Day: June 26, 2017


A baby who was unexpectedly born outside a west London police station has been named Bobby by his mother.

London policemen are identified as “Bobbies” the popular nickname for Robert after the politician Sir Robert Peel, who created them

Rebecca Fox was in labour and being taken to hospital by her mother Sandra on Thursday when she realised her baby was coming sooner than expected.


London Bobbies

They pulled into Chiswick police station’s car park where they were joined by a police staff member and a PC, and Bobby was born in the car.

The Met Police said both mother and child are doing well.

Sir Robert Peel

Staff member Jacky Brosnan said she “heard a lady outside in the car park shouting” so she looked out of the window “and there was another younger woman in the car with her feet on the dashboard”.

She then rushed downstairs, grabbing PC Holly Foran along the way, and they went out to help.

“Within two minutes a baby boy was born,” she said.

A doctor who happened to be passing checked over Ms Fox and her baby before they were taken to hospital by ambulance.




Immigration concerns are still resulting in people not coming forward following the Grenfell Tower fire, MPs have heard.

People “concerned about their immigration status or lack of documentation” are sleeping rough because they have been told they may be reported to the Home Office, Kensington’s Labour MP Emma Dent Coad claimed on Monday.

It comes just days after Prime Minister Theresa May said the tragedy will not be used to carry out immigration checks on those affected or on those providing “vital” information to identify victims or to assist the criminal investigation.

Ms Dent Coad asked Communities Secretary Sajid Javid to make a firm commitment that “traumatised and frightened people have no fear in coming forward”.

Speaking in response to a Commons statement from Mr Javid, Ms Dent Coad said: “I’ve heard this morning, shockingly, that people who have concerns about their immigration status or lack of documentation are still not coming forward and sleeping rough.

“Some have been told that they might not be eligible for housing and medical services, and may be reported to the Home Office.

“Will you please make a firm commitment now and communicate widely that immigration status will not be a barrier to help for medical, housing services or they will be reported to the Home Office, and that traumatised and frightened people have no fear in coming forward.”

Mr Javid replied: “I can absolutely give you that assurance.

“We have already made it clear that anyone coming forward, any information they provide either Government or local government will not be used for any kind of immigration check.

“It’s been put in a letter that’s been given to every family that has been affected.

“If you have some further suggestions about how we can get that message out, because I think we should follow up on those, I’d be very happy to listen.”

Mr Javid later said those victims with immigration concerns should be treated “more favourably” after he was pressed to fast-track them for indefinite leave to remain in the UK.


Labour’s Jess Phillips (Birmingham Yardley) said: “Having worked with people with a very fragile immigration status who have suffered trauma, until people have a stable immigration status they will never feel safe to speak out.

“So in (Mr Javid) asking what we can do, we could give those people a message today that we will fast-track them for indefinite leave to remain with access to public funds, in order they can go through the inquiry without fear or favour.

“Will you agree to that?”

Mr Javid replied: “I think it’s a very important point that those people, those victims who feel they have some challenges with their immigration status, I think we can show appropriate sensitivity and treat them more favourably.”


A woman who was left permanently paralysed after an orgasm caused a brain haemorrhage has warned others of the potential dangers of headaches during sex.

Lucinda Allen, from Stourbridge, is now confined to a wheelchair after becoming paralysed down the left-hand side of her body after a headache during sex left her in agony.

The 43-year-old, who was pregnant at the time, was rushed to the hospital and put in a coma, while doctors performed a craniotomy to relieve pressure on her brain.

Six days later she was woken from the coma, to find out her baby was unharmed and three months later gave birth to baby Marri-Alice in November 2012.

She hopes that stem cell therapy may one day help her regain movement but, in the meantime, wants to raise awareness of the potential warning signs of headaches during sex.

Lucinda was in a coma for six days after the haemorrhage and is now confined to a wheelchair (Picture: Lucinda Allen/ Trinity Mirror Syndication)

‘Nobody talks about post-orgasm head pain,’ she told the Mirror.

‘That’s understandable. But I want to raise awareness of how it can be a warning sign.

‘Because of it, I have lost a huge part of me – my career, any siblings my daughter may have had.’

Lucinda had five strokes in total that doctors believe were caused by a congenital abnormality in a blood vessel that also caused her to have headaches after climaxing during sex.

Headaches after sex are believed to be caused by a leak of spinal fluid from the skull into the spine, alleviated by lying down.

Some neurologists believe HSA (Headache Associated with Sexual Activity) can be caused by an increased pressure through exertion.

Lucinda’s neurosurgeon, Alessandro Paluzzi, said her condition was unusual and caused by a bleed inside the brain instead of on the surface.





Police are growing increasingly concerned for the welfare of a missing boy from Abbey Wood.

Charles Iwuji, 12, was last believed to be in the area of Woolwich town centre at around 21:00hrs on Saturday, 24 June.

Charles is described as black, 5ft tall, of slim build with short black hair.

When last seen, he was wearing a black hooded top, blue jeans and white Nike Huarache trainers.

Charles is known to frequent the Thamesmead and Woolwich areas.

Officers are increasingly concerned for his wellbeing and would urge anyone with information on his whereabouts to call police at Greenwich via 101 or Missing People on 116000.