Day: October 3, 2017


Sir Richard Branson has revealed a nasty letter he received from Donald Trump back in 2004.

The letter emerged after Branson published an excerpt from it in his new autobiography Finding My Virginity.

Throughout the letter, Trump refers to Branson’s reality TV show The Rebel Billionaire: Branson’s Quest for the Best, which launched around the same time as The Apprentice made its debut with similar content.

The letter gives an insight into the ongoing feud between the two businessmen.

“You have no television persona and, as I found out with others a long time ago, if it’s not there, there’s not a thing in the world you can do about it,” the letter read.

Trump then goes on to take aim at Sir Branson’s Virgin Airlines, suggesting there is no way he could be a billionaire.

“At least your dismal ratings can now allow you to concentrate on your airline which, I am sure, needs every ounce of your energy. It is obviously a terrible business and I can’t imagine, with fuel prices etc, that you can be doing any better in it than anyone else,” he writes.

Donald Trump’s The Apprentice ran for 14 seasons while The Rebel Billionaire didn’t return after the first. Picture: IMBD/Supplied
Donald Trump’s The Apprentice ran for 14 seasons while The Rebel Billionaire didn’t return after the first. Picture: IMBD/SuppliedSource:Supplied


“Like television, you should try to get out of the airline business too, as soon as possible! Actually, I wonder out loud how you can be anywhere close to a billionaire and be in that business.”

Adding: “Perhaps the title of your show, The Rebel Billionaire, is misleading?”

He ends the scathing note by taking one more jab at Branson’s show.

“In any event, do not use me to promote your rapidly sinking show — you are a big boy, try doing it yourself!”

Branson replied with his own letter five days later, in a noticeably more diplomatic and mature tone.

“Thanks for your note. I think if you look carefully through the press cuttings, I have actually avoided ‘nasty’ comments. I have enjoyed the time we have spent together and would not denigrate you personally,” he wrote.

Branson said that many interviewers asked him questions about Trump and he told them that he didn’t agree with some of Trump’s “10 Rules for Success”, particularly the advice to “go all out to get your own back on anyone who crosses you”.

Branson publicly backed Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election, saying that Trump’s “vindictive streak” could be a problem if he became president. Picture: David Geraghty


Branson publicly backed Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election, saying that Trump’s “vindictive streak” could be a problem if he became president. Picture: David GeraghtySource:News Corp Australia


He calls out Trump for his own offensive remarks that he had been making in the media.

“I have read what I believe can be misconstrued as ‘nasty’ comments from you about myself in the press over the last couple of weeks and — although tempted — have to date decided not to respond to them and to rise above them,” Branson writes.

In response to Trump’s jibe about whether he could even be considered a billionaire, Branson confirmed that he has “created six billion-dollar empires in six completely different sectors …..”

It is no secret that the two business tycoons have not always seen eye-to-eye.

Just before the Presidential election last year, Branson published a blog post describing his “bizarre” first encounter with Trump.

According to Branson, Trump had spent the whole lunch meeting talking about how he was going to get revenge on a list of people who had refused to help him when he was near bankruptcy.

He expressed concerns that Trump’s “vindictive streak” could be “so dangerous if he got into the White House”, sharing the post on Twitter alongside the hashtag #ImWithHer in a show of support for Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton.

“The US President needs to understand & engage with wider world issues, not petty personal quarrels #ImWithHer.”


Former Niger Delta militant leader, Asari Dokubo, has insisted that the current Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, was cloned in London.

Asari based his claim on the fact that the president struggled to deliver his Independent Day speech.

The former Militant leader maintained that while the president was reading his speech, it would be observed that the “man they have in Aso Rock” was “trying to mimic” the original Buhari.

In a video which surfaced online yesterday, Dokubo said, “A lot of people have been wishing me happy Independence but I told them not to, because I’m not a Nigerian.

“So this man they have in Aso Rock was speaking, even from his voice, you will know that he was cloned.

“You know that there is this thing called cloning, most western judo-Christian country pretend to say they banned human cloning except for the purpose of research into health and to save life.

“So we will not be surprised if they did some sort of cloning in all the period this man was incubating in Abuja House in London.

“The way he was talking, you will notice that he was trying to mimic the original one but he didn’t succeed, we were not deceived.”


A man in his 60s, who was house sitting for his stepson in Donnington Road, Willesden, last August, answered the door to an assailant posing as a policeman.

The man had answered the door and asked ID but the fake policeman dressed in body armour with police written across it shouted at the victim to let him in.

He then pulled out a knife, grabbed him by the collar and pushed him into the hallway.

A second man wearing the same uniform then burst in and the victim was pushed upstairs by the first suspect who shouted: “Where’s the female? Where’s the safe? Where’s the Rolex?”

On reaching the landing the victim called out to his friend who was asleep in a bedroom.

The second intruder then ran into the room and attacked the second victim – repeatedly punching him in the head and kicking him in the ribs demanding to know where the Rolex watch and safe were.

