Day: June 22, 2017


A 13-year-old Thamesmead boy has gone missing from Thamesmead after he was last seen at Aldi.

Agbolade Amusa was last seen at about 12:30pm yesterday, June 21 at the Thamesmead Aldi.

He is a black boy, about 5ft 7ins tall and has a south London accent. He was last seen wearing a tracksuit and a ‘puffa’ style jacket.

Officers are increasingly concerned for Agbolade’s wellbeing and would urge anyone with information on his whereabouts to call police on 101 or Missing People on 116000.



Prince Harry is well known for saying and doing things we don’t expect from a Royal including  his more wild days in Las Vegas with too few clothes on and are now getting used to him being the Fun Royal.

However his interviews in recent weeks have revealed a lot more about the Prince.

They have given us an insight into things we didn’t know before, like his admission he went into a very bad place after his mothers death.

He also made the revelation that he sought psychiatric help when he struggled to properly deal with his grief.

The Prince said he and his brother should not have been asked to walk behind their mother Diana's coffin.
The Prince said he and his brother should not have been asked to walk behind their mother Diana’s coffin. Credit: PA

Today, he appears to criticise a decision made by his father and grandfather 20 years ago.

When Princess Diana was killed in that car crash in Paris, Harry was only 12 years old. And in front of tens of thousand of people in London, and many millions more on television, he walked behind his mother’s coffin.

You’ll remember those scenes: the young Prince Harry walking next to his brother Prince William, his uncle Charles Spencer, the Prince of Wales and Duke of Edinburgh.

Now Harry has told US magazine Newsweek, “I don’t think any child should be asked to do that, under any circumstances.”

He adds: “I don’t think it would happen today.”

Harry has opened up in interviews over the past few weeks.
Harry has opened up in interviews over the past few weeks. Credit: PA

They are words which have rather left Kensington Palace on the defensive.

This thoroughly modern Royal suddenly appears to be at odds with the traditions of the royal household in which he grew up.

Kensington Palace denies Prince Harry is criticising other members of his family, but suggests they are simply his reflections on how attitudes to grief have changed in 20 years.

The other interesting line from Prince Harry’s chat with Newsweek is his admission that no-one in the family wants to be King or Queen.

Which is another interesting admission.

Prince Harry said no one in the Royal family relishes the though of becoming monarch.
Prince Harry said no one in the Royal family relishes the though of becoming monarch. Credit: PA

Harry is fifth in line to the throne and his father and brother will both inherit the crown at some point in their lives.

His exact words are these: “Is there any one of the Royal Family who wants to be king or queen? I don’t think so”.

His aides suggest he is simply reflecting reality: he is highly unlikely to ever be the Head of State and that no Royal Family member is motivated by position – only service.

Prince Harry’s words have caused a few ripples in the royal pond.

But that’s what makes him, right now, the most interesting member of the Royal Family.


The inaugural service left London Liverpool Street for Shenfield, Essex, on the existing TfL Rail route on Thursday morning.

A fleet of 66 trains featuring walk-through carriages, air conditioning and free wi-fi will run along the Elizabeth Line – known as Crossrail during its development – when it opens in stages from December next year.

The trains, which are being built at Bombardier’s factory in Derby, will be up to 656ft long to enable them to carry as many as 1,500 passengers.

The Elizabeth Line project features 26 miles (42km) of tunnels and will connect Shenfield with Reading through central London, including a link with Heathrow Airport.

I’m delighted that our first state-of-the-art Elizabeth Line train has entered service on the TfL Rail service.

It gives Londoners a first look at a new service that will transform travel across London and the South East when the line opens.

The Crossrail programme remains on time and on budget, and the huge success of this project shows how vital it is for the whole of the country that we also push ahead with Crossrail 2.



Three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker has been declared bankrupt by a court in London.

Mr Becker, now a coach, owed a firm of private bankers a large sum of money, reports the BBC. The bankruptcy court registrar said there was not enough credible evidence that he could pay the debt.

Lawyers for the 49-year-old former champion pleaded with the registrar in London on Wednesday for ‘a last chance’ to pay the long-standing sum.

The lawyers attempted to bargain, saying that the funds could come from remortgaging a property in Majorca, but the court declined.

Credit: PA

Registrar Miss Christine Derrett said it was ‘with regret’ that she came to the conclusion that he could not pay.

The registrar said in court: “It is not often the case that a professional person has a judgment [debt] outstanding against them since October 2015. This is a historic debt.

“One has the impression of a man with his head in the sand.

“I remember watching him play on Centre Court, which probably shows my age,” she added.

Becker’s advocate, John Briggs, said: “He is not a sophisticated individual when it comes to finances. I am asking for a real last chance for Mr Becker to come good. It has just taken longer than anticipated.”

Credit: PA

Becker is considered one of the all-time tennis greats.

The German former world number one is a six-time major singles champion, including having been the youngest Wimbledon men’s champion when he was 17 years, 7 months and 15 days old.

Tennis magazine put him as the 11th best male player of the period 1965-2005.

His powerful serve earned him the nicknames ‘Boom Boom’ and ‘Der Bomber’ and he was well known for his willingness to throw himself around the court.

The German player is probably best remembered for his success on the famed grass courts of Wimbledon, where he really rocketed to stardom. Fittingly, he announced his retirement after losing there in the fourth round in 1999.

He finished with an outstanding 71-12 career record at the All-England Club.


The chief executive of Kensington and Chelsea council has resigned amid a tide of criticism over how it responded to the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy.

Nicholas Holgate said the communities and local government secretary had on Tuesday “required the leader of the council to seek my resignation”.

He said last week’s fire at the North Kensington block, in which at least 79 people died, was “heart-breaking”.

In a statement, he said:

Serving the families so desperately affected by the heart-breaking tragedy at Grenfell Tower remains the highest priority of the Council. Despite my wish to have continued, in very challenging circumstances, to lead on the executive responsibilities of the Council, I have decided that it is better to step down from my role, once an appropriate successor has been appointed.

Success in our efforts requires leadership across London that sustains the confidence and support of central Government. There is a huge amount still to do for the victims of the fire, requiring the full attention of this Council and many others. If I stayed in post, my presence would be a distraction.

Whilst the public inquiry and other investigations will get to the truth of the causes of this tragedy and the management of its aftermath, I strongly believe that Councillors and officers have always endeavoured to have the interests of our residents at heart and will continue to do so.


Nicholas Paget-Brown, leader of the council, said: “It is with great regret that I have today accepted Nicholas Holgate’s resignation. Like everyone else, the Council has been grief stricken by the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower fire and has sought to provide the greatest level of support we can to victims. That is a huge challenge and Nicholas has led from the front in seeking to do this. However, the Council will now need to work in a new way with different partners to take this forward.

“Nicholas has made a huge contribution to Kensington and Chelsea during his eight years with us and is greatly admired by staff and members. I am enormously grateful to him.”