I post this piece WITH EVERY DUE RESPECT to ALL my industry colleagues that work in the Video/photography fields..

But it has become necessary to express the pain that many of us have had inflicted upon us at some point or the other when we attend events and functions.

Many photographers (or people carrying camera) seem to leave all common sense and respect for others at home when the get to events venue. They forget that guests that have been invited or who have paid good amounts of money have left their homes and have come to witness their hosts birthday or their friends wedding or their favorite artist or comedian performing – and not the backside of some photographer.

These people become senseless #terroristswithcameras and simply plunk themselves unthinkingly in the very front of seated guests with absolutely no thought whatsoever for the people behind them.
And to make matters worse, some guests will also get up from their seats with their phones and stand bang in front of other guests who are trying to get some nice shots without as much as an “excuse me” and proceed to carry out up to 15 minutes recording without once moving out of the way. More shocking is the very rude and obnoxious response you get when you point out to some of these folks that they are blocking your view.
One would be thinking “why dont you also get up and go and take your photos? But then you will be guilty of the same offense one is complaining about and be exactly like those thoughtless folks.

These folks assume that being armed with a camera suddenly makes them more important and more privileged than invited or paying guests…and guess what, even church services are not immune from these TWCs. A thanksgiving or wedding/naming service will be going on and you will see the couple’s contracted cameraman and his equipment plunked in front of the church; or moving about distracting everybody. One one occasion, the cameraman placed himself bang in front of the Pastor!!!

I was at an event some time ago and a Pastor quite rightly pissed off at the TWCs behaviour commented that modern cameras have all kinds of buttons and functions such as wide lens and zoom buttons and they can get just as good shots from any reasonable distance. Why can’t photographers use them especially when they are at events and functions instead of disturbing guests and ruining the entire experience for them.

I have been seated at VIP seats or areas at events and those have turned out to be absolute wastes as the entire time have been spent looking at the fat backsides of an entire army of Terrorists With Cameras!!

At a wedding I attended this weekend, even though I was seated with other community leaders or “celebs” at the very front, I could not get a single decent shot of the couple because of the huge number of photographer and other guests who left their seats and stayed in the front of us taking pictures the entire time!

Event coordinators and MCs need to start to learn to control photographers at the events they host. Afterall, the shows are not being organised for the sole pleasure of photographers.

And Events organisers also need to start to control the number of photographers they grant access to their events. As an event organiser myself, I know that many of these folks do not pay to attend events – they come with free pass in the name of “Press” or “Media” and then ruin the entire evening for those who have paid good money.

You owe more to your invited guests and paying audiences.




Picture credit: Alamy Stock

PS: The featured picture “borrowed” and used for this article is simply to portray the actions of photographers as referred to in the article. It is not about the people in the picture. Thank you



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