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Sophie Stevenson spent £350 on a 400-mile trip to meet a man she thought was interested in her – only to find out he had played a cruel ‘pull a pig’ prank.

The 24 year old bar suoervisor from Stoke, Staffordshire, initially met 21-year-old Jesse Mateman while on holiday in Spain in August and the pair stayed in touch after sleeping together.

She says she believed they had a “proper romance” and later decided to fork out hundreds of pounds to visit him in his hometown of Amsterdam.

However, she was left devastated when he failed to show up at the airport when she arrived – despite being in contact with her up until then.

Sophie, right, had initially met 21-year-old Jesse Mateman, left, while on holiday in Barcelona, Spain, in August
Sophie, right, had initially met 21-year-old Jesse Mateman, left, while on holiday in Barcelona, Spain, in August
The Dutchman allegedly texted her, "You were pigged," along with two pig face emojis. Above, a mock-up of the pair's text exchange
The Dutchman allegedly texted her, “You were pigged,” along with two pig face emojis. Above, a mock-up of the pair’s text exchange

She claims she only heard from Jesse six hours later when she arrived at her hotel in the Dutch capital, and he text her to tell her she’d been ‘pigged’.

“You were pigged,” the Dutchman’s heartless message allegedly read, along with two pig face emojis. It added: “It was a joke.”

‘Pull a pig’ pranks often see men compete to chat up who they deem to be the ‘fattest’ and ‘most unattractive’ woman on a night out.

“Pulling a pig is where a guy tries to pull the fat, ugly girl. I felt sick,” Sophie told The Sun.

However, the bar supervisor was left devastated when he failed to show up at the airport when she arrived
Jesse Mateman

The hurt young woman replied to the text: “How could you be so cruel though!”

She says her holiday lover then blocked her.

Sophie and Jesse had slept together after meeting in Barcelona in August – the same month a van driver mowed down pedestrians on the city’s La Rambla.

The terror attack left 13 people dead and more than 100 others injured.

Sophie says the pair experienced a ‘proper romance’ during their time in Barcelona. She had been looking forward to reuniting with Jesse in Amsterdam.

But after realising she had been ‘pigged’ by her lover, she says she was so distraught she changed her flights – and flew home the following day.

The pair had met in Barcelona in the same month a van driver mowed down pedestrians in a deadly terror attack (file picture)
The pair had met in Barcelona in the same month a van driver mowed down pedestrians in a deadly terror attack (file picture) (Image: Aurora Creative)

“I was so upset I changed my flights and headed home the next morning,” she told the newspaper.

Fiona Moore, who used to weigh 19.5 stone and wear size 22 clothing, said she was inspired by her ordeal to lose more than eight stone.

She dropped to a svelte size 10-12 and a healthy 11 stone. Speaking in May 2016, she said she had never felt better and could finally hold her head up high.


When contacted for his side of the story, the Dutch student said his ‘victim’ invented their romance and insisted they never had sex or arranged to meet in Amsterdam.

21-year-old student Jesse denied claims of a romance with Sophie, saying: ‘We actually met in Barcelona, ​​but I never had a romance with her.

‘I’ve been in a hotel room with her, but I never slept with her. We are not and never were in love, as suggested.’

Jesse told Mail Online he had now hired a lawyer to fight back against the story that has gone viral around the world.

Last year, another woman, from Kidderminster, Worcestershire, revealed how she had also been a victim of a ‘pull a pig’ prank.



The Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) has declared as illegal, the proposed ‘Senator of the Year Award’ to Sen. Dino Melaye (Kogi-APC) by the Senate Press Corps.

The corps had nominated Melaye and 14 other senators for series of awards, slated to hold on Monday Oct. 9 at the Sheraton Hotel, Abuja.

In separate statements on Monday, the National President of NUJ, Abdulwaheed Odusile and the Chairman of FCT Council of the Union, Ella Abech, said the Union had cancelled the proposed award ceremony.

The NUJ said the Press Corp of the Senate was not recognised by the constitution of the NUJ and as such, had no locus standi to present award to the lawmakers.

Odusile said the purported award by the Senate Press Corp was illegal as the body was not recognised by the NUJ constitution to give any award to anybody.

dino melaye w
Senator Dino Melaye

“The Union dissociates itself from the so-called conferment as it did not comply with the provision of the Constitution of NUJ on such issues, hence the nullification of the award,’ he said.

The Chairman, FCT Council, Ella Abechi, has called off the award ceremony, adding that it was illegal and lacks legitimacy by the constitution of the NUJ.

“The press corps is not a legitimate organ to decide who to give awards to,” he said.


A dad brutally murdered his 18-month-old daughter only two weeks after he had adopted her, a court has heard.

Gay Matthew Scully-Hicks, 31, is accused of inflicting devastating injuries on Elsie Scully-Hicks, including brain haemorrhages that ultimately caused her death.

A post mortem also revealed the toddler had suffered several broken ribs, a fractured left femur and a fractured skull. Scully-Hicks had adopted Elsie with his husband, Craig Scully-Hicks, only two weeks prior to her death on May 25, 2016.

