Day: June 29, 2017


A woman has been charged with manslaughter after she allegedly shot her boyfriend dead when a YouTube stunt apparently went wrong.

Monalisa Perez told police her partner Pedro Ruiz III wanted to film a video of her shooting a bullet into a book he was holding against his chest.

Mr Ruiz, 22, thought the book would stop the bullet, CBS affiliate WSPA reported.

Gun Perez

Perez, a pregnant 20-year-old, said she fired the .50-calibre handgun from about a foot (30cm) away.


Mr Ruiz, who has a three-year-old daughter with Perez, died from a gunshot wound to the chest, authorities in Halstad, Minnesota, said.

The child was reportedly present when the incident happened at about 6.30pm on Monday.

Before the stunt, Perez wrote on Twitter: “Me and Pedro are probably going to shoot one of the most dangerous videos ever HIS idea not MINE.”

An air ambulance was called to the scene on US Highway 75 but Mr Ruiz was pronounced dead.

Me and Pedro are probably going to shoot one of the most dangerous videos ever😳😳 HIS idea not MINE🙈

When police examined the scene they found two GoPro cameras had been set up – one on the back of a car and one on a ladder.

The victim’s aunt, Claudia Ruiz, told WDAY-TV the couple often carried out pranks and put them on the amateur video channel.

She told Valley News Live: “They were in love. They loved each other. It was just a prank gone wrong. It shouldn’t have happened like this.

“He had told me about an idea. I said, don’t do it, don’t do it. Why are you going to use a gun? Why? Because, we want more viewers.

“I don’t know why they thought the book was supposed to stop the bullet.”


She said the couple’s unborn child was a boy. “We’re going to name it Pedro, I want my name to carry on,” she added.

The couple’s YouTube channel, which they describe as “all about craziness”, has just under 2,000 subscribers. Video uploads show the pranks they have pulled on each other.

They include putting baby powder on a doughnut disguised as icing sugar, planting the world’s hottest chilli in each other’s sandwiches, as well as videos documenting their days out at the supermarket.

Their most watched video at a fun fair has had around 150,000 views.

Perez, who faces second degree manslaughter and reckless discharge of a firearm charges, was granted a public defence lawyer and released on $7,000 (£5,400) bail.

The charge carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in jail.



A Junior Secondary School pupil I of the Lekki British International School, Lekki, Lagos, has been expelled for allegedly putting sulphuric acid and ethanol in the water bottle of his classmate.

PUNCH Metro gathered that the 12-year-old was envious of the 11-year-old female classmate, who had beaten him to the first position in the first and second terms.

The incident happened around 1.30pm on Wednesday, June 14.

The school was planning for the third term exam when the 12-year-old allegedly sneaked into the school’s laboratory and stole the acid and ethanol.

He was said to have mixed the chemicals and poured them into the 11-year-old’s water bottle.

Two pupils of the school reportedly caught him in the act and reported to the school management.

The suspect allegedly owned up to the crime, saying he had been planning it for sometime.

A member of the 11-year-old’s family said on Wednesday that despite the culprit’s confession, the school allowed him to sit for the third term examination.

When our correspondent contacted the school management, an official, who did not identify herself, said the pupil had been expelled.

She said, “The boy has been expelled with immediate effect. The girl is in school and she is fine. We have zero tolerance for such misbehaviour.”



A 52-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of fraudulently claiming to have lost family members in the Grenfell Tower disaster.

He is alleged to have attempted to gain money and housing by pretending relatives had died in the blaze.

It is alleged he came forward in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy and family liaison officers were assigned to him after he claimed he had lost his wife and son in the fire.

Scotland Yard said he attempted to claim financial support after stating he had lost all his property.

Police launched an investigation after there were inconsistencies in the man’s stories.

They also spoke to residents of the flat within Grenfell Tower where he claimed to live who said he did not live at the address.

Further inquiries revealed the man lived 20 miles away in Bromley, southeast London, and did not have a wife or child.

Man pretended to have lost family in the Grenfell Tower


“I have made it clear that we are not interested in investigating things such as sub-letting or immigration matters as I want their help and do not want there to be any hidden victims of this tragedy.

“However, we will robustly investigate any information about anyone who seeks to capitalise on the suffering of so many.”

Police arrested the man on Wednesday on suspicion of fraud and he is in custody at a west London police station.

Relatives of the person who did live at the address have been told about the investigation.


The Government has been forced to cover the cost of abortions for women travelling to England from Northern Ireland to avoid an embarrassing defeat in Parliament.

Labour MP for Walthamstow Stella Creasy tabled an amendment to the Queen’s Speech calling for all Northern Irish women to be able to “access all medical services including abortion… without charge”.

Ms Creasy claimed at least 40 Conservative MPs were prepared to support the measure, overpowering the slim majority held by the Government after agreeing a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party.

It is the DUP that has blocked legal abortions from being performed in Northern Ireland, as matters of health are devolved to Stormont.

When the scale of the support became clear, Minister For Women and Equalities Justine Greening wrote a letter to MPs explaining the new position.