The first victim was also punched in the face when he said he didn’t know anything.

The suspects proceeded to ransack the house and taking some valuables  before escaping through the front door and driving off  in a white Toyota Prius.

The police was called by the victims at 9.48pm on Friday, August 11.

Neither man’s injuries were life-changing or life-threatening although the second victim needed hospital treatment.

Both suspects are described as black, aged about 30 and mid 20s.

DC Neil Kember, from Brent CID, said: “This was a terrifying ordeal for the victims who were terrorised in a place where they should have felt safe.

“The suspects posed as police officers in a bid to gain the victim’s trust.

“The first victim did the right thing by insisting the suspect provide identification. If you are suspicious of a caller, we would advise people not to open the door.

“We would appeal to anyone who has any information about this incident or the suspects to contact Brent CID so we can bring those responsible to justice,” the detective added.


Three young men have been jailed following the killing of a young student in North London. Two of them for life to serve at least 26 years.

19-year-old Djodjo Nsaka, a student at Middlesex University in Wembley, was stabbed to death over a trivial dispute over a ‘dirty look’.

Djojo Nsaka stabbed for giving a “dirty look”

Three men  sentenced at the Old Bailey on Thursday, 10 August are Mukeh Joseph Kawa, and Donald Davies, both 21 who were both convicted of murder. They were both sentenced to life imprisonment, to serve a minimum of 26 years.

Ali Tas, 20  was convicted of manslaughter and jailed for seven-and-a-half years.

The men were convicted at the same court on Thursday, 10 August.

The court heard how the day before the stabbing, one of the defendants, identified as Kawa, glared at the victim and two of his friends as he walked past them.

On Wednesday, 18 January, one of the friends approached a girl who knew Kawa and asked her why Kawa had been glaring at them, and said: “He [Kawa] should be humble.” The girl stated she would pass this on.

After this, at around 00:35hrs, Kawa and the other two defendants drove to the Unite Halls of Residence on Rutherford Way in Wembley.

They entered the residence and started asking people for the whereabouts of the friend who had spoken to the girl. They became so aggressive that security had to be called and they were asked to leave. They left the residence shouting threats.

At about 01:00hrs on Thursday, 19 January, the victim and his two friends were returning to the residence and were walking along Fulton Road. The three defendants pulled up in their car and attacked the victim and his two friends.

Ali Tas punched one of the victims in the face and both of Djodjo’s friends ran from the scene.

19 year old Djojo – Victim of knife crime

However, Djodjo was stabbed and witnesses saw him collapse at the scene before the defendants got into their car and drove away.

Emergency services were called and when officers arrived they found Djodjo collapsed on the pavement.

They gave him CPR until the emergency medics arrived. The doctors did their best to resuscitate Djodjo but could not save him; he was pronounced dead at 01:54hrs.

An immediate investigation was started by detectives from the Met’s Homicide and Major Crime Command.

A subsequent post-mortem examination on Friday, 20 January and gave the cause of death as shock and bleeding from a stab wound to the chest which had pierced the heart.

Detectives began searching for the three defendants who had been indentified by witnesses.

Face of killers jailed for life. Tas (middle) convicted of manslaughter

On Sunday, 22 January, Tas agreed to surrender himself to custody and three days later, Davies and Kawa also agreed to surrender themselves.

All three were subsequently charged with Djojo’s murder.

Detective Sergeant Gary Morris, of the Homicide and Major Crime Command, said: “It is incredible to me that a young man could lose his life over a dispute that began with a dirty look.

“Djodjo was a student with a bright future in front of him; instead it was stolen from him for the most trivial of reasons. Moments of wholly unjustifiable rage and senseless violence have left a young man dead, a family bereft and struggling to come to terms with their loss. When anyone considers carrying a knife they might want to think about the possible consequences, a life lost, families devastated and the years the perpetrators will spend in prison.”

In part of the impact statement Djodjo’s father Tuna Nsaka, said: “I miss Djodjo more than I could ever have thought possible and his death has left an enormous void in our lives. Every day I get up with a heavy heart and look into the faces of my wife and children and watch as they struggle to get through life without their beloved Djodjo. Every day I do my best to support them and reassure them and think it will hurt less, it will be easier tomorrow for all of us – but it isn’t!”




A man who stabbed a father of two to death in a busy North London high street been found guilty of killing him.

27 year old Abraham Omotoso of Tudor Gardens, Harrow, was found guilty of  the manslaughter of Mohamed Al-Zufairi, 34 at the Old Bailey on Friday, 15 September, following a two- trial. He was found not guilty of murder.

Omotosho stabbed Mohammed while his young daughter was in a nearby shop

Police responded to reports of the stabbing in the evening of Monday, 27 February 2017  in High Street, Wealdstone and they arrived to find the victim suffering from stab wounds.  He was taken to a central London hospital by London Ambulance Service but despite the best efforts of medical staff and extensive surgery, he was pronounced dead at about 02:30hrs on Tuesday, 28 February.