She had started living with them in Llandaff, Cardiff, in September 2015 after being removed from her natural mother, who was a drug user.

Scully-Hicks, a full-time dad, had called emergency services at around 6.20pm after she had become unresponsive, Cardiff Crown Court heard. She was pronounced dead at University Hospital of Wales on May 29 despite paramedics working hard to save her life when they found she was not breathing.

‘It is the prosecution case that the injuries that caused Elsie’s death were inflicted upon her by the defendant shortly before he called the emergency services on that day,’ Paul Lewis QC, prosecuting, said. ‘We allege that his attack on her on that day was not the first time that he had employed violence towards Elsie, nor was it the first time that he had caused her serious injury.

‘We allege that his actions on the late afternoon/evening of May 25 were the tragic culmination of a course of violent conduct on his part towards a defenceless child – an infant that he should have loved and protected, but whom he instead assaulted, abused and ultimately murdered.’

Jurors were told her injuries may have been more severe because she could have had insufficient vitamin D levels, affecting the density and structure of her bones. They also heard Scully-Hicks had sent text messages to friends suggesting he was ‘struggling to cope’ with the children and also referred to Elsie in a text to his husband as ‘Satan dressed up in a baby grow!!!’.

Neighbours also said they heard him cursing at her. Mr Lewis said the defendant may try to claim Elsie’s adoptive sibling caused the injuries.

Scully-Hicks denies one charge of murder. The trial, expected to last for five weeks, continues.


To think social services took the poor baby away from her own mother because she was deemed to be at risk……


The number of sexual offences committed by children in the UK has increased at alarming rates since 2013 and pornography is being largely blamed for this growing trend.
The number has reportedly reached 30,000 since 2013 with 2,265 coming from those under 18, and obscene content being labelled the primary cause.

Out of the 2,625 offences committed by those under 18, a shocking 225 were alleged rape cases.

Figures also show that the number of sexual crimes doubled in children aged 10 and under as the number jumped from 204 in 2013-2014 to 456 in 2016-2017.

BBC’s Panorama recently released figures that 74 per cent of child sex assault claims between April 1, 2013, and May 31, 2017, resulted in no further action taking place.

According to the NSPCC: “These figures confirm that thousands of children each year are victims of abuse inflicted by other young people.

“Disturbingly, we know that a third of all child sexual offences are committed by children.

“This issue is not widely understood but ensuring those who commit these offences are helped to address their sexually harmful behaviour is vital in reducing the number of victims.


“Most children who carry out abuse do not go on to become adult offenders if they are given the right support.”

In 2013, former Prime Minister David Cameron claimed that pornographic content was responsible for “corroding childhood” after asking internet companies to investigate solutions for the obscene material.

At the time, he  declared: “I think it is absolutely vitally important that we enable parents to have that protection for their children from this material on the internet.”

Mary Sharpe, the Chief Executive of addiction charity The Reward Foundation, has stated that it needs to be accepted that easily accessible obscene content is “covertly teaching” young people to commit offences.

She told The Telegraph: “We teach how internet pornography trains the teen brain to want to carry out such acts.

“The effect of a criminal conviction is devastating.”

The show recently interviewed children who expressed their feelings of injustice due to a lack of action taking place after offence claims were made.

One said: “It’s not what actually happens that has the worst effect on you, it’s what comes after it.

“It’s the being disbelieved – it’s the people failing you.”

A second claimed: “There was no talk about the police or telling his parents or taking it further, it was only really, ‘oh block him’, or ‘stay away from him in lesson’.”

The Government states that teachers have a duty to report sexual offence allegations to the police.

The Department for Education said: “Sexual assault is a crime and any allegation should be reported to the police.”

But parents also have a duty of care to study their children and look out for signs that something might be wrong with their children. A child being un-habitually withdrawn, quiet or subdued and losing interest in school or usual interests, could be clear signs of abuse.

It is also pertinent to warn parents and teachers that abuse is not only carried out by adults or strangers.


A hairdresser deliberately infected four men he met through Grindr with HIV before sending them ‘mocking and abusive’ texts, a court has heard.

Daryll Rowe who is gay, is accused of giving four men the virus, and of attempting to infect a further six between October 2015 and December 2016.

After contacting them on the app they would have sex, but in each case he either refused to wear a condom during sex or ‘sabotaged’ it shortly before intercourse took place.

One of the texts the 26-year-old allegedly sent said: ‘Maybe you have the fever cos I came inside you and I have HIV, lol. Whoops!’

Rowe appeared at Lewes Crown Court last week  charged with four counts of causing grievous bodily harm and six counts of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm.

Rowe, who is originally from Edinburgh and appeared in court and denied all charges.

The men he had sex with are unable to be named for legal reasons.

Caroline Carberry, prosecuting, said Rowe was diagnosed HIV positive in Edinburgh in April 2015 and had initially been taking retroviral drugs to inhibit the virus.

The treatment helps ensure HIV cannot damage the immune system and should mean the likelihood of transmitting the disease is extremely low.

But Rowe had stopped taking retroviral drugs and also suffered herpes, which increases the chance of infection, the jury was told.