“At present women from Northern Ireland are asked for payment, and from now on it is our proposal that this will no longer happen,” she said.

“This is clearly a sensitive issue and one which has direct implications for equality in treatment of women from Northern Ireland.

Stella Creasy MP

Stella Creasy talks Tory deal with DUP

“Following discussions with the Department of Health, we will ensure these payments will be funded through the Government Equalities Office with additional funding. This will mean no English health service user is disadvantaged as a result of this change.”

The climbdown shows how vulnerable the Government is to cross-party amendments with broad-based support, even on such important moments in the parliamentary calendar as the Queen’s Speech.

Abortion is banned in Northern Ireland unless a woman’s life is at risk or her mental or physical health face permanent and serious risk.

Charities have welcomed the Government’s move, with some hailing it as a “landmark moment”.

“We are absolutely delighted that the Government has committed to funding abortion care for women who travel from Northern Ireland to England,” said a spokeswoman for the British Pregnancy Advisory Service.

“This is a landmark moment: for years the women of Northern Ireland, despite being UK citizens and taxpayers, have not been entitled to NHS-funded treatment.”


A six-month-old baby was found dead in her mother’s arms after the Grenfell Tower disaster, in which at least 80 people died or are missing presumed dead, an inquest has heard.

Leena Belkadi’s body was found in a stairwell between the 19th and 20th floors of the 24-storey high-rise block, Westminster coroner’s court was told.

The coroner’s officer, Eric Sword, said she was “found in her mother’s arms”. Leena’s sister, Malak, aged eight, who was recovered from the 20th floor, where the family lived, and taken to St Mary’s hospital, also later died. The cause of death for both sisters was given as inhalation of fire fumes.

The girls’ parents, Farah Hamdan and Omar Belkadi, also died in the blaze and inquests into their deaths have already been opened and adjourned. Another daughter, Tazmin, six, was taken to St Mary’s hospital.

The Westminster coroner, Dr Fiona Wilcox, opened and adjourned inquests on Wednesday into the deaths of seven who died at Grenfell Tower, including the two sisters.

Also among them was the Syrian refugee Mohammed Al Haj Ali, 23, previously named as Mohammad Alhajali, and who was the first fatality of the disaster to be formally identified by police.

His body was found outside the tower block, and his preliminary cause of death was given as multiple injuries consistent with a fall from a height, the inquest heard. The funeral of the engineering student was held a week after the disaster and attended by family, some of whom travelled from Syria to be present. Two family members attended the hearing as the coroner expressed her “sincere condolences” to them, and all others affected by the deaths.

Husna Begum, 22, and her relative Rabeya Begum, 64, were also among the dead. They were identified by dental records and both causes of death were “consistent with the effects of fire”, the inquest heard. Husna’s body was found in the lobby near to the lifts on the 17th floor, while Rabeya’s was recovered from the family’s flat on the same floor. Five members of the family were reported missing after the fire, but it is not yet clear what has happened to the other three.

The inquest of Mohamed Amied Neda, 57, who lived on the 23rd floor, was also opened. He was found outside the tower and died from multiple injuries consistent with a fall. He was reported missing after the fire and his family were also said to have been severely injured and in hospital. Zia Popal, who described him as his uncle, had posted on Facebook: “He was on the top floor of the building trying to help and went missing since.” Three family members attended the hearing. The coroner thanked them, saying: “I am impressed with your dignity.”




A woman has spoken about having a sex toy removed from her backside after it got stuck when the man she was having sex with got ‘excited’ and pushed too hard on it.

Emily Georgia (not her full name), 20, was taken to hospital and almost ended up with a colostomy bag after the stainless steel sex toy vanished inside her.

After attempts to manually retrieve it failed, Emily says the man suggested leaving it to naturally work its way out and then left claiming he had work early the following morning.

A friend took her to hospital, where doctors warned Emily that there was a risk of it perforating her bowl due to a sharp edge and she faced surgery.

An x-ray shows just how dangerously high in Emily’s bowels that the sex toy had gone.

Emily from East Preston, West Sussex, said: ‘We were having a naughty night in last March and decided to use the toy – I’d never used one before.

‘I think he got too excited and managed to push the end of it in too. It was a goner.

‘I began to panic and told him I needed to go to hospital. He said it should come out naturally on the toilet and then he said “I’m really sorry I have work early in the morning” and he shot off.

‘My housemate didn’t believe me at first but when I began to get upset she realised I wasn’t taking the mickey.’

The pair rushed to Worthing Hospital and while at A&E Emily scribbled her predicament on a piece of paper and handed it to the receptionist.

Woman got sex toy stuck up her backside after 'excited' lover pushed too hard
The ordeal with the butt plug almost left Emily needing a colostomy bag (Picture: Mercury)

Emily said: ‘I didn’t fancy saying it across the reception desk so asked for a pen and paper.

‘The receptionist said it happens a lot more often than you think and said she’d heard worse.’

Emily was assessed and then went for an x-ray which showed just high up the sex aid had gone.

