A huge blaze has engulfed a brand new block of luxury flats near Bethnal Green, east London.

The roof and the third floor of the four-storey building at Bow Wharf, which was under construction, are currently ablaze.

‘The canal walkway had been blocked off by firemen,’ he said. ‘There was  one fire engine that I could see on the bridge, south of the building. There were two firemen on the actual canal pathway itself.One witness, Nolan MacGregor, told that the block of flats overlooks Regents Canal, and the flames could be seen from Mile End Park.

‘People seemed to be really shocked, I heard a few people shouting “Oh my God” and all.

‘I also heard someone say “not again” as they saw the fire.’

Footage of the fire at Bethnal Green
A spokeswoman for the London Fire Brigade told ‘We have got a 12 pump fire brigade in progress in the Roman Road area of Bethnal Green.’

The LFB also tweeted that around 80 firefighters were on the scene at Mace Street, and added that there were ‘no persons reported’ in the building.

They added that ‘the whole of the roof of the block is alight’.

Huge fire at new block of flats in Bethnal Green
The building overlooks Regent’s Canal in east London (Picture: Nolan MacGregor)
Huge fire at new block of flats in Bethnal Green
(Picture: Nolan MacGregor)

A London Fire Brigade statement said: ‘Twelve fire engines and around 80 firefighters and officers have been called to a fire at a building under construction on Bow Wharf, Wennington Road E3.

‘The third floor and roof of the four storey residential block are fully alight. A small part of the first and second floors are also affected.
The brigade later tweeted that the fire was ‘under control’, but that they would remain in the area dampening it down.‘The Brigade was called at 1110. Crews from Bethnal Green, Homerton, Shadwell, Shoreditch, Whitechapel, Poplar, Millwall and other surrounding fire stations are at the scene. The cause of the fire is not known at this stage.’

Local residents tweeted that they could see the building being engulfed by flames.

Others posted footage and photographs of the building, which was billowing smoke into the air.

Huge fire at new block of flats in Bethnal Green
Firefighters walk near a fire at a low-rise block of buildings in Bethnal Green (Picture: Reuters)
Huge fire at new block of flats in Bethnal Green
The building was fortunately uninhabited (Picture: Reuters)
Huge fire at new block of flats in Bethnal Green
The building was Bow Wharf on Regents Canal (Picture: Reuters)

It comes after another block of flats in Bethnal Green caught fire at the end of June.

And the capital is still coming to terms with the devastating blaze at Grenfell Tower that killed at least 80 people.


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