he had.

McClure couldn’t give him anything in return at the moment, but felt the need to repay Johnny, and began stopping by his usual spot on I-95 with clothes, food and money. Each time, Johnny was incredibly grateful; at one point, she brought him cereal bars, and he asked if she wanted one.

But it still didn’t feel like enough.

“I wish that I could do more for this selfless man, who went out of his way just to help me that day,” McClure wrote on a GoFundMe campaign page. “He is such a great guy, and talking to him each time I see him makes me want to help him more and more.”

So she started an online fundraiser with an ambitious goal of $10,000. By the afternoon, the campaign has raised more than $12,000.

“It just blew up,” McClure told a reporter.

In a recent video from McClure, Johnny can be seen reacting to the fundraiser taking off and raising more than $1,700 in just a few days.

“That changes my life right there,” Johnny says in the video.

Johnny, 34, said he had been in the Marine Corps and was once a licensed paramedic. He moved to Philly a year ago with a job lined up and money to buy a truck, but that all fell through and he ended up on the streets.

McClure, 27, and her boyfriend, Mark D’Amico, hope to help Johnny not just with the money, but also by helping him find housing and vouching for his character to potential landlords, reported.

johhny b
Johnny Bobbitt – three years ago

Johnny plans on trying to get a job at the Amazon warehouse in Robbinsville, New Jersey, and eventually wants to be re-certified as a paramedic in either Pennsylvania or New Jersey.

Thanks to a chance encounter and his own selfless generosity, that dream may very well become a reality.

“I don’t have an explanation for it. I think it was the perfect storm,” D’Amico told CNN Thursday.
More than 9,600 people have pledged donations.
“We wanted to make sure he was safe, and go from there,” McClure told CNN Thursday. “I remember when we got our first donation, we were like, ‘holy crap.'”
The couple asked Bobbitt what he wanted to do with all the money. Bobbitt was hesitant to say, but he plans to make a video and explain it all, D’Amico said.
“The whole game changed in the last 24 to 48 hours. His expectations changed, and what he wanted to do changed,” D’Amico said.
“He has a couple of places in Philadelphia that got him through and got him by. He wants to pay it forward.”
“His dreams aren’t champagne and caviar,” D’Amico said.