A post-mortem examination gave the cause of death as a stab wound to the chest.

Shortly before 1850hrs on :27 February, Mohamed arrived in High Street, Wealdstone, with his eight-year-old daughter. He sent her into Poundland to buy some items while he waited outside. It was then that he was approached by Omotoso.

Witnesses reported that they had a short argument before Omotoso, who was wearing a parka-style coat with the hood pulled up, stabbed Mohamed and ran from the scene still holding the knife.

Luckily, Mohamed’s daughter did not witness the incident.

On Tuesday, 28 February police were notified that the suspect could have been someone by the name of Femi Omotoso. At about 18:00hrs on 28 February he was arrested on the suspicion of murder under the name of Abraham Omotoso at Gatwick airport having just purchased a one-way ticket to Nigeria with cash.

Detectives carried out a number of enquiries, including reviewing CCTV which showed Mohamed walking with his daughter in High Street on 27 February before she goes into Poundland.

It also shows Omotoso walking in High Street in a ‘purposeful’ manner before approaching Mohamed, fleeing the scene and getting in a black Range Rover nearby and driving away.

Victim: Mohammed Al-Zufairi

Officers also tracked Omotoso’s movements in the days leading up to the murder and he was caught on CCTV wearing the same parka-style coat on two separate occasions.

Detectives also examined Omotoso’s mobile phone data which showed it was inactive between 12:40hrs and 19:09hrs on 27 February, which was not in line with Omotoso’s usual daily phone use patterns. The phone’s movement also matched the movement of the Range Rover that left the scene of the crime.

Omotoso remained silent in all of his police interviews. He was charged on 6 March.

Detectives believe the motive for the attack was an ongoing feud between the victim’s brothers and Omotoso’s brother and friends.

Detective Inspector Jon Meager, the investigating officer from the Met’s Homicide and Major Crime Command, said: “This was a brutal attack in a busy high street which resulted in a young father losing his life. While his daughter did not witness the assault, it is something that is undoubtedly going to affect her for life.

“Omotoso has shown no remorse for his actions on that day. I hope his conviction gives Mohamed’s family a measure of closure and comfort.”

In a statement, Mohamed’s brother Jafar said: “Mohamed was a family man, his family came first. I still can not really believe what has happened to Mohamed, the constant grief just gets worse. It’s like a massive hole just suddenly appeared in our family, our big brother was there one minute and suddenly he was snatched away. None of us can get a grasp of or understand. It makes it so much worse that we know that he was killed.

“I think it has hit his daughter the hardest. She did not see her dad being stabbed, but was with him. She walked to the local shops to get some sweets with her dad and returned home without him. She was the last one with, holding his hand as she says ‘Daddy never came home with me.

“Our lives will never be the same, they have been scarred.”

Omotosho will be sentenced at the Old Bailey on Friday, 13 October.




More details are emerging about the Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock who shot at from his 2nd floor hotel room balcony and killed almost 60 people at an open air Country Music concert yesterday.

Reports say he was a millionaire investor who liked to bet big, wagering tens of thousands of dollars in a sitting. He owned homes in four states but preferred staying in casino hotels, sometimes for weeks at a time, as he worked the gambling machines.


He was also the son of a convicted bank robber who was constantly running from the law and was at some point, on America’s “Most Wanted” list. But in his own life, Stephen Paddock, 64, had kept his nose clean until Sunday night, when he suddenly unleashed a firestorm of bullets from his casino hotel room, killing at least 59 people and injuring more than 500 more on the Las Vegas Strip.

“If you told me an asteroid fell into Earth, it would mean the same to me. There’s absolutely no sense, no reason he did this,” his brother Eric Paddock said in an interview outside his home in Orlando, Florida. “He’s just a guy who played video poker and took cruises and ate burritos at Taco Bell. There’s no political affiliation that we know of. There’s no religious affiliation that we know of.”

Shooter’s brother Eric

The man behind the worst mass shooting in modern US history had an arsenal of at least 42 guns, explosives and several thousand rounds of ammo, police said.

Officers recovered 19 firearms, explosives and ammo from Stephen Paddock’s home in Mesquite, Nevada, hours after discovering 23 guns in the Las Vegas hotel room from which he killed at least 59 concertgoers.

Earlier, police found several pounds of ammonium nitrate, a chemical used to make explosives, in the 64-year-old’s car.


Stephen Paddock
Image:The 64-year-old was found dead in his hotel room

Some of the firearms recovered from his hotel room had scopes, while two were reportedly modified to make them fully automatic.

Las Vegas Police Department said officers were searching another home owned by Paddock in Reno, Nevada, adding that authorities were still unclear about the gunman’s motive.

“I can’t get into the mind of a psychopath at this point,” sheriff Joe Lombardo said.

Detectives have described Paddock as a “lone wolf” and dismissed speculation there were more assailants.