Shortly after his diagnosis Rowe, who had also been infected during a casual hook-up, moved to Brighton, East Sussex.

Although he initially had nowhere to live or stay he began to make contact with men on the gay dating app, Grindr.

Rowe would exchange a series of messages with the men before meeting up with them at their homes where they would have sex.

Miss Carberry said: ‘Daryll Rowe embarked on a cynical and deliberate campaign to infect other men with HIV, having high risk sexual intercourse knowing he was highly infectious.

‘Unfortunately for many of the men he met his campaign was successful. He deceived those men into believing he was HIV negative, reassuring those he was intimate with.’

She said he declined to use condoms and if his victims insisted he wear one he would then ‘sabotage’ the contraception.

The court heard that days after having sex with a number of men he goaded them by telling them he had HIV.

He would incessantly message and call them and leave abusive and insulting messages for them.

In one message he told a victim: ‘I ripped the condom. You’re so stupid. You didn’t even know.’

The court heard he then repeated the abuse when he called the victim and laughed out loud down the phone.

The victim then tested positive for HIV which showed he had a strain of the virus similar to that suffered by Rowe.

One victim, who was sexually inexperienced, only found out he had HIV when he began to feel feverish and ill.

Another had sex with Rowe but insisted he wear a condom only later to discover the condom in the bathroom sink with the end of ripped off.

Miss Carberry said: ‘He was extremely concerned and upset about this and repeatedly asked Daryll Rowe whether he was clean which he said he was. That condom did not split accidentally.’

The court heard that days after having sex with a number of men Rowe goaded them by telling them he had HIV

Rowe’s tenth victim, in whose house he was staying when he arrested in Newcastle in December last year, gave police a bag which contained his belongings including a box of ripped condoms.

‘The condoms were in wrappers and the wrappers had already been opened,’ she explained.

 ‘The condoms inside had been sabotaged.

‘The nipple end was missing, the the condoms had been fully broken, pushed back inside their wrappers and back into the box.

‘If the aim of a condom is to prevent semen entering the anus or vagina during intercourse, thereby providing reassurance the other party is safe, the only reason a pre-ripped condom is used is to coerce another into having unprotected sexual intercourse.’

Sussex Police were contacted in February 2016 and had diagnosed two men as HIV positive who had described having intercourse with a man with a Scottish accent.

He was bailed to an address in Berwick, Northumberland and by the time of the second interview a number of other alleged victims had come forward.

Rowe was bailed again but he went missing and a manhunt was launched to track him down and he was eventually arrested in Wallsend where he was using a false name.

The case, which is due to last six weeks, continues.



The authorities of the University of Lagos  has handed a four semester suspension to a female student was filmed twerking and dancing seductively with the statue of former VC of the school, Prof. Tunde Sofoluwe.

The  video of the student as she was filmed carrying out her “unholy” dance about 2 months ago came to the attention of the university who did not take kindly to the act and summarily handed down the rustication order



Many have taken to social media to question the appropriateness of the punishment and to ask if the offense truly matched the crime.

The student who has remained unidentified performed her dance to the hit track “Your mama born you well” by Nigerian Afrobeats star Mayorkun


The number of foreigners granted the right to live with their relatives in the UK has plummeted in the past decade, The Independent can reveal.

Analysis of immigration statistics shows the number of children, partners and dependant relatives able to remain permanently in the UK through a “grant of settlement” has declined by 73 per cent since 2006.

Family members being granted entry clearance visas, which they must obtain in order to move to Britain to apply for settlement, have also dropped – falling from 70,119 in 2006 to just 38,119 last year, marking an decrease of 46 per cent.

Campaigners and politicians said the figures reflect an ongoing clampdown on immigration by the Conservatives through the introduction of more restrictive requirements for people wanting to join British family members, which they said has seen families “torn apart”.

One man who fled torture in Georgia told The Independent how he has had to watch his son grow up on Skype because his wife and child were unable to obtain a visa due to new immigration laws that won’t allow them to join him.

Amid the decline in family members being granted the right to live with their loved ones in the UK, the number of applications has also fallen – but not at the same rate. While applicants had an 83 per cent chance of being granted a visa in 2006, they had a 72 per cent chance last year.

Experts said the fall in applications can be explained by policies introduced by the Government to deter people from applying, in a bid to reduce immigration numbers. New measures include a rise in the income threshold for the British relative and an increase in application fees, leading to a more bureaucratic process now in place.

A policy change in 2012, which saw the period one had to live in the UK before applying for a permanent residency increase from two years to five years, will also have contributed to the steep decline in grants of settlement, which has plummeted by 77 per cent since the change took place.

The number of visas granted to children of UK citizens has dropped by 38 per cent in the past decade to 2,661, with the percentage of successful applications falling from 69 per cent to 47 per cent, the figures show.

Visas granted for partners of British nationals have fallen by 45 per cent since 2006, with the success rate down from 86 per cent to 76 per cent.

Entry clearance visas granted to “other” family members, which refers to those who have dependent relatives in the UK who require their support, has decreased even more dramatically, by 57 per cent, indicating that far less foreigners are now able to move to the UK as carers for vulnerable family members.



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