Emily said: ‘I waited for three hours – by this point the pain started to kick in.

‘It was already in my bowel bashing me about and because it’s made of stainless steel it felt really heavy and uncomfortable.

‘I assumed they could get it out manually but it was only when I saw the x-ray did I realise they couldn’t and how dangerous it was.

Woman got sex toy stuck up her backside after 'excited' lover pushed too hard
Attempts were made to retrieve it manually, but the jewel-encrusted sex toy had to be surgically removed (Picture: Mercury)

‘I’m petrified of needles so when they lay me down and a nurse put a line in I realised they needed to operate. I was terrified.’

As she was being wheeled to theatre the following day, doctors told Emily if they couldn’t extract it rectally they might have to go through the bowel and take some out which could mean at least six months with a colostomy bag.

The toy also had a fake sharp-edged gem on its base which doctors warned could have perforated her bowel.

Emily said: ‘Obviously when they said about the colostomy bag I was devastated – I’m only 20.

‘I’m a carer and I’ve seen colostomy bags – they’re not pretty, I’ve never been so frightened.

‘When they spoke about the gem and that it could perforate my bowel I was devastated that a night of fun could have killed me.’

Woman got sex toy stuck up her backside after 'excited' lover pushed too hard
Emily was so embarrassed that she wrote what had happened to her on a piece of paper to inform staff at A&E (Picture: Mercury)

At 2pm on March 29 Emily underwent hour-long surgery which involved placing a camera inside her before manually extracting it.

Post-surgery nurses offered the toy as a keepsake which she accepted.

Emily said: ‘When I first woke up I wanted to go back to sleep as I didn’t want to look down at my tummy in case they had to cut me open to get to it.

‘As they didn’t have to go through my stomach I’m guessing they managed to get it out the other way.’

She was discharged the following day and tentatively made her way home.

Emily now wants to raise awareness and urge anyone in a similar predicament to seek medical attention.

Emily said: ‘If anyone is in the same situation I would advise to obviously try and get it out yourself first but then definitely take yourself straight to the hospital if you can.

An x-ray shows just how far up the butt plug went (Picture: Mercury) dangerously high in Emily’s bowels that the sex toy had ventured. 

‘It’s not as embarrassing as it seems – people at A&E see things like this all the time and will have seen far worse things up people’s rectums.

‘The hospital staff were amazing – they were so funny and never once made me feel uncomfortable, that’s why I find it so easy to talk about.’

A similar case was reported last year when mother-of-one Emma Philips got a vibrator stuck up her backside during sex.

She first thought he boyfriend had hidden the vibrator under a pillow as a prank but realised there was buzzing inside her when she pressed down on her stomach.

PIC BY LAURA SHEPHERD/MERCURY PRESS (PICTURED: EMMA PHILLIPS, 24, FROM WALLASEY, MERSEYSIDE HOLDING A REPLICA SEX TOY) A student teacher who got a buzzing SEVEN INCH sex toy lodged up her BUM was forced to have it surgically removed after DIY extraction methods including using a fork handle and BBQ prongs failed. Mum-of-one Emma Phillips, from Wallasey, Merseyside, was feeling amorous with partner Lee Miller during the early hours of Saturday morning (Oct 1) when the sex toy ëdisappearedí. Initially thinking Lee had hidden the vibrator under a pillow as a prank, it was only when Emma pressed down on her stomach and felt a buzzing that she realised it had vanished up her back passage.  SEE MERCURY COPY
Emma Phillips suffered a similar ordeal last year (Picture: Mercury)

They tried to remove it using a fork handle and barbecue prongs but the efforts failed.

They ended up going to hospital where an x-ray revealed it was too high up and she had to go under general anaesthetic to have it removed.

Doctors offered her the toy as a keepsake but she declined.


The acting chief of the French air force has been accused of using a fighter jet to commute home at weekends.

General Richard Reboul is alleged to have used an Alpha Jet at least 10 times over the last year, flying between his workplace in Bordeaux to his weekend property in Provence.

Flying at its maximum speed of 620mph (1,000kmph), the jet would have been able to complete the 327-mile trip (600km) in just half an hour.

The commute would normally take around seven hours by train, six hours by car or an hour by conventional plane, followed by a 30-minute car ride.

Using around 800l (176 gallons) of fuel per hour, French satirical newspaper Le Canard Enchaine estimated the fighter jet journeys could have cost the air force and French taxpayers tens of thousands of euros over the past year.

The alleged misuse came to light after General Reboul switched to a small military transporter for his trip, along with a pilot and co-pilot, who are said to have dropped him off and returned to collect him on Monday morning, the Canard reported.

France’s new defence minister, Florence Parly, has ordered an investigation, saying there would be “consequences” if the alleged “abuse of resources” is confirmed.

General Reboul stepped in as interim air force chief after his superior, General Serge Soulet, died in May.

Alpha Jets are normally used for training purposes and light attack missions, and additionally perform in Patrouille de France, the country’s aerobatic display team.